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  • Harris Pikoff
    Harris Pikoff

    Should have thrown in the meme of cal the dragon yelling at his defenders on the first game 3rd goal

  • Eliel

    Wtf o maluco colocou o tauz no video, tem meu respeito. Wtf bro you just put a tauz music in this video, you have my respect

  • Rev ٖ
    Rev ٖ

    Bale always been overpowered as a Striker.. 100x better than every single Haaland card. You just have to run and shoot with him.. but his dribbling is weirdly smooth in game as well, but most importantly.. THE MAN CAN SHOOT. He doesn't have the Finesse shot trait, but his "curve" stat is so high.. and that power. He's extremely clinical

  • I_M M
    I_M M

    Shall I complete bale I would need to put in neres el sherawy and spend 120 k btw I don’t use neres or el sherawy

    • I_M M
      I_M M

      @max veldman yes

    • max veldman
      max veldman

      are you bale fan?

  • Tyler Crosbie
    Tyler Crosbie

    Should I do bale or aguero sbc?

  • Harvey Mcloughlin
    Harvey Mcloughlin

    Bale or base mane off 7 ??

  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez

    I've been searching for that 90 mahrezz mannn was he in an sbc or what😭

  • Rolando Muñoz
    Rolando Muñoz

    I keep coming back for the same intro😂

  • Dont Watch
    Dont Watch

    If only he was high/medium 😤

  • CrispyCush

    A whale is a mammal with wings - ZwebackHD 2021

  • Marco Oviedo
    Marco Oviedo

    Zwe: a wale is a mammal with wings Me: yuppp, sounds about right

  • Adrian Palau
    Adrian Palau

    wow i really believed Bale was in pga for a secondd

  • Henry Cavill’s Real Mustache
    Henry Cavill’s Real Mustache

    Whales dont have gills 😂

  • Gavin Lobo
    Gavin Lobo

    This is a typical coin sink SBC. Making you spend for players to put into the SBC so you don’t have coins to buy packs for TOTS, which in turn will push you to buy FIFA Points.

  • ThingTV

    A whale is a mammal with gills... science with Zweback.

  • KingV Amperi
    KingV Amperi

    4.500th like :)))

  • Abdullah Farid
    Abdullah Farid

    i completed him and hes so insane in game. definitely do it if u have fodders and spurs fan

  • ZZ

    He is expensive but you do get packs back so he’s realistically like 250 Max maybe even 200 if you have a little luck

  • HowImetUrMata FC
    HowImetUrMata FC

    Bale or mbappe (I love bale)

  • Aymane Sahdi
    Aymane Sahdi



    How does he not have flair trait?

  • Noah S
    Noah S

    Way better off with Sallah, over this SBC. Got Sallah for 60k recently, easiest 60k i’ve spent.

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown

    Why is he a rm he should be LM or a LB as a flashback

  • Fred E
    Fred E

    Your crack on Bale and golf had me laughing the entire video. That was funny as hell!

  • Will Pracy
    Will Pracy

    If EA upgraded his wf he would’ve been triple the price

  • Gareth Bennett
    Gareth Bennett

    Mae’n rhy ddrud is the way to say he’s too expensive. But he’s Welsh so we love him.

    • Tom Edwards
      Tom Edwards

      Cywir 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🤝

  • Gutierrez Silva
    Gutierrez Silva

    The brazilian song 🤣🤣🤣

  • The Phil Swift
    The Phil Swift

    The man should have been 93 or 94 rated

  • Marcel Herget
    Marcel Herget

    When your in the Hospital and randomly see Zwe has a New Review with the legendary Opening. The Day only can go better after this

  • Marcelo Lo
    Marcelo Lo

    There where so few options on the right side, then we got Sarr, Correa and Buendia during one week and now a Bale for 300k 🤣

  • Evan Helpus
    Evan Helpus

    I might complete him cos he's one of my idols

    • Evan Helpus
      Evan Helpus

      @BHARGAV 4G5 nice

    • BHARGAV 4G5
      BHARGAV 4G5

      I completed just now sold gundegon tots for this ❤️

  • Angelo_ UTD
    Angelo_ UTD

    What song is at 9:20?

  • CDOG Lynx
    CDOG Lynx

    Song starting at 09:00?

  • Rehan Salman
    Rehan Salman

    We want digneeee epi

  • Giannis Staikouras
    Giannis Staikouras


  • Max McLaughlin
    Max McLaughlin

    Baleogne fish

  • Rasmus Binderup Johansen
    Rasmus Binderup Johansen

    You are a legend omg af funny intro . My son on 4 years is always watching the intro to all videos because of the song😁

  • Louis Wauters
    Louis Wauters

    What camera angle is this? I love it

  • Tony Corona
    Tony Corona

    so you wanna pack bale but you hate fifa points

  • Matthew Weaver
    Matthew Weaver

    I spent 100k on this sbc

  • Jared Taylor
    Jared Taylor

    MS Golf sound byte for the strike = classic 👌

  • Knuckleball Twins
    Knuckleball Twins

    “Gareth Bale the Whale” 👏😂😭

  • Fifa Player0643_79
    Fifa Player0643_79

    Overpriced and Not worth it

  • Ross Kelly
    Ross Kelly

    Opened 25 saved packs not one tots , I’m done with this game

    • Marius Dan
      Marius Dan

      I had 38 packs, got 2x Elder 85, so 12k each. Im curious if i ll pack any GOOD tots from any league. At first i thought i opened them too quickly, didn t know EFL is still in packs.

  • Its Me T
    Its Me T

    When u call bale 300k overpriced and also done ribery for 1mil😂😂

  • Joe White
    Joe White

    Realistically the card isn't that expensive. 300k is about half what Vidal was but it's just not that good a card, the dribbling is terrible.

  • ElectricPsych0

    I was able to do it with players I had in my club, very good card.

  • Collin W
    Collin W

    Please do a zweview on boulaya

  • Cam 1110
    Cam 1110

    Whale sounds were killing me 😂

  • jackboi Nate
    jackboi Nate

    What kit are you rocking!?

  • Mateo Mujica
    Mateo Mujica

    can somone tell me if i keep saving packs or do i open all of them now?

    • Miguel Barca
      Miguel Barca

      @Mateo Mujica la liga

    • Mateo Mujica
      Mateo Mujica

      @Miguel Barca what abt bundesliga tots or la liga tots

    • Miguel Barca
      Miguel Barca


  • Jorge Espana
    Jorge Espana

    And he did that other honorable team of the year mention that was like 600,000k

  • Jorge Espana
    Jorge Espana

    Does this sbc bit not Messi????????

  • Nicky's Gaming
    Nicky's Gaming

    Weak foot don’t matter on fifa 21

    • Grogu Yodasson
      Grogu Yodasson

      Div 10 player

  • Lucas Striker9
    Lucas Striker9

    I've lost many money , but i have done that SBC card, he's very good, i use as Striker

    • Lucas Striker9
      Lucas Striker9

      @Clacla he's amazing

    • Clacla

      Should i do him? Im real madrid fan i loved his first season

  • Emircan Elmas
    Emircan Elmas

    13:20 Aleyna Tilki - Sen Olsan Bari Lol

    • Huseyin Ozer
      Huseyin Ozer

      Adam işini biliyor

  • A&N

    A whale has gils? The more ya know

  • Eduardo Salvio’s lover
    Eduardo Salvio’s lover

    Golf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • George Cat
    George Cat

    Pillow biter. PISSFLAPS

  • AAGamingHD

    how do you do the dead fish celebration?

    • C T
      C T

      LB RB

  • Cristian Cortez
    Cristian Cortez

    Should I complete, he is my idol and that’s the only reason I would complete it

    • Felix Nibber
      Felix Nibber

      @LP.Skates yea for 300k he’s incredibly overpriced

    • LP.Skates

      @Cristian Cortez true that, if you are dead set on it, do it for that price they shouldve given him better stats is all I am saying

    • Cristian Cortez
      Cristian Cortez

      @LP.Skates he’s my idol since he was a LB, and I don’t give a fuck about the price, this game is fking death, who cares about the coins

    • LP.Skates

      first things first idol? just why? second.... dont fkin do it, he is overpriced to hell

    • iMohammed7

      I say do him cause at some point you’ll be getting new players and will be thinking to change up abit

  • Murdercake101

    A whale is a mammal with wings

  • Chris Antunes
    Chris Antunes

    Zwe really got 1300 skill level 😖😖

    • King Euro
      King Euro

      That’s embarrassing

  • Zachary Vallière
    Zachary Vallière

    When the review of Boulaya zwe ?

  • Noah Quibell
    Noah Quibell

    why does he use that audio every single intro

  • Crawler

    The language isn't called wales it's called Welsh, don't disrespect us ever again. Just joking love the video

  • Agassi B
    Agassi B

    was easy to do

  • Das YouTube
    Das YouTube

    Boulaya zwe?

  • Charlie McCartney
    Charlie McCartney

    I'm 8 and 8 in champs this week. Wtf has happened!

    • Charlie McCartney
      Charlie McCartney

      It's okay, ended up gold 1. Just a bad start I guess 😅

  • Kar98k master
    Kar98k master

    Anyone knows the name and how to do the skill move in 6:50

    • KMTS Modz
      KMTS Modz

      yes you need 4* skills (5* skills is mcgeady spin) it's called the berba spin and to do it you flick the right analog down/up and then flick the same analog left/right right after.

    • Noel Naumann
      Noel Naumann

      Burba Spin

  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis

    Rodri review please

  • Andrea Paparo
    Andrea Paparo

    I still hope that lingardinho tots will come out

  • Gustavo Preza
    Gustavo Preza

    The golf swing sound effects 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tyler Kraft
    Tyler Kraft

    If you’re looking for the most similar player, compare him to odegaard. I’m a Spurs fans so I was definitely going to do this sbc, but I have odegaard as well and the 5* skills definitely makes the better value. Still a bale masterclass

  • R

    Fairly priced imo

  • Mark Rainson
    Mark Rainson

    Hero man yes

  • D V
    D V

    Your wing backs 🤣🤣 loved the vid zwe 💙

  • AWK 1304
    AWK 1304

    Who else wants a TOTS Lingardinho tomorrow 👀


      @AWK 1304 🙏🏻

    • AWK 1304
      AWK 1304

      @*INSERT NAME HERE* sunday… I still believe


      Rip No lingard 😔

  • Jesus Vargas
    Jesus Vargas

    the intros j annoying now...

  • Lucas M
    Lucas M

    Long throw in⟩finesse shot

  • USER 420
    USER 420

    Who’s going to play FIFA 22 on the PS4? Serious question

  • Berkay Sahin
    Berkay Sahin

    sarr TOTS > bale flashback why? sarr was 250k cheaper sarr is faster and feels better on the ball one thing bale is gonna do better: finesses outside of the box

  • Shadi Mohammad
    Shadi Mohammad

    I love your reviews but you really need to change the intro ( song/ music ) ... please !!!

  • RobFut 99
    RobFut 99

    His stats look similar to gold Ronaldo after chem style. Not bad, but not cheap.

    • RobFut 99
      RobFut 99

      @Zachary Vallière yeah that is a big difference

    • Zachary Vallière
      Zachary Vallière

      5*4* vs 4*3*

  • Marius Hipper
    Marius Hipper

    What song is 9:10 min.?

  • Raul C
    Raul C

    What song is 7:45 to 7:50?

  • Alpha 27
    Alpha 27

    Am I the only one that is a bit annoyed that everyone mentions the Bale sbc as only for the Spurs fans and not Real Madrid fans as well....I mean yeah he wasn't on the highest level since the 2018 UCL final against Liverpool and we were all upset when we saw him on the bench with the mask on his eyes as if he didn't care but he still is a legend of the club and said that he wants to come back am I the only Real Madrid fan that gets excited at the idea that we could recreate the BBC trio with this flashback Bale sbc the future TOTS Benzema and a much cheaper gold Cristiano

  • mark verhees
    mark verhees

    Can some one pls tell me how to do the techno bribbling?

  • Generic Guy
    Generic Guy

    Should I play him cam or striker


    Zwe I really like your content but can you please stop doing the billy of tea parody at the start of every zweview it got old very quick lol

  • reuben george
    reuben george

    zwe the goat

  • Trishula Dragon
    Trishula Dragon

    Zweback my spirit animal

  • Ben Dunn
    Ben Dunn

    2:49 Pun intended

  • Timon Stoppe
    Timon Stoppe

    where are all the raitings in fifa?

  • Night King 48
    Night King 48

    Can you do a video on Boulaya?

  • Kaie Goncalves
    Kaie Goncalves

    How are u div 4 but place so high in weekend leauge

    • luke

      Not his main account

  • anas yassir
    anas yassir

    Could Someone tell me Why does Zwe always wears a hat?

  • Football Tingz
    Football Tingz

    Zwe doesn’t read comments. Prove me wrong 🤷‍♂️

  • Hermann Montalvo
    Hermann Montalvo

    That’s my lb for rest of the game mol

  • s3r4k6

    FB Gareth Bale Or Headliner Mahrez As A RW?

    • Fed 0415
      Fed 0415

      Weak foot *

    • Fed 0415
      Fed 0415

      @s3r4k6 bale has 3 star wf 4 star sm mahrez has 4 star wf 5 star sm with 95 dribbling. He’s basically Neymar without 5 star skill move

    • s3r4k6

      @Fed 0415 Reason?

    • Fed 0415
      Fed 0415


Chad on Mars - SNL
4,4 mil.
Chad on Mars - SNL
4,4 mil.