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  • Peter Higgins
    Peter Higgins


  • Dje Skitz
    Dje Skitz

    I put in sterling 89 got mertens 89

  • Master PEKKA gr games
    Master PEKKA gr games

    I got florian thauvin

  • Xphaedrusx Playz
    Xphaedrusx Playz

    I got sancho 🤨idk if he is good

  • JairNem

    I sacrificed nothing and got sancho

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah

    i got sancho lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Lil SleeP
    Lil SleeP

    i packed reguilon. Is that a W?/

  • Kvonn

    I got Régulion 😢I have a la liga team got rid of Sommer GK and the free 86 Beckham lol and earlier I got diata on a free pack

  • Roem Baur
    Roem Baur

    Ratio'd by his own shirt. LOL

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez

    The dude who got mbabu put the most amount of real money in this game lol

  • Sean T
    Sean T

    I got pereyra W or L

  • juan pablo delgado ramirez
    juan pablo delgado ramirez

    Aguante el Dj

  • Albertocelis_

    Le hablas en español a djmariio o el tr habla en ingles?

  • matias aristizabal
    matias aristizabal

    Djmarioooo XD quién habla spañol?

  • brandon villegas
    brandon villegas

    vamos DJ!!!!

  • Red

    AYOOOOO CONGRATS ON 1 MILL😈😈 watch u since 2016

  • Tomás Moreno Giraldo
    Tomás Moreno Giraldo

    Quien llegó aquí por el dj XD

  • soy tu senpai
    soy tu senpai

    Alguien después de ver el video del dj

  • Santiago García Lizcano
    Santiago García Lizcano

    vengo del dj

  • Jose David
    Jose David

    Quien viene de djmario? :v

    • Leonardo Fregoso
      Leonardo Fregoso


  • Álvaro Fdez
    Álvaro Fdez

    Los que vienen del dj

  • Mimun El Hamouti
    Mimun El Hamouti

    Quien vino aca por la victoria de DjMariio?

    • Josue Ramirez
      Josue Ramirez


    • Fede Crosa
      Fede Crosa


  • AghastToe

    Sube el camino


    los que venimos del video del dj jaja

  • Kronow

    like si like

  • David Aziaya
    David Aziaya

    I got Jovic, not terrible, but I put it blue VVD and POTM Andre Silva

  • Robbie Chapman
    Robbie Chapman

    Diatta is crazy

  • Robbie Chapman
    Robbie Chapman

    Oddagrard is Arsenal

  • Cathedral_Of_The_Deep

    i am greek and this sbc is 100% MALAKIA

  • Kostas Haide
    Kostas Haide

    I packed marcelo wich is decent but i put FB ronnie in that sbc

  • Sparky

    Every day Malakia. Bro are you Greek?

  • Connlaodh Moore
    Connlaodh Moore

    Is wass getting upgraded

  • John Adams
    John Adams

    I got Sancho boys! Only took 5 months to pack someone useable!!

  • Wildred Ndidi
    Wildred Ndidi

    I got Sancho in mine somehow

  • Elvin Olin
    Elvin Olin

    I had 1. 1 What if and i packed him. Aaaaah

  • David mejia
    David mejia

    Only the OG are known what this game DJ mariio means for us zwe vs Dj it like Boca vs river Barca vs madrid Aletico vs madrid .......

  • Jordan Hineman
    Jordan Hineman

    Got myself a cheeky mertens. Perfect to link with the rest of my team. First one of these packs I have actually gotten something useful

  • Yonis Linares
    Yonis Linares

    Got berchiche, the pack cost me nothing cause I already had unwanted untradeable players so it’s a win win i guess

  • Steven Benitez
    Steven Benitez

    Where is F8TAL

  • CRN

    The Scottish accent, I'm sorry, was diabolical mate

  • zeferino60ify

    Can you open a what if pack for me ?

  • Daniel Acevedo-Vega
    Daniel Acevedo-Vega

    I packed Mbabu😁

  • Kevin Owusu
    Kevin Owusu

    I packed Odegaard

  • Tom Maglaras
    Tom Maglaras

    Malaka is a Greek word, people confused lol

  • Jacko

    i got mertens, insane

  • QuackersTV

    I know this is scummy so I apologise in advance but if anyone has a sec to give me some feedback on my thumbnails and editing and how you think I could improve it would be amazing if you seriously. I know I’m probably annoying but I’m just trying to be the best HRpostsr I can be. Hope you all have a great day!

  • Mark Adams’ Left Bollock
    Mark Adams’ Left Bollock

    I got the allegayyyyy troll, it’s even worse cos I’m a blue

  • Archie Thomson
    Archie Thomson

    Stinky Scottish accent

  • Archie Thomson
    Archie Thomson

    I got mbabu

  • Platzangst

    i packed pepe... i hate this game

  • Mikey Geraghty
    Mikey Geraghty

    Zwe can I have that shirt of papa kloppo please.

  • Ian Wilks
    Ian Wilks

    You are hilarious zwe 🤣🤣🤣

  • reza m
    reza m

    I got morales from a 81+ pack lmao

  • Scorpion Plays
    Scorpion Plays

    All 7 of them are Joe Hart’s kids 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Andrew Pap
    Andrew Pap

    I got yuri berchiche... W or L ??

  • OllieSmythable

    Got my Guaranteed WI Lucas Leiva Let’s Goooooooooo. Big dubski all the way to the bank

  • Celosky

    I want that pepe but who the hell do you pair him with ? Please someone help

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover

      I pair him with dais and cancelo off Chen in a 3 back

  • ace Talbo
    ace Talbo

    I got odegaard is that a dub ?

  • Brian Gthjk
    Brian Gthjk

    Your shirt is fantastic!!! 😮😮

  • CHARL H 200
    CHARL H 200

    Let’s see how many subs I gain from this comment. Subs Gained:0

  • Brady Janiak
    Brady Janiak

    Ripped a Mertens in mine😎

  • Adrian Ry
    Adrian Ry

    Guaranteed pack gave me lees melou... 81+ gave me diatta.... so worth it? :) anyway this openning pack show me how bad pack I could get thx ea ;)

  • Jakub Wieczorek
    Jakub Wieczorek

    Up the Dandy Dons

  • Colm Ross
    Colm Ross

    I packed Sancho lets go

  • BlazzyA7 Playz
    BlazzyA7 Playz

    What Does Malakia Mean?

  • mikeyb0098

    Just no to that t-shirt!!

  • Omas

    I got morales and cruyff from the icon pick :)

  • Torstein Haland
    Torstein Haland

    I’m Norwegian and those kids are no longer accepted into our community

    • Suppe FC
      Suppe FC


  • Mohamed Omar
    Mohamed Omar

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat shirt :D Kloppooooooooooooo

  • Nepaliii

    What if I had not got the PP



  • Emiel Thysebaert
    Emiel Thysebaert

    Got chris SMALLING !!

  • Diego Cardenas
    Diego Cardenas

    I got Reguillon

  • Nicholas Kriticos
    Nicholas Kriticos

    Lmao everyone sayin lucas Leiva is awful... slap an engine on him he is nasty

  • Jason derulos Friend
    Jason derulos Friend

    I got Yurok bee hi he is that considered a dub he looks sick

    • Jason derulos Friend
      Jason derulos Friend

      @Andrew Pap I got him yes is he considered a dub he is sick in game for me

    • Andrew Pap
      Andrew Pap

      I also got yuri berchiche I think is what u meant to type up there😂😂 and at first I was skeptical because he is only 90k on the market but now watching the cards other people got and trying him in game as a cb next to varane,mendy, and walker it is actually a very cracked defense and we could’ve got worse

  • Fors

    my friend got fucking mertens

  • Joey

    Most underrated HRpostsr! Your videos are the fuckin best 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • HarryG16

    I got diatti 🤩

  • ryan kelly
    ryan kelly

    I got regulion

  • RGN10

    Guaranteed Krepin diatta

  • Germ9

    i got mbabu and great video once again

  • Jo The
    Jo The

    You gotta rate the Ufo beat on the last Pack

  • Ali Al Mousawi
    Ali Al Mousawi

    I got diatta and I did it for absolute free

  • Moarb1d

    That shirt is so good

  • Miguel Fernandes
    Miguel Fernandes

    I got kante

  • Oskar K
    Oskar K

    Please tell me that someone knows the song on 09:10!!

  • Théo

    Watched this video, thought this wouldn’t be my luck, and still packed Grifo😪

  • Salih Suljic
    Salih Suljic

    I packed ricardo perreira w or l

  • Carlo Hodgson
    Carlo Hodgson

    I haven't seen anyone else who got lees melou yet I though he would be the the most common

  • Gopal Tripathi Official
    Gopal Tripathi Official

    What If This guy had short intros

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    Got Mbabu to accompany my untradeable cancelo rttf and taverneir

  • vono bono
    vono bono

    Yuri fucking berchiche

  • XeN ox
    XeN ox

    I got pereyra lm Rip

  • Gewoon Luca
    Gewoon Luca

    I got ødegaard ! Really happy with him. He is very good !

  • makeba malcolm
    makeba malcolm

    I got morales 😏

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams

    I did the ox

  • Thomas Braithwaite
    Thomas Braithwaite

    I got Marcelo, fits my team. Not worth as much as the sbc but considering he is getting an upgrade and is 6'3 and has good stats for a cb with a shadow, ill take it. Genuinely dont know why he's so cheap tbh 😂

  • Joe Perez
    Joe Perez

    Well, I got, lees melou

  • eedlund21

    fire shirt

  • François Decurtins
    François Decurtins

    Did a 81+, got Mbabu (was thrilled), did 8×85+, got mbabu again (meh), did what if SBC, got him a third time, kill me (everytime non exchangeable)

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