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  • Infinite Clawz YT
    Infinite Clawz YT

    I don’t know where to play him- midfield like a cdm or a striker- I play him striker and change cdm in game but before I used to use him as a cdm and change him to a st in game I’m so lost I’m not sure how to play with him- he’s insane tho 0 regrets on doing him

  • Wale

    I wanted to watch the intro again and again

  • Luis

    whats the song called 7:48?

  • Jared Taylor
    Jared Taylor

    OH HELL NO to the inter badge

  • Manu

    not alexis sanchez but renato sanches lul

  • Oliwier Zwawiak
    Oliwier Zwawiak

    Intro is 🔥

  • lavesh vila
    lavesh vila

    I would love a kolarov

  • Alexander Diego H. Fajal
    Alexander Diego H. Fajal


  • Kubík_Nubik Brawl stars
    Kubík_Nubik Brawl stars

    The songs on the start of this videos are insane

  • John Paschalidis
    John Paschalidis

    Cool sbc but very expensive for people that doesn’t put money

  • Cpricey 171
    Cpricey 171

    you know its a good card when he uses the italian beat

  • Edwin Reyes
    Edwin Reyes

    What’s the song in 7:49

  • Misha The Scarred Wolve
    Misha The Scarred Wolve

    This man Zwe really sold his soul for the vaccine... sad to see mate

  • Tes Tickles
    Tes Tickles

    I’d prefer just to use my pack pulled fut birthday thiago tbh

  • Centerpeel

    I do not understand how these HRpostsrs get games where they have so much space. When I play, my opponent is on top of me the whole game

  • Emilio Lopez
    Emilio Lopez

    I love this vidal like a proud chilean like myself, so sad i cant afford it

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • ga ki
    ga ki

    The inter logo changes color and also it's not that bad imo

  • Lodjik

    I NEED to know what's that beat he's playing at 4:40

    • Oerp 2.0
      Oerp 2.0

      Italiano trap beat

  • Cristobal Betancur
    Cristobal Betancur

    Did he do all the player sbc's?

  • Bonesz

    Man I swear your reviews are the best love you bro

  • Robbie Chapman
    Robbie Chapman

    I said it looked like Volkswagen and everyone said I was crazy thank zwe

  • Pearse K
    Pearse K

    When is he gonna realise these raps are so annoying

  • Gian Cassa
    Gian Cassa


  • Teodor Cotofan
    Teodor Cotofan

    King Arthuro

  • H.olocene

    What commentary language is that you have on?

  • Ben Kelly
    Ben Kelly

    The next fut birthday sbcs are Reus, Gervinho, Payet and Renato

  • sorucha

    Sanchez vidal perfect link 😍


    As a Chilean it hurts that I can’t afford Him

    • beef

      Same bruh

    • Emilio Lopez
      Emilio Lopez

      Wena choroo

    • Aaron Flatt
      Aaron Flatt

      You can. Spend 100k on player picks and grind out objective cards.

  • Tiago Martins
    Tiago Martins

    The songs in the beginning are underrated ngl

  • Muhammad Al-Zo'ubi
    Muhammad Al-Zo'ubi

    😂😂😂 5:29

  • Xavier Monet βξ
    Xavier Monet βξ

    The inter badge change is a disgrace. They were ahead of it's time with that one

  • Marc Francis
    Marc Francis

    I luv your audio. The espanol, exploding bombs, rap music and everything else. Made me switch my in game commentry to Spanish. Goooooooooaal!!

  • Mbuster

    He has 74 freelicks zwe!!

  • Tim Schulte
    Tim Schulte

    My midfield now is Vidal and TOTY Fernandes 😂

  • Jurgen Klopp
    Jurgen Klopp

    i hate how ea have added dlc's

  • JustTheMidget

    Better not be fucking Payet that lil snake

  • Kostas Spanakis
    Kostas Spanakis

    Great videos where you find those commentaries?

  • just leo
    just leo

    I like the intros so much

  • Laur Marten Mathisen
    Laur Marten Mathisen

    Love the intro!

  • Pablo Miranda
    Pablo Miranda

    as a chilean it is instantaneous , in my country it is an obligation to do vidal :) greeting from chile nice work

    • Daniel Contreras
      Daniel Contreras

      Somos el mejor pais de chile hermano.

    • Emilio Lopez
      Emilio Lopez

      Wena choro

  • Mitr0

    5:15 song name?

    • Mitr0

      @Oerp 2.0 sheesh, tyy

    • Oerp 2.0
      Oerp 2.0

      Italiano trap beat

  • Mike

    I don't really like the new batch, but it represents modernization, something inter is doing right now. It's a modern simple batch, more clubs will follow and clubs like Juventus already did it.

  • Rahul Ponniah
    Rahul Ponniah

    what is the song at 5:18

  • Liam Mills
    Liam Mills

    That FK accuracy concerns me.

  • Matthew Simons
    Matthew Simons

    I just don’t like that there is no gold on the new inter badge (inter fan) 💙🖤💙🖤

  • Marcel P8
    Marcel P8

    Best Intro 👍👍👍

  • Saran Jayan
    Saran Jayan

    What stadium is he playing in?

  • alright936

    You do realise he’s right footed? Hahahaha you’re banging them in on purpose with the left

  • Saud K7
    Saud K7

    We all sad about the logo zwe

  • Dylan Bachmann
    Dylan Bachmann

    I hate that new Inter badge design. It hurts my eyes to look at it.

  • Guillermo Melendez
    Guillermo Melendez

    where’s the huntelaar vid :(


    Bro he has higher ingame stats than mid gullit

  • JoeH

    Hahaha brilliant 🤣🤣🤣 your videos are something else.

  • Miles Heckadon
    Miles Heckadon

    We need a josh Sargent fut birthday so I can score goals with my American team

  • Echoz

    Use trapp he is better than hrdacecy

  • A3 Aqua _
    A3 Aqua _

    He didn’t even fit my team and I completed him

  • Marius Mihai
    Marius Mihai

    I play on ps5 and the problem that you have appears on the wifi 5ghz connection. With the wire or 2,4ghz connection it's OK.

  • Paolo Carriero
    Paolo Carriero

    Can anyone recommend a seria a st that can play as a CAM. I have moments dybala and headliners mkhitaryan , they both feel slow.

  • John Oliver
    John Oliver

    Bring back the club 80 edits.

  • Lucas Portes
    Lucas Portes

    I cannot be the only one who got the add with the same noise as the lagging sound effect Zwe used 😂😂

  • TankeTTV

    engine or shadow ???

  • Mladen Mrkić
    Mladen Mrkić

    Wtf are you advertising vaccines now????

  • Emarus Starkey
    Emarus Starkey

    Day 4 of asking zwe for VICTOR WANYAMA

  • David Alan
    David Alan

    The problem with "bringing someone to Serie A" is that the best freaking cards were SBCs that are over. Moments Dybala. El Shaarawy. SMS, Ansaldi and Rabiot. Tonali too.

    • GameLlama

      Palacio Gervinho ronaldo Ribery pastore caputo khedera Duncan Sandro polatano

  • David Alan
    David Alan

    Wait til the second round of that Pfizer vaccine son. It fucking SUCKS.

  • gokubelmont

    Dude change your damn intro already same crap all the time is boring

  • modigosmidig

    Does any card get higher than 4/5? Seems pretty pointless then

  • bizkid7

    @10:37 is exactly why I too don't play Next Gen..

  • victor aribam
    victor aribam

    Zwe, please do a video on all the skill moves that you use.

  • Manu G
    Manu G

    Man these intro songs are getting worse and worse.

  • Deni Nezic
    Deni Nezic

    I missed the milinkovic savic for my Serbian theme team man 🙁😂

  • Deni Nezic
    Deni Nezic

    Well I just want a Serbian for team of the week tomorrow but eh knowing fifa probably not 🙁

  • Callum Stoddart
    Callum Stoddart

    The intro 🤔👈

  • Nacho Varga
    Nacho Varga

    I unsub from all of the FIFA youtube channels but wont unsub from your channel your videos are so much fun no matter how shitty the game is!

  • Pato

    Viva Chile mierda!

  • alex flores
    alex flores

    Zwe is gonna start glitching what a freakin mad lad

  • Maxwell Ihrie
    Maxwell Ihrie

    Pls spare me from another wellerman intro

  • Kofi Boakye
    Kofi Boakye

    Do a Thiago fut birthday review please

  • Michael Bravo
    Michael Bravo

    Every review is always a 4 out 5 even when they are insane smh

  • Gustavo Narvarte
    Gustavo Narvarte

    As a Chilean, it hurt watching Vidal with an Argentinian shirt

    • beef

      As a Chilean it hurts because this card is too expensive


      Me dolió el corazón al verlo

  • Cristian Farías
    Cristian Farías

    Chilean mad lad here 🇨🇱

  • Ruben Meuris
    Ruben Meuris

    Try him with hunter. He pushes forward like a beast. His defence is good enough if you have a more defence minded cm next to him. He runs back and runs forward like maaaadlad. That extra finishing makes him the ultimate goat cm. Maybe the best in the game at this point

  • Caleb Lawson
    Caleb Lawson

    what's the name of the song at 5:20

    • Oerp 2.0
      Oerp 2.0

      Italiano trap beat

  • sxm

    0:05 what if raphinha...

  • Jeremy Stones
    Jeremy Stones

    Zwe’s gonna be in debt by the time renato Sanchez comes into the SBCs 😂

  • Jason

    As a inter fan, this new badge is a terrible attempt to rebrand.

  • Riccardo Pedol
    Riccardo Pedol

    I am an inter supporter and to be honest I don’t dislike the badge but I defo prefer the other, but whatever, change is a part of history

  • Bobi

    5:28 when another fifa youtuber does this i might check him out

  • michael obile-okwu
    michael obile-okwu



    The world will be a better place once zwe learns how to chip shoot…

  • Chris DL
    Chris DL

    New logo absolutely atrocious Zwe. It looks okay on apparel but otherwise it's so poor

  • Brandon Madrigal
    Brandon Madrigal

    I want this card sooo bad, I can’t get him😭😭😭

    • Al Pina
      Al Pina

      Grind the milestone cards and high rated objective ones and 81+ picks and you could get it in no time its just a grind unless you've done them already

  • Yad

    This new badge is a disgrace to Football tradition and history

  • Gabriel Gialaim
    Gabriel Gialaim


  • Jonathan Cuerden
    Jonathan Cuerden

    Only thing thats stopping me from doing it are two leaks, well supposed leaks. Emre can is in meant to be in team 2 and renato sanches is meant to be saturdays sbc

    • Jonathan Cuerden
      Jonathan Cuerden

      Nah back in force mate, sanches card will be nuts

    • Jonathan Cuerden
      Jonathan Cuerden

      @Al Pina at least a million, maybe more

    • Al Pina
      Al Pina

      What do you think the renato sbc would be worth


      Oh no... i thought the Renato Sanches meta ended 👀

  • Oliver Partridge
    Oliver Partridge

    pim zambrotta as a cm or save my fodder and get vidal (can do both for free)

  • james m
    james m

    Him fut birthday renato and givino going to cause trouble in weekend league

  • Louis S
    Louis S

    I was a serie a boy but I’ve fallen into the meta dark side..

  • akoshrichie

    His Volleys are BROKEN

renato or vidal?
99 tis.