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  • tepigbro

    With untradable going into 81+ player pick and icon swap pack I only spent 100k on this sbc.

  • AB7 Fifa
    AB7 Fifa

    I might complete him

  • Xero helix
    Xero helix

    Where do we play Ballack

  • Tom Claffey
    Tom Claffey

    why isnt more people talking about him? he looks amazing and ill defo be getting his sbc, i tried his loan in Champs and got 3 goals and 2 assist, hes a goal machine

    • Yvng Uzi
      Yvng Uzi

      is he good as cdm. i play 352 in game. was thinking of doin him after makelele

  • Paulo Fernando
    Paulo Fernando


  • Paulo Fernando
    Paulo Fernando


  • dazzaburger

    83 rated squad for a loan player is insane

  • Thibaut Staelens
    Thibaut Staelens

    Zwe i did the SBC, it is the first time that i play with a Ballack in a few years of fifa. THIS dude is amazing to play with, 100% worth

  • Collins

    Did I miss the winter upgrades

  • Ruben Oemeloem
    Ruben Oemeloem

    Zwe you should try to do an impression of Kurts' shrink session

  • Joe Burt
    Joe Burt

    Somg at 5:50

  • B-Tec Tugga !
    B-Tec Tugga ! Edinson Cavani review

  • Jason Lamb
    Jason Lamb

    Got a tradeable mid ballack, very tempted to get this one

  • IceG

    Freakin love dunkin guy

  • RUEstrada E
    RUEstrada E

    Hola latinos viendo a Zwe jujuuuu

    • Futuro Seleccionado
      Futuro Seleccionado

      Heyy vamos Zweee

  • Dan Perry
    Dan Perry

    can't believe I sat through an entire video about Ballack and didn't hear "Oh Ballack" once

  • Matt Fairchild
    Matt Fairchild

    Zwe you have to do the storyline Luca Waldschmidt. Dude is an absolute mad lad

  • Tim Eerdmans
    Tim Eerdmans

    Can you do rui costa moments?

  • Conor Kiely
    Conor Kiely

    Review nedved

  • Aniqq Zahirulhaq
    Aniqq Zahirulhaq

    1 skill abuser

  • leo

    haha ufo361

  • Cuntinho

    I have his 89 and it's fantastic

  • hans peter
    hans peter

    „Ich bin 1 Berliner“ 😍 Ufo361 😎

    • Ufl

      Jetzt schon Legenden intro

  • Quincy Vincent
    Quincy Vincent

    Ballack /Matthaus / Blanc?

  • Red Scorp
    Red Scorp

    Its not connection. Its stupid DDOS hack he was trying.. 😂

  • Urban Dolores
    Urban Dolores

    The AIK shirt Zwe is really cool. AIK is the boyhood club of Alexander Isak who has the goated future stars card in Fifa

  • Goat Edition
    Goat Edition

    This card should be 700k-800k not more, not less.

  • Dantes liv
    Dantes liv

    My respect for zwe when he got the AIK shirt 📈📈📈📈 AIK 2021 SM GULD

  • Dantes liv
    Dantes liv


  • NotYourAveragePortuguese

    I made the Rui Costa and hes actually really good for me..

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen

      Why would you waste your money on that

  • Matthew Earle
    Matthew Earle

    I just did nedved for free will try grind this one

  • Hammer FD
    Hammer FD

    I wanna do him, but I don’t think I’ll ever afford him....

    • MR.G4y 12
      MR.G4y 12

      Just claim the rival rewards money and do squad battles and also fut champions and you get 100k a week

  • KobeLegend

    Unfortunate that they changed his workrates, he would have made a very nice CDM. Then again, they are moments card so fair enough. His agility and balance upgrade is nice and overall, his card looks dope as a box to box center mid

  • Hamada Markovic
    Hamada Markovic

    Ich bin ein Berliner 361 ! UFO 361

  • Kyle Areson
    Kyle Areson

    Zwe that jersey is fuego

  • Dwayne McClaine
    Dwayne McClaine

    12:45 for the maths world champion comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cristian Constantin
    Cristian Constantin

    That error happend to me too twice this week

  • Viktor Helwer
    Viktor Helwer

    Korrekt haut der einfach ufo rein 🤣🤣

  • levideese

    Los gehts junge

  • Bobi

    6:27 anyone else got spooked by the weird background noise of the song?😳

  • 123456789

    what chem style ? personally think he would need a dribbling and defending boost as a box to box mid fielder but then his pace is quite low, any suggestions ?

    • 123456789

      @Anthony Cortes true, just goin to experiment wi different ones tbf when i complete it

    • Anthony Cortes
      Anthony Cortes

      Probably engine or just shadow

  • Chancellor Palpatine
    Chancellor Palpatine

    With untradeables it is way under 1 mil

  • JacoboTheBonobo

    Can anyone tell me where the sound bite “you won’t air this, right?” Comes from? It really sounds like Big Ed but I’m not sure 🤣

    • Goob Brother
      Goob Brother

      It’s from the Family Fight episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  • Bobby

    Should I do him or just hold off for now? I was thinking of jus buying mid essien and selling him when I needed instead of sinking 1 mil into ballack

    • Tesco Bleach
      Tesco Bleach

      I done the exact same. Buy a mid essien or prime gaudiola and they will do a very simillar job. I got mid essien for 385k on xbox and hes really good

  • Ernesto Rubio
    Ernesto Rubio

    ZWE, is he good in CDM?

    • Ben Khalifah
      Ben Khalifah

      Wasted CDM

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • The Jockness Monster
    The Jockness Monster

    don't sleep on Rui Costa

  • Fred Stanbridge
    Fred Stanbridge

    Hey Oli

  • Josias Peña
    Josias Peña

    Can give prime moments Nedved a try ? heard alot of good feedback from others but ngl i trust your judgement more lol

    • B-Tec Tugga !
      B-Tec Tugga ! Edinson Cavani review

    • Josias Peña
      Josias Peña

      Will do thanks 🤙🏼

    • asap _vxn
      asap _vxn

      U should get the loan and try him in div rivals

  • siko510

    Packed his prime moments last year and he felt like a damn brick hope hes better this year

    • Mason Parrott
      Mason Parrott

      He’s not

  • peto.hmrh

    The track from Ufo361 is an german underground legend. Big appreciation from over the big see outta Germany ✌🏽

  • Luan Gashi
    Luan Gashi

    High high and it’s a must do but because it’s not just buy lees melou or scream nainggolan

  • Nick Morich
    Nick Morich

    Yo Zwe I like the UFO 361 track

  • QuackersTV

    Hey lads I hate myself for asking here but not sure where else to ask. If any of you have a second to give me some feedback on my editing and thumbnails and maybe where I could improve I’d really appreciate the help. Otherwise have a good night boys

  • MeNamesMarcll

    3:59 Me asking the guy: How meta is your team? Him: Y E S (I know this meme is for some annoying and boring, but it's just perfect!)

  • Linus Arnesen
    Linus Arnesen

    Where did you play him

  • Soda Pahp
    Soda Pahp

    12:20 for his opinion on the card

  • Leski Games
    Leski Games

    I have a tradeable PIM Ballack and he's insane! If you need a beastly box to box midfielder I'd go with him!

    • Leski Games
      Leski Games

      engine chem style on him is a must also

    • Leski Games
      Leski Games

      and take advantage of his aerial ability with his high jumping and power header trait

  • HamzaTheCub

    so bad

  • Mika van Oord
    Mika van Oord

    This card just came out & we already have a zweview 💯

  • Mamba Out
    Mamba Out

    For that amount i rather do messi sbc or wait for the ligue 1 winner.

    • Emmanuel Strasser
      Emmanuel Strasser

      Same, but I had to do rui costa for my portugal team.

  • Krshna

    Whats the song at 5:55 called?

    • Radical Turbine
      Radical Turbine

      Darude - sandstorm

  • Der MF-liker
    Der MF-liker

    Oh dude you use music from the german rapper Ufo361, nice man i have heard the sound from WINGS and ICH BIN EIN BERLINER SHBZT

  • Johannes

    Bro i absolutly loveeeee you mate❤️

  • Adam Youngs
    Adam Youngs

    No offence to ballack but his card is a fraud

  • Ballistic Fool
    Ballistic Fool

    fuck that sbc, id pay 1700 for him .

  • Dennis Flaig
    Dennis Flaig

    I made him. I have drogba Moments in my team and everyone says he is not good but scores more goals than my CR7 or my rashford 89. fuck Meta I want to have fun with cards that I like !

    • Dennis Flaig
      Dennis Flaig

      @Emmanuel Strasser for sure man. And I have the feeling that I play even better with them 😂 nice to see that you have fun ✌🏽

    • Emmanuel Strasser
      Emmanuel Strasser

      Same man. I have an all portugal team and did rui costa and deco from swaps, having lots of fun, way more enjoyable and satisfying than the meta.

    • Dennis Flaig
      Dennis Flaig

      @Asger Bill-jessen yeah bro and they make so much fun to play

    • Asger Bill-jessen
      Asger Bill-jessen

      Chelsea past and present on the rising

  • Tim C
    Tim C

    “It’s here for 8 weeks, so like a month and a half” nice one Zwe

    • Dwayne McClaine
      Dwayne McClaine

      @John Theo being off by 2 weeks is a long time, dummy.

    • B-Tec Tugga !
      B-Tec Tugga ! Edinson Cavani review

    • Kenzo Jamari
      Kenzo Jamari

      @Kannon Payton Checking it out now. Seems to be working.

    • John Theo
      John Theo

      @Dwayne McClaine its not that far off though🤣

  • Blitz_Assassin 786
    Blitz_Assassin 786

    Y no nedved, he’s the best icon sbc imo

    • B-Tec Tugga !
      B-Tec Tugga ! Edinson Cavani review

    • Padmanavha Das
      Padmanavha Das

      Yeah boi... That's why i did that sbc 😭❤️


    Clunkiest possible day not to be impressed by Ballack. Could be better during WL. Give it a try?

    • Dwayne McClaine
      Dwayne McClaine

      No one cares.

  • Manne Rönnberg
    Manne Rönnberg

    I’m an AIK supporter and that kit is the best 🖤💛

  • ebr_ 003
    ebr_ 003

    Guys is he worth it over gortezka headliners as a Box to Box? Like left Cm on balanced

    • Bettany Rules
      Bettany Rules

      Probably yh

  • Berkan Oglumya
    Berkan Oglumya


  • Joel Fleming
    Joel Fleming

    What time does the stream usually start? UK time plz

  • Harley Mouser
    Harley Mouser

    Only person I know to support a national team😂

  • Robert Preckel
    Robert Preckel

    Oh my Days, you Used Ufo361 in your Intro, Zwe, from the bottom of my Heart, DU BIST EIN SUPERHELD!♥️

    • Dennis Flaig
      Dennis Flaig

      @Larry the Lobster Achso, hab mich schon gewundert 😅

    • Larry the Lobster
      Larry the Lobster

      @Dennis Flaig ich glaube der ist Österreicher 🤔

    • Dennis Flaig
      Dennis Flaig

      Ist der eigentlich deutsch haha ? Oder feiert er Deutschland einfach ?

  • Jak _
    Jak _

    Can believe I paid €1400 for Ballack, Costa and Schmical and now they’re all sbcs. FML.

    • Bettany Rules
      Bettany Rules

      @Jak _ I mean no I’ve had no likes as your comment is that low down no one can see it you mug 😂

    • Jak _
      Jak _

      @Bettany Rules bit like nobody cares about your opinion, talking about likes yet you've had non yourself "casue" you're a sad little child 😂

    • Bettany Rules
      Bettany Rules

      @Jak _ you think HRposts is like eBay

    • Bettany Rules
      Bettany Rules

      @Jak _ go for it Casue no one cares honestly lad

    • Jak _
      Jak _

      @Bettany Rules nah I could make it two likes with one being myself if you’d like?

  • Calippo Limette
    Calippo Limette


  • David Abuchaibe
    David Abuchaibe

    The real question is if it’s better than 92 bruno fernandes

    • Asger Bill-jessen
      Asger Bill-jessen

      No I dont think

  • Logan McDonald
    Logan McDonald

    I got him right away. Adios de bruyne. He is a absolute tank and pairs well with bergkamp

    • Logan McDonald
      Logan McDonald

      @Morgs Pitman all around. Cannon shot. Great control and the size helps

    • Morgs Pitman
      Morgs Pitman

      I’m grinding him out. Is he as good all rounded as he looks. Is he good at shooting and dribbling as well as defensively?

  • David Engel
    David Engel

    Yo this guy has got to be an absolute beast! I only used is 89 mid and he was an total game changer. Obviously he isn't the player you wanne do insanse skillruns with. But the runs he does to create space (or goals :D) combined with the control you get over the game make him absolutely unique and def useable.

  • All Might
    All Might

    Man I got his prime from the Icon PP pack I love him. I play him with Curtis the Lm version in a 442 as a cm and they win so many balls thanks to their Bodytypes. Ballack also feels so quick imo and his Power Headers and strikes to the long corner are deadly. Imo his only weak point are his finess shots which I doesn't do anyway, because I strike them to the long corner with his right rocket.

  • Nicolas Ovalle
    Nicolas Ovalle

    Base Matthaus or PIM Ballack as my CDM?

    • Flexdro

      @Jason Alexander Ortiz tf Ballack is way better

    • Jason Alexander Ortiz
      Jason Alexander Ortiz


  • Ronit Sangar
    Ronit Sangar

    I have Toty Davies at CDM, and he’s a high/med so I’m wondering if putting Moments Ballack, who is also high/med, will be a problem. Can I play them both at CDM in a 4231?

    • toby frias
      toby frias

      I’m on the same boat. Was hoping to get him to play along Headliners Goretzka but the work rates change kinda kills it for me

    • Ronit Sangar
      Ronit Sangar

      @All Might will having stay back help tho? Idk if having two box to box players as CDMs is a bad thing.....

    • All Might
      All Might

      I have his Prime as a cm in a 442 formation he's a crazy box to box. If he's to offensive give him stay back.

  • Daniel Joseph
    Daniel Joseph

    I smashed the like for team Ballack

  • Monalisa Smith
    Monalisa Smith

    Rip curve

  • Navon

    iS THIS AN UFO361 BEAT???

  • Eshan Fairfax
    Eshan Fairfax

    Id rather do rui Costa he's cheaper and doesn't look that bad

    • Umair Arham
      Umair Arham

      @Jérémie Guay MOC?

    • Jérémie Guay
      Jérémie Guay

      Ballack isn't a MOC tho and Rui Costa can't really defend properly

    • Ákos Pethő
      Ákos Pethő

      I packed him in Fifa 20 and he was my favorite card it felt like he had 5*weakfoot could score from anywhere. Only when Tots came around he wasnt as effective

    • Rayane Bensouda
      Rayane Bensouda

      Hes pretty fucking nice

  • SanJuan Gamez
    SanJuan Gamez

    Batty ting

  • Kevin Ramirez
    Kevin Ramirez


  • Ben Trombone
    Ben Trombone

    Man I’d love this card if I could ever afford the sbc or pack him but I’m not that lucky

    • 15_Joseph Alan
      15_Joseph Alan

      You need Allison, oblak, ter stagen aguero , kane , and 1 87 and 3-4 84 to complete the most expensive squad and it's almost no chem and you can complete the 83 and 84 with coins and fodder because it has high chem grind objective cards for 1 week you'll get a 88,89,2 86 2 85 and 4 84 that's almost 250k off the sbc and they will drop more obj cards and milestones and do upgrade packs with the packs you get after completing the obj I completed bruno 2nd potm within a week and a half by playing only 1 hour or just over that in a day just get 1 win on every objective per day for each player card even I was laid back and down like you thinking I cannot complete big sbc but a guy on a discord told me this and it is very practical

    • Dennis Flaig
      Dennis Flaig

      Keep playing bro, Safe the coins and than do him. You have a lot of time I believe in you.

  • Bald Messi
    Bald Messi

    Zwe you still have to play dee in f8tal

    • Dwayne McClaine
      Dwayne McClaine

      How's he gonna play F8tal if he can't even get past the first round? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sam Lehman
    Sam Lehman

    I've never been this early, eeeeh couse

  • VirgilDanDijk

    The best Icon SBC? I guess until they drop Moments Inzaghi SBC you can say that.

    • B-Tec Tugga !
      B-Tec Tugga !

    • Jim_The Greek
      Jim_The Greek

      thiago silvca is the goat

    • B-Tec Tugga !
      B-Tec Tugga ! Edinson Cavani review

    • WilWor

      Moments inzaghi is the moments icon pack


      No.. Moments GATTUSO , and there will come to see a all Μαλάκια

  • Laurens

    Why isn't he running after the ref?

  • Fotis Papadimitriou
    Fotis Papadimitriou


  • GHGangster

    never was so early

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay

  • Daniel Dominguez
    Daniel Dominguez

    As a German, I’m DEFINITELY going to do him! He looks like a class card!

    • Tristan Lohengrin
      Tristan Lohengrin

      klaro wie fast alle deutsche SBC's 👍

  • felix gomez
    felix gomez

    Now just pay £1700 to have him permanently 😅

    • Adam Iqbal
      Adam Iqbal

      Damn every account that bought icon moments is getting banned

    • B-Tec Tugga !
      B-Tec Tugga ! Edinson Cavani review

    • Adam Iqbal
      Adam Iqbal

      @Jack Finnian how can I contact you off of HRposts ?

    • Adam Iqbal
      Adam Iqbal

      @Jack Finnian yh want Gullit

    • Jack Finnian
      Jack Finnian

      @QuackersTV I watched your latest video there I watched it all there pretty funny thank you mate l thumbnails are great 👍 and I was surprised by mic quality it was very good