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  • Andy Y
    Andy Y

    From the 85+ pack a few months ago I got 90 Sancho which is now 92, IF Handanovic, Aubameyang. No pack luck since then

  • R obbo
    R obbo

    That lemmywinks 😂😂😂😂

  • rizki okto
    rizki okto

    Hahahahaa ,😂😂

  • French Inhale
    French Inhale

    Damm Zwe been watching you for years! Always a good time on your channel. Stay hilarious stay Gucci my man 💪🏽 Cheers from Texas!

  • Jasey Reez YT
    Jasey Reez YT

    Every time I see you, I always remember Macaulay Culkin lol 😂

  • Pedro Paulo Carvalho Souza
    Pedro Paulo Carvalho Souza

    I wish I had not done that sbc

  • Lesego Moeletsi
    Lesego Moeletsi

    can we take a moment to appreciate, how zwe has the most entertaining pack openings on youtube 😭😭 that morgan freeman voice, caught me off guard 😭

  • GertJan van Oers
    GertJan van Oers

    Those NepentheZ samples just great

  • Fabio

    Bayern 3:1 Thank you Zwe for the Conformation😉

  • Eddard Stark
    Eddard Stark

    I got 92 kimmich infırm ings and sterling,kand

  • Adam 18afg
    Adam 18afg

    the intro was banger

  • Darius Blaauw
    Darius Blaauw

    My pack was amazing got 86 Cuadrado 87 Ziyech 91 Camavinga 87 Chiellini 85 koke

  • Drew Hart
    Drew Hart

    bro you need to use a different song at the start. Use that new Rasputin song or something 😂

  • Justin Price
    Justin Price

    I got 2 86 and 3 85

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay


  • Bersain Cordoba
    Bersain Cordoba

    Wtf why hazar he don't even play

  • Jovanni Zambrano
    Jovanni Zambrano

    Whats more disrespectful is the pace they gave Kroos 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Darin Todd
    Darin Todd

    I got a 90 rated manë ucl aguro Alison and Sterling in one pack

  • Hassan Alyaqub
    Hassan Alyaqub

    The voice over is too much

  • Ramsey elizondo
    Ramsey elizondo

    Why are you so biased to anything germany watch Kroos play he should be 86 max

  • Callumo

    Got totw Fabinho and scrap metal

  • My Comment
    My Comment

    Interesting hearing an American using British fifa sayings.

  • Narrow

    KROOS nicht KRUUS XD

  • CrossFit Civitas
    CrossFit Civitas

    The Shawshank Impression is unreal. 😂😂😂

  • David Rosén
    David Rosén

    Not the AIK shirt, u get a dislike just because of that

  • Viktor Jovanovski
    Viktor Jovanovski


  • Ben Aldyy
    Ben Aldyy

    Absolutely hilarious with the Harry Kane “let’s go” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ForTniTe Is the Gang
    ForTniTe Is the Gang

    I got headliner hernandez hes class 😌

  • J E R R Y
    J E R R Y

    أبو شو 🙇✌️

  • محمد دبوبي
    محمد دبوبي

    احمد شو .. مر من هنا ..😘😘⚽⚽

  • L T
    L T

    This intro mate! Yes!!!🤣

  • One1Point

    Please a player review soon so I can choose which one I want

  • Youri Enzo Schaefers
    Youri Enzo Schaefers

    Bayern isn’t winning they have to attack and psg will be luring for the counter with mbappe and neymar

  • jeamial matty
    jeamial matty

    I think psg is in the final this year!

  • bas janssen
    bas janssen

    Really loved the ending zwe! Keep up the good work!

  • R.U.DumbBlud

    Morgan freeman impression was class Well done zweback

  • Pascal S
    Pascal S

    I got freeze Saint-maximin out of it. Big dub

  • 偉ス生HAMZA YT
    偉ス生HAMZA YT


  • Gloxe Gaming
    Gloxe Gaming

    From ahmed show 🤣

    • 偉ス生HAMZA YT
      偉ス生HAMZA YT


  • Sam j
    Sam j

    Wait there are half price packs????

  • Joas Vos
    Joas Vos

    8:38zweback or krasi?😂

  • Liang -
    Liang -

    I love the lemmiwinks reference

  • TomMurphy98

    How have EA not given these Showdown cards at least the UCL colouring

  • Omar Hani
    Omar Hani

    Told Zwe I packed What If Sancho from this and he just laughed and dipped the stream.

  • HOEY182

    That Roy Keane voice... I don’t get it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jack Newman
    Jack Newman

    Got MOTM Cuadrado, Mbappé Trent and Kante 😃

  • Oliver Stretch
    Oliver Stretch

    I got sterling and all the rest was 85s

  • Xbox Ollie
    Xbox Ollie

    Zweback is the best FIFA content creator bar none 😎

  • BanthaBoi

    I guess i just miss my friend Andy

  • _ KY_
    _ KY_

    I got dupe ter stegen and then headliner hernandez behind w

  • Matt Barrow
    Matt Barrow

    That Morgan Freeman impression had me in stitches😂

  • Joe Finn
    Joe Finn

    Is he dumb Bayern literally gone

  • JC 714
    JC 714

    I got totw kimmich from my 85×5

  • Enrique Martin
    Enrique Martin

    Wow what a time to get banned from fifa

  • Efe Yıldırım
    Efe Yıldırım

    koksall babba

  • Robert J
    Robert J

    Red missing Andy Dufresne, i guess only me and zwe know this

  • Joey Chad
    Joey Chad

    I got mbappe but I quit fifa last week😭😭😂😂😂

  • Robert J
    Robert J

    in the next game, we need sane to step up legit

  • Kevin De Bruyne
    Kevin De Bruyne

    Cheeky little Keylor Navas to start with😉

  • Nik Horvat
    Nik Horvat

    4:13 Basically he got back what he put in the SBC..

  • Nik Horvat
    Nik Horvat

    The intro brought a smile to my face. Nobody does it like Zwe !

  • Adam Tucker
    Adam Tucker

    I got so lucky I got Messi Kante Bruno in mine

  • Keenan buuse
    Keenan buuse

    I love ur videos unconditionally just seeing u be happy is what makes me happy and want to watch

  • Rehan Salman
    Rehan Salman

    13:27 music name?

  • MannyFreshHD

    Zwe never fails to make me laugh 😂

  • Matip El Matip
    Matip El Matip

    2:45 they will never draw.. one of them will get the full upgrade, the other won't.. if the teams drew, the tie will go to penalties.. and the winner of THE TIE will get upgraded...

  • John Price
    John Price

    Packed a 92 kimmich from 75+ pack, then next pack opened revealed prime moments pirlo! 91 lewandowski in 85+ x5 pack as well. Needless to say I lost my shit!

  • Joe Roach
    Joe Roach

    OTW Ziyech, Headliners Hernandez, Neurer, Cheeky Kaylor Navas & De Jong 👌🏻

  • Ratnunk

    I really think Bayern will win 2-0 or 3-1 on Tuesday❤️🤍

  • JJS96

    Please stop with the wellerman intros 😩

  • Jayden Norford
    Jayden Norford

    Zwe do fut birthday dalbert review

  • Teun Kersten
    Teun Kersten

    Packt camavinga and Ziyech out of my 85+ pack, WWW

  • S P
    S P

    the keylor navas bit is so genius

  • S P
    S P

    lemmiwinks lol

  • Charlie Fenton
    Charlie Fenton

    Zwe please bring the “sorry” meme from that kid during tots garunteed fifa 20

  • Jared Levesque
    Jared Levesque

    Zwe Bayern will need 45 shots to get 3 goals thats asking a lot

  • S P
    S P

    what an intro

  • JLoughlen

    I got what if Sancho from mine

  • Gareth Gaughan
    Gareth Gaughan

    Yo bro I got 95 team the tournament messi 86 gomez and 3 85s

  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex Ruiz

    literally no one: zwe: ima keep it a stack right now

  • Jitu Brahma
    Jitu Brahma

    Fuck all of my coins went away 🤣

  • Footy Freak
    Footy Freak

    Guy with 408 coins I relate

  • BelieveDont

    These sound effects are so annoying.

  • Tristan Winstanley
    Tristan Winstanley

    i got fut freeze saint from my 85x5

  • jancsi magyar
    jancsi magyar

    Bro Tolisso most to be 88 Mia San Mia

  • Kyle Raines
    Kyle Raines

    These intros just keep getting better and better😂

  • Daniel Aguilar
    Daniel Aguilar

    Are you connected with your dryer😂😂😂

  • Aa3Dr Gam3r
    Aa3Dr Gam3r

    Dude you are real content creator 😂 others are just rats

  • Ttyhf Ghyrd
    Ttyhf Ghyrd

    Anyone know if current TOTW Elite rewards pack will be able to be used TOTS time to pack TOTS players?

  • Bruno Conchon
    Bruno Conchon

    i got NEYMAR AND MBAPPE in the 85+ x5 !!!

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor

    These packs are good in comparison to my 1 x 86 and 4 x 85s from mine

  • Bobby Duncombe
    Bobby Duncombe

    Lol I’m like the only person who got messi

  • Nas

    Little bit Bayist

  • Monti

    Man you are the best !! FRom a Spanish living in mexico :D !

  • Joseph

    Sometimes maybe good sometimes maybe SHEIT

  • Tito Mendoza
    Tito Mendoza

    Excellent content!!!!!

  • Tito Mendoza
    Tito Mendoza

    For my 16 tokens I got prime Litmanen FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shahidh Gani
      Shahidh Gani

      I got Zanetti Moments...

  • Damien K
    Damien K

    12:19 how is that vidal green linked with zola

  • G G
    G G

    Just did a 81 plus got headliners Hernandez left back. W

  • JMcC McC
    JMcC McC

    Am i the only one who realised Vidal is getting a green link to zola in that squad