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  • Lewis Scorer
    Lewis Scorer

    Wish every video had the GOT music in the background

  • razzer

    92 rated upgraded hazard review hrposts.info/five/video/ynzYlm5xlp2AmNA

  • Itzlitmax 21
    Itzlitmax 21

    what chen style should i put on him?

    • KD1

      yo man i have made a youtube channel recently were i review players if you want me to review any player i will. also i play my subs and if they beat me they get 20k coins on fifa.

  • Victor Calderon
    Victor Calderon

    Used him wrong. Cross to him and use as target man. Strong but can still get off the mark. Lighter on the skill moves since his strength compensates for it.

  • The Legend Taacomonster
    The Legend Taacomonster

    What is the song at 5:50 were Cavani scored the 4th goal

  • kasey carajan
    kasey carajan

    Joe Hart commentary 😂😂😂😂

    • KD1

      yo man i have made a youtube channel recently were i review players if you want me to review any player i will. also i play my subs and if they beat me they get 20k coins on fifa.

  • Elbaggelito ’
    Elbaggelito ’

    Long shots finesses is very op

  • Nikola Nikolic
    Nikola Nikolic

    oh wow , mans did it , nearly 2mio subs

    • KD1

      yo man i have made a youtube channel recently were i review players if you want me to review any player i will. also i play my subs and if they beat me they get 20k coins on fifa.

  • Henri Hopgood
    Henri Hopgood

    what did your mother call you... CAVANI 😂😂😂😂

  • Kashavelly

    Who else heard him say “Rudiger the German Boateng”🤣🤣🤣

  • Jp tyrannosaurus 29 gaming
    Jp tyrannosaurus 29 gaming

    Player: is going to take a goal kick Hart: “give me the f$&king ball”

  • fit dave030
    fit dave030

    30 wlgames 57 goals no more words needed 🔥🔥🔥

  • DayDreamR_ Official
    DayDreamR_ Official

    hahaha this intro is everything

  • 24HR MOB
    24HR MOB

    After seeing Cavani score that finesse goal in the world cup vs Portugal there is no reason he shouldnt have finesse shot trait, just shows EA dosent watch football, disappointing like usual.

  • Alegri Worcestershire
    Alegri Worcestershire

    0:23 a buck fifty zwe

  • Dougie Mcclean
    Dougie Mcclean

    Anyone know if they will be bringing back any icon packs sbcs??

  • Joe White
    Joe White

    Cavani is one of my favourite players, but I can't honestly do this SBC when he's gonna be worse than my jovic if he gets an upgrade for four times the price.

    • KD1

      yo man i have made a youtube channel recently were i review players if you want me to review any player i will. also i play my subs and if they beat me they get 20k coins on fifa.



  • AustrianCitizen

    I'm just here for the intros 😂

  • AussieMotors

    Sorry can we just hold up that Zwe said 'cmon on you gunners' whilst wearing a UTD shirt, don't know if its intentional shithousery or a mistake, what a mad lad

    • Cormac

      Was about to say

  • PEVE182

    Joe hart 🤣🤣👍

  • Erkan BC
    Erkan BC

    When does Wijnaldum RTTF get an upgrade ?

  • Everything BALL
    Everything BALL

    about a week ago...

  • Birk Martinsen
    Birk Martinsen

    Ngl, this was epic zwe

  • PaulThePitbull Horrocks MMA
    PaulThePitbull Horrocks MMA

    I actually done him. Wasnt going do him. Had sell bergwijn. He actually quite good mate. Testing him out with saurez at min 👌👍. Love your content mate 👍

    • PaulThePitbull Horrocks MMA
      PaulThePitbull Horrocks MMA

      @Eric Anthony Yeah he certainly does mate.

    • Eric Anthony
      Eric Anthony

      @PaulThePitbull Horrocks MMA HE'S A BEAST, ball rockets off his boot, and he scores BANGERS

    • PaulThePitbull Horrocks MMA
      PaulThePitbull Horrocks MMA

      @Eric Anthony im a Liverpool fan. But seen video on HRposts. Thought made a mistake doing him. He actually really good. Stick hunter on him mate

    • Eric Anthony
      Eric Anthony

      yeah man i had enough fodder in my club to get him! i’m super excited to get him in my team

  • Jodh 90
    Jodh 90

    Do moments kluivert

  • IceG

    Freakin love Dunkin guy

  • Haziq Sheikh
    Haziq Sheikh

    You look Good on the Kit.

  • Michael Tyler Hernandez
    Michael Tyler Hernandez

    Tank’y is a new one... but I totally get it lol

  • Jeezs

    Put a Hunter on him

  • Jeezs

    AA9skillz video on El matador is class

  • extra Pepsi
    extra Pepsi

    Dude this is hilarious😂😂😂🤣

  • Ali Haydar Savaşcı
    Ali Haydar Savaşcı

    Ahahhahaah She is Sibel Kekili

  • Thiru SHECKLER
    Thiru SHECKLER

    I really can't the g.o.t soundtrack in the background cracks me up 😂😂

  • A Goalkeeper
    A Goalkeeper

    I lost my shit when Joe Hart went for the ball and the “give me the fucking ball” played 😂😂😂

  • Mike Fahey
    Mike Fahey

    For price it’s super expensive like you said but as a United fan I was so exited seeing this card but the plan is to do it and he’ll replace regular Bruno for my team

  • Christopher Mancebo
    Christopher Mancebo

    It’s a prem Suarez essentially

  • King Kahn
    King Kahn

    Dude with a shadow and that high high, he’s a crazy CM or CDM. It’s literally Viera with crazy shooting

    • Dylan Longo
      Dylan Longo

      He will be nothing like Vieira, you can’t compare someone with 50 defending to someone with 90 defending

    • KMTS Modz
      KMTS Modz

      his passing and defending is too low imo for either but I feel like it could potentially work out as a b2b

  • Louie Smith
    Louie Smith

    i spent about 140-180k on him is that a W

    • Alan Župan
      Alan Župan

      No, I did him for 40K because he is from Manchester United and it will be Manchester United's only sbc card this fifa

  • Umair Arham
    Umair Arham

    That edit at 6:43

  • Joshua Joel Joseph
    Joshua Joel Joseph

    Zwe I hope it doesn't offend you but you low-key look a little bit like cavani.

  • Joshua Joel Joseph
    Joshua Joel Joseph

    Zweback thanks for making my mornings happy with your HRposts content. Love ur intros a lot Bro!!

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick

    Zwe I love u but the way u defend makes me cringe so hard stop dragging out your center backs outta position

  • DeAtHaToMiC

    2 out of t for value, 2.5 out of 5 for on the pitch... Shit show SBC lads. NEVER, do this SBC.

  • Lewisgg123

    The small bridge is broken with him he just runs through the defence. Beast

    • Cody Porter
      Cody Porter

      @Lewisgg123 preciate it! My current ST duo is REG gold Son and Jesus so either way he’ll be a massive upgrade

    • Lewisgg123

      @Cody Porter at the moment Hunter but that is just for a bigger pace upgrade. If you want better movement than an engine Is the best

    • Cody Porter
      Cody Porter

      What chemstyle u using? I wanna complete him (would cost me like 130K)

  • Hunta34

    Always love your vids Zwe!!

  • Gabriel Ynsfran
    Gabriel Ynsfran

    Che boludo mad lad 👌👌

  • Dan Perry
    Dan Perry

    Zwe there is a hilarious bit oh John Motson commentary where he says “oh ballack” and sounds really annoyed by him. I can only assume because it wasn’t in the Ballack video that you’ve not heard it and I think you’d love it. Please like so Zwe can see ❤️

  • TheMaster _121
    TheMaster _121

    Cavani is my favorite player, I did the SBC, he is INSANE ingame

    • TheMaster _121
      TheMaster _121

      @Cody Porter I use him with a engine

    • Cody Porter
      Cody Porter

      What chem style?

  • Val Silva
    Val Silva

    Zwe's hair low key better than Guendouzi's

  • Big Time
    Big Time

    Cavani was FIFA 19 my top-goalgetter... over 1000 goals...

  • Preston A
    Preston A

    Cavani is a beast for me. If you're using him as the lone striker, than he's not going to perform at his best. 2 up top he's connecting on many shots

    • Matt Spencer
      Matt Spencer

      Nah bro I’m in div 2 with saint maxim, Traore and inform Maddison around Cavani and he has 8 goals and a assist in 2 games

  • Matip El Matip
    Matip El Matip

    how does zwe come up with these lookalikes 🤣

  • gg dudes
    gg dudes

    Nice vid

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    Loving the hair Zwe

  • Alessandro

    Saludos desde Uruguay🇺🇾

  • Max Naumann
    Max Naumann

    What's the song at 8:55?

  • Ben Khalifah
    Ben Khalifah

    Never knew Zwe had such beautiful hair 😍

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    Shae is good in bed and on the pitch😉

  • Echo Da Beagle
    Echo Da Beagle

    shouldve kept your hair down for the second game

  • BEARDO _7473
    BEARDO _7473

    I was waiting all day when he came out and it's finally come out 🤩

  • RobFut 99
    RobFut 99

    Better late than never I guess.

  • Matthew Locke
    Matthew Locke

    Stream tonight zwe?

  • L7HD

    It would mean the world to me if you guys could check out my latest FIFA 21 fut champions compilation video! 🙏🏼🤝

  • Martin El-Khouri
    Martin El-Khouri

    Hey Zwe, since you love Germany so much - did you know that Tyrion’s girlfriend is German (the actress)? 🍺🍺🐖

  • nicholas varvaris
    nicholas varvaris

    Anyone else think zwe should have his hair like he had in the first game all the time

    • Top SOCCER
      Top SOCCER


  • Azariah Carty
    Azariah Carty

    You are paying for the Face... + This will be the only useable Cavani version for the entire year...

  • Rolin Catajczak
    Rolin Catajczak

    After seeing you with your hair down, I see why the mortgage people wanted you to put down an extra 15% 🤣

    • Rolin Catajczak
      Rolin Catajczak

      @Jan Gutierrez on stream the other day he was taking about how the mortgage company wanted him to put more money down on the place he’s looking at cause they didn’t understand streaming/HRposts as a job lol

    • andres bravo
      andres bravo

      @Jan Gutierrez use your brain a little

    • Jan Gutierrez
      Jan Gutierrez

      Wdym lmao

  • driizzyvybinツ

    I’m Uruguayan so seeing this card was an instant to get done

  • Sky High
    Sky High

    How tf do you even get 300k coins?

  • Hasagui1

    Cadê o review do Lionel Messi ?

  • jan van engeland
    jan van engeland

    What’s the name of that cavani song in the intro?!

    • Gold fish Fishman
      Gold fish Fishman

      Ur daddy son bhbjcfh

  • jtbaldur

    He absolutely deserves 4* skills. He's got amazing technique

    • Faisal Hussain
      Faisal Hussain

      @jtbaldur cavani has amazing positioning and shooting but I would not say 4 star

    • Faisal Hussain
      Faisal Hussain

      @jtbaldur yes but technique is more dribbling and composure but skills is so different

    • jtbaldur

      @Faisal Hussain oh you could have made that argument work so wonderfully of you had mentioned a few skill moves that Firmino had actually performed himself. And I'm not arguing that Firmino should have 5* skills. He is AMAZING on the ball. And has great close up technique. But Cavani and Giroud also have magical technique. And they shouldn't be 5* skillers as Firmino. But at least 4*

    • Faisal Hussain
      Faisal Hussain

      @jtbaldur yeh he's never done mcgeady spin never done step overs never done elastico should just have 1 star skill move

    • jtbaldur

      @Faisal Hussain Just because we have different opinions doesn't mean you have to attack me. I've watched Firmino plenty of times. And he's got no more skill than Giroud

  • Nicola Marco
    Nicola Marco

    Zwe looks like Cucurella😂

  • Greysen Bueno
    Greysen Bueno

    When he says “jack off his stats” is he saying this ironically or does he actually mean to say “Jack Up”

    • Top SOCCER
      Top SOCCER


    • Sam Leistiko
      Sam Leistiko

      Originally he just misspoke but then it became a running joke

  • mike p
    mike p

    Zwe looking like a poodle

  • GBS 30
    GBS 30

    Does someone know when Bundesliga’s POTM is coming and if Håland has a chance of winning it?

    • Keanu Coe
      Keanu Coe

      The 19th March

    • Thomas dasSchaf
      Thomas dasSchaf

      Prob on Friday and it will be either Kostic or Kalajdzic. Maybe Sancho, but I don't really think he deserved it (just my opinion)

  • peter suh
    peter suh

    Who else never knew that zwe’s hair was that long

  • Gabriel Matos
    Gabriel Matos

    This dude has the best intros

  • Chris Umansor
    Chris Umansor

    I was waiting for this video keep up the good work zwe

    • Cody Porter
      Cody Porter

      What chemstyle do you use?

  • Benedek Matolcsi
    Benedek Matolcsi

    My maan your hair is just like mine, can you tell me how do you put it in that bun? I really like how you wear it

    • adaamm khan
      adaamm khan


    • MBG Gaming
      MBG Gaming

      @Benedek Matolcsi fuck it just go bald

    • Benedek Matolcsi
      Benedek Matolcsi

      @GJ yeah but i dont like the loose end.

    • Top SOCCER
      Top SOCCER


    • GJ

      pull it in a ponytail like normal and then start pulling it through the band one more time but only pull it half way through

  • Juan Cruz Gotta
    Juan Cruz Gotta

    Uruguay noma’

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay


  • Jday

    Idk why but seeing zwe in a Man U shirt looks unusual

  • a_mann Playz
    a_mann Playz

    Who’s better Cavani or headliner zaha Btw I’m a united fan

    • Ryan Nader
      Ryan Nader


  • Eric Koob
    Eric Koob

    I think I'm gonna do Joe Hart just so I can think of these Zwe bits when I play.

  • Gareth Tudor
    Gareth Tudor

    Ronaldo ☑️Rooney ☑️Cavani ☑️Vidic ☑️Van Der Sar ☑️Keane ☑️Beckham ☑️Owen 😬☑️best year ever for my UNITED PNP team 👍🏻

    • Norwegian Dude
      Norwegian Dude

      Get Owen out Not a United legend

    • javier ramos
      javier ramos

      Props for theme team bro 🤙🏼 Doing Bayern myself, need schwein for that dynamic image dead center still haha

  • Harry Kilbane
    Harry Kilbane

    Intros are clasd

  • Sonam Sherpa
    Sonam Sherpa

    What commentary language do you use ???

    • Sonam Sherpa
      Sonam Sherpa

      @Patrick 33 i have it on spanish but it sounds bit different than his 😟😟

    • Patrick 33
      Patrick 33


  • Rees Evans
    Rees Evans

    Intro was crazy lit I'm ngl

  • Da Kid GeRGeR
    Da Kid GeRGeR

    0:44 WEEK AGO

  • Floyd Ragnoli
    Floyd Ragnoli

    It’s not a Zwe video if he doesn’t put at least 2 players at 7 or less chem, but we love him for that

  • Peter Vanchiere
    Peter Vanchiere

    why does the old spice commercial dude telling the eagle he's a hero sound just like zwe

  • Jared Vasquez
    Jared Vasquez

    What formation does he play in game?

    • Rajan Bains
      Rajan Bains

      433 (5)

  • Sebastian Lopez
    Sebastian Lopez

    Zwe needs a flashback card 🤌🏻

  • jacob sucks at fifa
    jacob sucks at fifa

    Zwe we need an Ilkay GündoGOAT POTM review

  • AI - 11EA 930134 Jean Augustine SS
    AI - 11EA 930134 Jean Augustine SS

    these intros are too gooooooooooood.

  • Epicbombred

    I’m a United fan but I’m not sure if I want to put my fodder to the sbc...

    • Alan Župan
      Alan Župan

      But are U sure that will be one more sbc United card? I did the sbc because I think Cavani will be one and only sbc card from Manchester United

    • Eshan Weerasinghe
      Eshan Weerasinghe

      Same. He'd really only be used in my past and present utd team

  • Cameron

    hes a beast

  • Radostin Marianov
    Radostin Marianov

    I've never clicked so fast in my life

    • Chudders 9812
      Chudders 9812

      Congrats you’re the usain bolt of finger clicking

    • Mr Banter
      Mr Banter

      For a Cavani? Really??