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  • Galaxia Playz
    Galaxia Playz

    I have neres and neymar

  • Bo Goudswaard
    Bo Goudswaard

    Oi neymar sunny innit😂😂😂

  • Joshua Velliam
    Joshua Velliam

    “”Brazilian neymar””😂

  • Kwaku Amprako
    Kwaku Amprako

    Home alone

  • Aa3Dr Gam3r
    Aa3Dr Gam3r

    87 machis or 88 neres?

  • Frederik Heide
    Frederik Heide

    The Brasilian Neymar 😂😂😂

  • Emilio Conde
    Emilio Conde

    Mexican sub right here! I just discovered your channel and it's awesome but why do you use the latin american commentators? lol

  • Ye Boi Cameron
    Ye Boi Cameron


  • bastian zagal
    bastian zagal


  • John

    You look like the home alone guy

  • Lucas Werjefelt Thropp
    Lucas Werjefelt Thropp

    The intros are Fire!!

  • Karam

    how do you dribble left and right like that 😂

  • David L.
    David L.

    looks like a solid sub

  • Eminemzi Xbox
    Eminemzi Xbox

    He’s not Neymar the composure and reactions just ain’t comparable

  • Eminemzi Xbox
    Eminemzi Xbox

    I did him and he feels shit

  • BigBrain YB
    BigBrain YB

    Tesco neymar? His stats are better than neymars

  • Shane Dalton
    Shane Dalton

    Should u play him on right side of pitch because he’s a lefty

  • Carl

    Love the Jamaican gear!!!

  • Deniz24

    Is he better than Flashback El Sharaawy?

  • Ne Ne
    Ne Ne

    Is neres good as a lw or rw?

  • Gaming Guy
    Gaming Guy

    For me sancho potm is working good then neres IDK why😂

  • Ben Anderson - ElLoneWanderer
    Ben Anderson - ElLoneWanderer

    Why has someone told Zwe that Tesco is a cheap alternate shop, it’s not! It’s like, mid tier that everyone shops at. Lidl would be the better one to use!

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes

    Who to play on 7 chem and who to play on 10 out of him and fb reus?

  • Timewalk

    @ZwebackHD you don't even play Neres's welcome song for Antony? Man, you missed that opportunity bro

  • Martijn Bos
    Martijn Bos

    Antony should have 5 star skills.. He's a bigger skiller then Neres haha!

  • Chiller von Chill hausen
    Chiller von Chill hausen

    What am i seeeeeeeeeing🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • dazzaburger

    The high as a kite Neymar

  • Conrxdd

    The ‘Brazilian neymar’ 🥴

  • Edoardo Capi
    Edoardo Capi

    I support Roma, did it just to discard it if he gets upgraded


    came for the intro

  • Broughton 90
    Broughton 90

    This card could get an upgrade if ajax play well? I didn't know that

  • Jeff Stevens
    Jeff Stevens


  • AKthegamer HD
    AKthegamer HD

    I chose to do Dzeko instead because I’m Bosnian. Honestly he’s an absolute mad lad

  • August Grimstad
    August Grimstad

    There are too many flipping LM’s in this game

  • Konrad

    Btw anyone that’s wondering it’s not the aggregate score that matters it’s just that match so Ajax can technically win 1-0 so he gets upgraded and still not go through because of away goals

  • pavlin bogdanov
    pavlin bogdanov

    10:45 whats that song guys please let me know i beg

  • Jay Carew
    Jay Carew

    Would he be anyany good oon RW?

  • Jesus Chapa
    Jesus Chapa

    Zwe I love you man, but how on earth have you gone from 4-2 in the 82nd minute with the other guy playing with 10 men to tying the game 4-4 lmao😂

  • EM Pro
    EM Pro

    A man they call the ginger Pele has struck

  • TuGaz

    What If Ajax Wins But Roma Still Goes Through Will He Get the 2 Upgrade?

  • texasRANGER089

    Are you going to review dzeko?

  • A Quiet Place
    A Quiet Place

    Anybody got the song that starts at 4:46

  • Wale

    6’4 isn’t a good thing lol

  • J K
    J K

    should i do him or wait until bpl tots pack snínce it has been romours about it coming 28th april?

  • Connor Johnson
    Connor Johnson

    “AKA the Brazilian neymar”

  • moulzy

    the "do not even" HAHAHAHA

  • David clifford
    David clifford

    Why is he always coming up against awful teams what division is he is

  • Owen GGTTH
    Owen GGTTH

    Dzeko is better than neres but I did both

  • lincrazi

    "AKA the brazilian neymar"

  • Hankan Thetankan
    Hankan Thetankan

    Hesssss tooo goooddddd

  • maiko niinepuu
    maiko niinepuu

    Da whetha

  • BanZz

    can someone help me idk which one to do showdown neres or fut birthday reus

  • BanZz

    The brazilian neymar 🤣

  • Matyáš Plaček
    Matyáš Plaček

    Nick in intro is absolutely hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rooftop Rumble
    Rooftop Rumble

    Damn zwe missed the opportunity to play herres a song by sevn Alias about the ajax team and neres lol

  • Diego Cunha
    Diego Cunha

    6:22 “body faint this zwe”

  • Ethan Ward
    Ethan Ward

    the intro is getting old now

  • Hassan Mahmud
    Hassan Mahmud

    If he gets an upgrade, better him or neymar? Cause i think after upgrade his shooting and passing stats are better than neymar, dribbling neymar just a little better

  • Lee Maxwell
    Lee Maxwell

    Tesco really isn’t that cheap can I just add lol

  • Hamza Mahmoud
    Hamza Mahmoud

    I think you mean adama when u mentioned strength dribbling

  • Leon

    Should i do him just to use him as an supersub?

  • JH Prods
    JH Prods

    I have Neymar should I do him??

  • David Cetojevic
    David Cetojevic

    Please try Dzeko

  • Hatchet

    The intro is drilled into my head 😅🤣🔫

  • Bede Barrie
    Bede Barrie

    El Shar=Walmart Neymar. Felipe Anderson=Target Neymar


    ZWE: Does a Maghedy spin with a card for the 10,000 time.. This card is saucy.. SMFH

  • Marcelo Lo
    Marcelo Lo

    Neres and Dzeko get 89 rated cards, while Tolisso and Kehrer get 86 rated cards. What a great concept

  • Ali Haydar Savaşcı
    Ali Haydar Savaşcı

    How he can turn back left to right? What is the skill name?

  • CianO

    Roma fans punching the air right now

  • Ruben Oemeloem
    Ruben Oemeloem

    Niet de Tesco Neymar, meer de Spar, Plus of Poiesz Neymar

  • rejectivity

    Where's the "do not even" clip came from?

  • Jared Taylor
    Jared Taylor

    His hair and face modeling does not look right.

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay


  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones

    You need to change the intro song

  • Max Huizer
    Max Huizer

    You're probably thinking about Darwin Machis with the strengh dribbling

  • Linus

    Neres or Neymar?

  • Mehmet Ali Bayrak
    Mehmet Ali Bayrak

    Hey bro, what do you think about Kehrer 's upgrade? İs paris Will win?

  • Alphan Gunvaran
    Alphan Gunvaran

    I should have done this but not higuain thanks i hate it


    There are 3 things that I’ve taken away from this video: - Neres is broken - Fifa is broken - People from countries other than Britain know about Tesco 🤣 (Plus how much Zwe loves J. Lingardinho but to be fair who doesn’t 🐐)

    • Jonathan Logue
      Jonathan Logue

      Bruh I'm not British but there are Tesco's in my country

  • Quick_YT

    I would do him but I’m on vacation and can’t play fifa :(

    • Ninjaz Turtle
      Ninjaz Turtle

      download the fut companion app

  • DarkDaan936

    Neres is 100 procent going through

  • Ulrik basso hjortland
    Ulrik basso hjortland

    Can you do an epi on kehrer

  • Matip El Matip
    Matip El Matip

    medium medium tho


    5:04 Anyone knows how to perform this move? Thanks.

    • LIBO XU
      LIBO XU

      I mean the move at 5:05 before he scored.

  • Chancellor Palpatine
    Chancellor Palpatine

    If someone in your chat said nick will get hard if neres gets a upgrade you would say they weird and ban them. Funny intro nonetheless

  • Raul Urenda
    Raul Urenda

    As soon as I heard the intro, I immediately disliked it. It was cool the first time and now it’s getting annoying

  • Veer Shah
    Veer Shah

    Neres or Felipe 88 ? They both seem pretty similar

  • Alan Feffer
    Alan Feffer


  • Mohamed Arale
    Mohamed Arale

    Trust me, get Edin dzeko bruh. Nerds is physically weak and his work rates throw him off. I did both sbc and Dzeko is miles better than him

  • ranga mohan
    ranga mohan

    'the Brazilian Neymar' 😭💀

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Evan Dipasquale
    Evan Dipasquale

    Ajax just has to win the game not advance in the europa league to get the upgrade

  • Aparaditya Singh Rathore
    Aparaditya Singh Rathore

    Man just said "the Brazilian Neymar" 😂😂😂

    • iOwN ICYge
      iOwN ICYge


  • Red Devil
    Red Devil

    Looks lit 💥

  • Ethan McCarty
    Ethan McCarty

    Already have 17 goals with him in div 2.

  • mike p
    mike p

    Im SCREAMING without the S

  • Ariel Bautista
    Ariel Bautista

    man your Fifa dribbling skills are insane lol

  • HigH_Evo

    3-3 it would be extra time bc both have 2 away goals

  • Kevin Marin
    Kevin Marin

    Zwe i live in south Florida... I know we don’t have a tescos you had no need to reference it just use Walmart next time like the rest of us 💀💀

  • Diego Alvarez
    Diego Alvarez

    wym the brazilian ney there both brazilian

Senidah - Replay
459 tis.
Senidah - Replay
459 tis.