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  • Peter Higgins
    Peter Higgins

    I have this card and this is my first time I disagree with zwe. Highly recommend, 4 out 5 easy.

  • Pink Skies
    Pink Skies

    Probably 350k coins

  • Lincoln Lanson
    Lincoln Lanson

    St juste is good

  • Clube dos Feiticeiros
    Clube dos Feiticeiros

    Switch St. Juste with Bender, Klaiber or Kondogbia in-game

  • Clube dos Feiticeiros
    Clube dos Feiticeiros

    These St. Juste is RB or CM

  • Skamund

    The songs are getting old stop

  • Matthew Earle
    Matthew Earle

    Pissed off with fifa i did it used all my high rated prem cards & la liga cards just stick to Bundesliga

  • Jeremy K
    Jeremy K

    Swap him with klaiber. Hes great wing back.

  • Craig Whelan
    Craig Whelan

    Him or headliners upamencano?

  • SafcGoatyyx

    I did him I’m in love with him

  • jeamial matty
    jeamial matty

    With That composure he will cream in high press games against top tier . Error prone with lack of strength.

  • Jay5ive

    I have a la liga squad who do I even partner him with, this was the card I was waiting for

  • TFG Gaming
    TFG Gaming

    Kondogbia + Gullit = kondogbullit

  • French Inhale
    French Inhale

    Dude been watching you for years! I haven't even played ONE game of FIFA this year but always enjoy the content. Cheers from Texas 🤙🏽

  • jhenilyn Manuel
    jhenilyn Manuel

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  • Martin Francis
    Martin Francis

    Ur defenceskill are Bad bro

  • Street Justice
    Street Justice

    I stopped playing like 2 months ago but i still come here for the little songs lol

  • Simon Hugill
    Simon Hugill

    Another absolutely fun good humoured video, thanks for the hard work. Keep it up

  • david blisse
    david blisse

    Ist es ein Video von kondogbia oder St. Juste?🤣

  • Ryan Westley-Smith
    Ryan Westley-Smith

    How many times he gonna use this trash intro

  • Ols

    Zwe you pronounce St.Juste like St.Justy but in correct dutch its pronounced St.Justuh and the uh is said like you were getting a punch in the gut whilst saying it.

  • Jeezs

    WHY is it so difficult to get 100 likes nowadays

  • Micah Peria
    Micah Peria

    He looks like he'd be a good CDM

  • Ryan McFadden
    Ryan McFadden

    I'm fuming here watching this game of football

  • trey sessoms
    trey sessoms

    Missed opportunity for Juiced Juste title, great vid

  • The ultra beast
    The ultra beast

    Should be 10k Overrated AF

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay


  • Kaboom Kaboom
    Kaboom Kaboom

    I'm surprised you didn't review Gervinho. It's a fun card

  • Mojinations /
    Mojinations /

    Zwe: *Drags St. Juste up and down the pitch 50 times so he never has any stamina* Also Zwe: "I dunno man kinda sus"

    • Flav C
      Flav C

      Zwe: runs at the attacker and doesnt press tackle Also zwe: hes just not convincing in his tackles idk man

    • D V
      D V

      Okay I thought I was the only person noticing he was always on such low stamina defending so makes sense he defended worst at times 🤣 that's always since the new fifas been an effect on defensive stats too really don't know what the h3ll zwe was doing this vid lmao

  • Sani

    St justi xD it's Just E-is silent.

  • Mo C
    Mo C

    I’m not sure why, but I really enjoy this card😂 just me?

  • Jmem 512
    Jmem 512

    Fut b day was alr but would’ve been so much better if there was no leaks !!!

  • J 2wavvy
    J 2wavvy

    The promo fut birthday was not bad but didn’t beat fut birthday in fifa 20 there was players that everyone wanted but got replaced with players that we don’t need

  • Bradley Webb
    Bradley Webb

    Not anchor! HE BETTER WITH SHADOW!

  • Yannick van Zuilen
    Yannick van Zuilen

    As a dutch fan the part of Dennis Bergkamp was so fun

  • Manan Cherian
    Manan Cherian

    I can do him for 10k so I think I'll do him and I can use him until a bit further than tots

  • Samed_1458 *
    Samed_1458 *


  • Jeejomes

    Nice intro

  • Rida Hajj
    Rida Hajj

    U know ea is dropping some bs when zwe has to say smash the like button if u think this sbc is overpriced😂

  • Martin Sandsø
    Martin Sandsø

    the sbc should just be 86 rated squad tbf

  • Abdulrahman Abdulaziz
    Abdulrahman Abdulaziz

    The intro is boss

  • Daan Roos
    Daan Roos

    Interesting fact about St Juste: In October 2016, he scored the third goal in a win over Heracles with only his sock on. He lost one of his shoes in a rush from midfield.

  • TrickificHd

    “I’m staggered by Maguire “🤣🤣

  • Ben Flyde
    Ben Flyde

    Can we have a Charlie Wyke epi?

  • Rush bee
    Rush bee

    He looks like baby blanc

  • Peter Gustafsson
    Peter Gustafsson

    sometimes i wonder if u forget if u already have said the half sentence and just to be sure, u say it one more time

  • Bear Grylls
    Bear Grylls

    Fut Birthday was really good. A wide variety of SBC cards that were all kinda fair priced and fit many squads. The objectives were ok. 2 Players and 3 basically free packs is not bad

  • Benjamin Moore
    Benjamin Moore

    so overpriced

  • Malcolm White
    Malcolm White

    Zwe, I come here for your intros. You’re so creative man. Keep up the great work!!

  • akshat sethi
    akshat sethi

    i don't play fifa, im here just for the intro

  • Jeezs

    Him or moments boateng??

    • Jeezs

      guess that was answered in the vid

  • Wietse de Jonge
    Wietse de Jonge

    hhaahhah i love to see dennis Bergkamp dennis bergkamp btw i am dutch i am 100% going to do him

  • Ramsey elizondo
    Ramsey elizondo

    If he was german zweback would of been all over him , but since he’s not “he’s not that good”

  • Adam Haikal
    Adam Haikal

    anchor over shadow?

  • Kanai das
    Kanai das

    guys should i do the st.juste sbc ??? he could link up to my sinkgraven rttf alaba and fer and klaiber i have 150k and few fodders

  • Adam Kille
    Adam Kille

    Packed PIMS Lahm... Immediately thought of Zwe. Lahm = GOATED ✅

  • Betobeenboomin

    This card is not it. Bad reactions, composure, strength, and aggression /:

  • Jack Gelber
    Jack Gelber

    who tf cares about shooting stats and curve on a cb lmao

  • bryann _
    bryann _

    Anyone try him at CM or CDM yet ?

  • Irvin Medina
    Irvin Medina

    This card is the reason people play fullbacks at CB🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Adrian Muñoz-Medina
    Adrian Muñoz-Medina

    Just came to hear the intro song 😎

  • Alex Holla
    Alex Holla

    Great card!!!

  • Cezy

    I did the Party Bag and TOTW sbcs and got 84 Morata UCL and then a 76 TOTW is that a W or L?

    • Terry ツ
      Terry ツ

      Big W

  • FifaChampNL

    This intro maked me, subscribe

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Masse24796

    I stick to RTTF Akanji and Sven Bender at CB

  • Jack Lundrigan
    Jack Lundrigan

    Hey Zwe got prime Yashin in my prime or moments pack and he does have the hat in game 👊

  • Mural

    I think this card is solid with the 2 bender brothers as part of a 5 back if you really want to sweat in weekend league

  • Quint Crows
    Quint Crows

    Max 200k coins.

  • Lucas Ashby
    Lucas Ashby

    7:30 what song is that

  • Ramos

    If everybody thinks this is a little overpriced think about this a rb because everybody plays rb/lbs as CBS KLAIBER ITS 5 times better. 1/3 of his price this sbc its a joke i was waiting to do this but I went back to vidal. And if you PLAY VIDAL AS CB YOULL HAVE Q BETTER CB/MID/ ATTACK MID

  • Ramos

    The fact that they gave him +3 for pace after everything else was +11-+13 it’s crazy they probably think giving 97 pace card for a CB it’s insane but everybody plays fullbacks CBs.

  • Wale

    I think this guy is just bad at the game I will watch a different review

  • NeverGiveUp

    Its st jusT NOT JUSTEEEE 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Adam Pressley
    Adam Pressley

    Thanks Zwe - yes great promo overall

  • Echo Da Beagle
    Echo Da Beagle

    if they gave him a tad bit more strength so a shadow chem style would be suitable, the price would be fair

  • warnnertaylor01

    Yooo bring back the TESTING TESTING 1..2..3 high pitched Voice!!

  • PEVE182

    Pretty weak in a lot of areas apart from his pace nothing special! Klaiber would still be a better cb! Price is also far too much L FROM EA!

  • Cozy Mitch
    Cozy Mitch

    It’s Kondogbia review or St-Juste ?

  • Super John mcginn
    Super John mcginn

    I love watching these intros

  • thediv12player

    Zwe forgot that he's using St. Juste instead of Koeman

  • Andres Aguilar
    Andres Aguilar

    We Can’t even get the 90+pace smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Drow

    Verrrry overpriced

  • ninjastealth101

    Maybe they just made him so you can switch him with a LB in game for even more fullbacks at CB lol

  • Thomas Ros
    Thomas Ros

    40K Varane is still way better....

  • Dababy

    It would be a better card if the value was around 73,267 coins

  • sxm

    Everyone hates this sbc but i love it im ngl

  • Gabriele Rossini
    Gabriele Rossini

    what about using him as rb and switching with clabber as cb?

  • Nenadツ

    Such a good St. Justenjoy him

  • Niyeem Satar
    Niyeem Satar

    Can I play this guy cdm?

  • Massimo Prioriello
    Massimo Prioriello

    Back at it again with the juve shirt😂

  • Jannis Harbers
    Jannis Harbers

    Mainz 05!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sam Zini
    Sam Zini

    The thing is, if you put those stats on a full back, he's an 80k player. Realistically, I've seen no difference to how full backs play when on 7 chem at cb as apposed to either, starting on 10 chem and moving to cb or staying wide. And he's only 6ft tall, so its not like he's particularly suited to play CB anymore than any other full back.

  • dale roberts
    dale roberts

    Skipping the intros horrible song

  • VKS

    When you see the card you think it’s bad value, but tomori and walker are higher priced than him. Of course, they,re tradeable and more linkable, but I still think this card is decently valued. Nothing insane but not bad

    • Christian Mendez
      Christian Mendez

      @Quayan Watson You're right. Being the only Dutch center back with pace like that definitely deserves that price tag. Gonna see if I can grind fodder after doing Vidal

    • Quayan Watson
      Quayan Watson

      @Christian Mendez mid rijkard has no pace tho

    • Christian Mendez
      Christian Mendez

      But if you look within the league, Akanji and Klosterman are better value. Obviously I'm not looking for anything cheap but like Zwe said, 300k would've been alright. The thing I can think of is if you have a dutch team and lack a center back like me but I might just save up for mid Rijkaard who also links to everyone.

  • Tonydeadpool 420
    Tonydeadpool 420

    I mean.... Have you ever thought that you are not so good at defending? The guy has mental stats for a CB. You can't complain at people for having LB/RB at CB when EA literally gives you a OP/Meta center back.... And still complain about him being to expensive when tomori is 800k. PS Not haiting, just spitting facts!!


    More disappointed with +3 pace upgrade than the price. Doesn't make sense when literally 84 delaney is a beast and like 40k

  • Lukas Belte
    Lukas Belte

    I don’t think he’s badly priced, look at smalling and inform varanes price and look at a very similar card in tomori fut bday who 760k!! No offence zwe but your not an amazing Fifa player so I don’t trust your opinion on defenders. I’m not doing his sbc as have moments desailly and the RB bender as my centre backs


    I love these intros

  • ?

    Bro you gotta try out the new atal he’s crazy