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  • ZE ZE
    ZE ZE


  • Grant Cozzi
    Grant Cozzi

    Waiting for MLS team of the season hoping for some good cards

  • Robert Hearn
    Robert Hearn

    I love that Ozil picture in back ground like just for that

  • olw Kungen
    olw Kungen

    Loving these intros atm

  • Ira Denlinger
    Ira Denlinger

    Who gives these a thumbs down? I mean really?


    5:41 Colorado 😂😂😂

  • XxAmmaarxX

    2:05 Actually the first special card was hector herriera from athletico madrid

  • Angielski Lad
    Angielski Lad

    For Correa people could have done golden goal but everyone is just to competative

  • Kiyo Zeal
    Kiyo Zeal

    If you've never packed banega... Lol do you even play the game

  • Lowkeykhaled

    EA is a full bullshit I open a lot of packs and get shitty cards and this dude gets how many ? Over five tots ???? Wtf !! I’m not hating but this is fucked up and unfair. He doesn’t even know half of em

  • gbx 34
    gbx 34


  • Benjamin Hart
    Benjamin Hart

    Foulham is a sick club to play for

  • X 9
    X 9


  • Badflyful

    anyone else agree that EA has ruined the game with player on steroids on speed with crazy stats...

  • Luke Gabriel
    Luke Gabriel

    I Lost 400K and get fucking nothing, fucking scam from ea...

  • Juan Pineda
    Juan Pineda

    Can you make a review of Duvan Plis

  • Sam needham
    Sam needham

    I opened my 10 x 83+ pack during this and didn’t even get a walkout let alone a tots😂

  • Harry Corman
    Harry Corman

    “Fal-ham” 😑😭

  • luigirui33

    The game is so dead. So inconsistent

  • yuyufool117

    very nostalgic to see zwe put a pack opening vid for tots.

  • lincrazi

    falham 😁😁😁

  • Craig Rrooney
    Craig Rrooney

    Edouard has had a terrible season

  • Salih Suljic
    Salih Suljic

    dude Valverde is too op packed him today played him in wl he is to strong

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed

    Try Bailey he is unreal 5 matches fut champions 17 goals position ST

  • DanteMunez

    I made the 10x83+ sbc and waited to open it until TOTS Release! Got 91 Buendia, 88 Edouard, 85 Honeyman, 84 Totw ginter out of it 😄😂

  • D T S
    D T S

    Falham hahaha

  • Piotr Krukowicz
    Piotr Krukowicz

    8:40 POLSKA GUROM!!!!!!!!

  • Daire Fenelon
    Daire Fenelon

    Zwe u need to do a vid on the 99 agility cb (Ricardo Santos) he’s insane

  • rory myers
    rory myers

    9:38 Wth appened there? or was it just for me? lol ...but anyway your videos are awesome! keep it up!

  • Jitu Brahma
    Jitu Brahma

    What is this fucking luck man . I got no walkout from ultimate pack💔

  • C J
    C J

    Falham 😂😂😂

  • ItzThomas

    Danjumagic review? 🎩

  • scuff3d_a.i.m.2

    I packed Nkunku out of 84+ player pick

  • Fabian Gartner
    Fabian Gartner

    That ilicic epi is goated zwe fkn smashed one from basically the center circle

  • Tallen Christodoulou
    Tallen Christodoulou

    It’s crazy Areola plays for Fal ham

  • ben

    Squid battles

  • Julian Banuelos
    Julian Banuelos

    Yes zwe I’m premature epackulating BECAUSE I NEED THAT VALVERDE

  • sorucha

    Zwe’s creativity is on another level

  • CFRTHaydon

    I did Correa yesterday in 2 hours with just 12 games. People are doing golden goal!!,

  • Arthur Vandevyver
    Arthur Vandevyver

    moment suarez is the first atl special card

  • Niklas Landrock
    Niklas Landrock

    TOTS cards are all broken right now, because the other upgrades on players stats were weak this year 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Repsak 030
    Repsak 030

    I already know people are gonna play that mukiele at centerback 😂

    • Harry Corman
      Harry Corman

      Lmao legit want him to play at cb

  • mike bone.06
    mike bone.06


  • Dalson Dozier
    Dalson Dozier

    This ain’t even fair

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Juan A
    Juan A

    This guy is def on the red list

  • A2G

    I got mukille and Neymar in my 10times 83 is mukiele aany good ??

  • Christopher Eber
    Christopher Eber

    Got Bailey. He has 14 goals and 3 assistd in 6 wl games. Guy is insane.

  • Gabriel Bouani
    Gabriel Bouani

    I ah e team of the week immobile up on the market for 150k

  • Brendan Callahan
    Brendan Callahan

    This is the time of year that makes me wish I had a big bank account

    • Harry Corman
      Harry Corman


  • Futile AL
    Futile AL

    I premature epackulated 32 saved up packs 🥲

  • Brendan Callahan
    Brendan Callahan

    The fact that I wanted aws so much meant that I did most of my packs got goldson tho

  • Veer Shah
    Veer Shah

    I prematurely epackulated 😭 got a bailey , krul and grant tho.

  • GJ

    shoutout VfB Stuttgart for signing Alou Kuol from Australia. i played against him a few times in reserves and he was levels above, he deserves this big move

    • GJ

      @DaDynamicDude was for Eastern Lions a few years ago in NPL when Alou was at GV Suns. I was about 16 at the time and had no idea he was even younger than me, he was the best player on the field.

    • DaDynamicDude

      Who do u play for???

  • yayo4nasal

    Im happy i packed my countryman areola idc if they gettin relegated 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • TheSantonio98

    I wish Chiesa was a RM man

  • Andy S
    Andy S

    Chiesa is insane btw. 12 FUT champ games at LM in 442 with 13 goals and 9 assists

    • Evan Galilee
      Evan Galilee

      I did Birthday Reus so I'm probably not doing Chiesa

  • Shak Bhuiyan
    Shak Bhuiyan

    Zwe is on a different level with his content, I'm sorry. Keep it up!

  • Eduardo Salvio’s lover
    Eduardo Salvio’s lover

    zwe was a wronger at 2:08

  • Ryan Hurst
    Ryan Hurst

    Fal ham got me dead man 🤣

  • T S
    T S

    opened 20+ fine and descent packs, got nothing. I am saving my 81+ x25 for prem

  • Ibrahim Mostafa
    Ibrahim Mostafa

    Waiting for the chiesa review

  • _ BEN _
    _ BEN _

    One zwe intro a day keeps the depression away

  • George Bailey
    George Bailey

    Chiesa and Correa both fit perfectly into my squad ❤️

  • Yazan Tuffaha
    Yazan Tuffaha

    Chiesa is really good with my toty CR7 and 91 dybala 10 out of 10 would recommend

  • Tommy Reynolds
    Tommy Reynolds

    Zwe why do you make use buy fifa points like this

  • Nihh Nihh
    Nihh Nihh

    I got Wan Bissaka my first pack

  • Tito Mendoza
    Tito Mendoza

    My favorite intro song!!!! Please don’t change it!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Commer
    Adam Commer

    I packed max Aaron’s and one of the EFL 3 85 rated players and a 86 and 84 rated informs 91 oblak and Kroos and pogba and muller

  • Istiakh

    When is fifa 22 coming . Dont feel excited about 21 anymore

  • X9Cruzito4X

    So you can’t save packs for tots??

  • Kash

    Honestly muting every intro #StopTheShantys great vid though 😂

  • Lachlan Skinner
    Lachlan Skinner

    Should I use my 83+ 10x pack during community or save for a better league ?

    • Bryan Powell
      Bryan Powell

      Save it obvi

  • Robert Perez
    Robert Perez

    This guys content is bananas 🔥 🍌

  • Robbie Richards
    Robbie Richards

    I saved 40 packs and was able to get Bailey krul zielinski and tradeable Pim scholes (my first ever icon packed in any fifa aside from icon packs and swaps)

  • B.

    If digne would have been in I would have gone in

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson

    2:05 Giminez, Joao Felix, Saul, and Oblak have some and there are a couple TotWs I don’t think that’s actually what he means but I don’t know what he does

    • Jamie Loake
      Jamie Loake

      He was joking because there are tonnes of Atleti specials

  • Ahmed Elsalhya
    Ahmed Elsalhya

    What is the name of the music at the end ?

  • Matthew Turnbull
    Matthew Turnbull

    How! I literally packed the hull defender times 🤮

  • This Guy
    This Guy

    I kept my 83 x 10. How bout that.

  • CrazyHorse Productions
    CrazyHorse Productions


  • Skill Bro
    Skill Bro

    Wl is so shit! Shit gameplay man

  • sazim patel
    sazim patel

    Packed Ndombele , what an amazing CM player !

  • Its Me T
    Its Me T


  • eric haliday
    eric haliday

    Zwe really is that guy


    I wanted goldson tots so bad but got 3 efl tots instead😭

  • The box V5
    The box V5

    I’ve got the correa and he is absolutely cracked his acceleration feels amazing

  • magring Gaming
    magring Gaming

    Who is better? Chiesa or el shaarawy??? Plz help me 😁

  • E&G

    Correa review plzzz

  • J 2wavvy
    J 2wavvy

    This guy is so funny omg

  • Bear Grylls
    Bear Grylls

    Saved my reward packs for playing 250 games with the silver squad. Got TOTS Ndombele, was worth the wait :D

  • Rockpigeon16

    FALham areola

  • Austin P
    Austin P

    I pulled tots nkunku and helik.

  • Ajay Newton
    Ajay Newton

    Can we get an “Oh, when the Honeyman comes” for all my Hull bois?

  • Kole Christenson
    Kole Christenson

    Out of all the content on this video, I’m most focused on the misspelling of diarrhea. Why is my brain like this?

    • Kole Christenson
      Kole Christenson

      @Shaheen Louhichi there are two spellings

    • Shaheen Louhichi
      Shaheen Louhichi


  • Safty

    I got Blue Messi I got so mad ngl,Was hoping for a Bundes tots

  • Tanmay Mehta
    Tanmay Mehta

    intros are top 5 no debate.

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy

    Plzzzz do a ilicic long shot epi in honor of the flashback beast

  • javier ramos
    javier ramos

    Premature epackulation patient here-but it worked out! Run a Bayern pnp team and got alaba off the 85+ pack from a while back 🤙🏼

  • HOEY182

    Hahaha this guy is soo funny premature epackulation 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏