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  • BVB

    11:57 Now tanks to u its called "BRUH SHOT" is so op

  • Alex Alexandru
    Alex Alexandru

    Is he good in 7 chem

  • Mike Fahey
    Mike Fahey

    Literally in stitches everytime I hear the pie face laugh 😂

  • A&N

    The over use of the same audio gets so annoying

  • whpdy

    When he scores at 9:44 it looks like he’s mouthing the “aw let’s go” 🤣🤣

  • Sam j
    Sam j

    I'm doing this might be my fav card ever. Like holy shit this card is class.

  • Jake Redmond
    Jake Redmond

    I sold neymar for him and it was the correct decision. Reus is cracked

  • Luke Dunn
    Luke Dunn

    Should I do the sbc? Or wait

  • L7HD

    Reus fut bday player review montage on my youtube channel👀

  • Andrew YT
    Andrew YT

    Best intro by far🤣

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee

    Finally found a fifa content creator who’s a mad lad and not a fuckin melt.. 🙏. 🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • Kiran Barnett
    Kiran Barnett

    I swear muller didn’t touch the ball at all in the clips 😂

  • Mehmet Ali Bayrak
    Mehmet Ali Bayrak

    İ do Reus with 81+ sbc

  • Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway

    The days when tots weren't all 99 rated

  • Reflexivity ΛWOKΞN
    Reflexivity ΛWOKΞN

    Ngl im kinda triggered the majority of ppl know him for the fact that some fat lad mistook him for brandt

  • Alexander Dalgliesh
    Alexander Dalgliesh

    Ngl I completed this sbc the second i seen it lmao, hoped it was reus since i deen dortmund

  • BlackPanther

    Is he unplayable at LM?

  • Emiliano Valdez
    Emiliano Valdez

    too bad you dont have Herrman showdown, that RW is crazy OP

  • Luca Marsili
    Luca Marsili

    Niceee e shirt bro

  • Jp tyrannosaurus 29 gaming
    Jp tyrannosaurus 29 gaming

    Hes affordable..........let that sink in ..........ea makes an affordable 5*4*reus...........

  • Robert2K

    Zweback’s card intro song just hits different lmao

  • Bob Fries
    Bob Fries

    Please use IF Gerson Rodrigues in your next video :)

  • Miguel Fernandes
    Miguel Fernandes

    This card is insane

  • Matteo 1306
    Matteo 1306

    Oh that's class 😂

  • Miguel Primo
    Miguel Primo

    reus or nedved?

  • Matt Lloyd
    Matt Lloyd

    Fancy actually doing some 5 star skills moves?

  • Apolloツ


  • Mathew Bailey
    Mathew Bailey

    I still don’t get how to do body feint, only time I do them is when I do a burba spin wrong

  • Eze Asiana
    Eze Asiana

    This review is amazing. I can't stop laughing at "That's class!" hahaha

  • nathan ball
    nathan ball

    What’s the song at 5:04??


    This video is sponsored by Pieface :p

  • Chava Ortiz
    Chava Ortiz

    zwe has the best videos on HRposts

  • Tim Not Toxic
    Tim Not Toxic

    McJell and Zweback make the best Inteos

  • Ammaar Khan
    Ammaar Khan

    Dude these sound effects killing me

  • Forever Chicken
    Forever Chicken

    Hahhzhahanhaba rues

    • Forever Chicken
      Forever Chicken

      It's Reus by the way

    • Forever Chicken
      Forever Chicken

      Ya man

  • Emarus Starkey
    Emarus Starkey

    day 5 of asking zwe for VICTOR WANYAMA

  • Negan

    Should i sell my neymar for him ?

  • Patrick Quinn
    Patrick Quinn

    Pie is the people’s champion

  • Jake Lloyd
    Jake Lloyd

    Fut birthday has officially been dedicated to zweback 😆😆

  • Matip El Matip
    Matip El Matip

    he looks better than fs szoboszlai and potm sancho..

  • Ali Al Mousawi
    Ali Al Mousawi

    I just wanted to say that reus may be better with a hunter. I know engine makes him feel better on the ball but from his stats, i feel like hell already feel good on the ball. So i advise hunter on reus :)

  • Val Smith
    Val Smith

    Is it worth it if I already have FB Shaarawy?

    • Val Smith
      Val Smith

      @karl yeah, I am putting it on hold for now.

    • karl

      @Val Smith hmmm then just keep El so if there's florenzi you can get el-florenzi-sanches

    • Val Smith
      Val Smith

      @karl I was saving up fodder for a good box 2 box, waiting if EA will put out Florence or Sanchez. I will have to sell Mbappe or Ronaldo to get them both and then think about how to fit him course the only green link is Lars Bender and he is on the right side.

    • karl

      @Val Smith well if you can take him for 200k or lower with untradable players then reus is better. If not just keep El

    • Val Smith
      Val Smith

      @karl but is he 500k + better? Shaarawy has 99 agility, otherwise Reus has better shot and physical stats.

  • Adrian Steiner
    Adrian Steiner

    Grifo is actually an absolutely fenomenal card, hee's litteraly got better stats then Richarlison and Last time I checked he was like 40k

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Baal Zebul
    Baal Zebul

    Didn't realize how annoying Pie's voice is, till now.

  • Jasper

    surely do sane

  • Matthew Owen
    Matthew Owen

    You get 3 sets of rewards while he’s out

  • Ruslan Lev
    Ruslan Lev

    Will he good with 7 chem?

  • Nafias Ahmed
    Nafias Ahmed

    Noone: every 2 secs in this video: ThAt'S cLaSs!!

  • Qwla

    I crafted him with 81+ packs, so glad I saved my fodder.

  • Omar Hassan
    Omar Hassan

    Why would I do the “German neymar” for 600k when I can get neymar for 250k

  • Daniel Wolf
    Daniel Wolf

    Original Song name of the Intro?

  • Høgni Skoradal
    Høgni Skoradal

    please do samba players next

  • Capron

    someone has to tell him that even the names of juventus and inter cannot be on the same person

  • Nhat Nguyen
    Nhat Nguyen

    That intro is cracked

  • rascql

    no one: Zweback: body faint body faint body faint body faint body faint body faint body faint body faint body faint body faint body faint body faint

  • rascql

    German neymar my a**

  • DeMarcus Batista
    DeMarcus Batista

    I am currently using neymar as my striker do you think Reus could do the same job?

  • WadeyGamerHD

    Anyone not even struggling for fodder for these players or am I just a hoarder?

  • Sports Fervour
    Sports Fervour

    Marco right choice "

  • TrustInLucifer

    Him or what if Grifo as CAM?

  • CodeNameKev

    putting my untradable messi in for this bad boy

  • Bape X Soldier
    Bape X Soldier

    I wish this card was at a fair price I been waiting for him just to not be able to get him🤧

    • Piers Gough
      Piers Gough

      Course he is a fair price if he was on the market he’d be 1 mil +

  • Ben Kelly
    Ben Kelly

    what's happening with winter upgrades

  • Pinhead

    Hearing “THATS CLASS” with that beat in the background had me bopping some type of way

  • Agentutd

    Marco the man Reus!

  • Callum Stoddart
    Callum Stoddart

    If anyone see's this comment who do u reckon is the best CENTRE BACK in the game. I'm going with Sol Campbell

  • Aleks Stoimi
    Aleks Stoimi

    Letss go Macedonia!! 🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰 Gg Zwe but im so proud of my countryy

  • nebula

    Lads Ozil on 10 chem or Reus on 7 chem? I have neymar on the bench lmao

  • Paulo Henrique
    Paulo Henrique

    the first video i watched on this channel is a ST Reus epi because I wanted to know if it worked

  • The N3bUlus
    The N3bUlus

    “that’s class!”

  • Raul Urenda
    Raul Urenda

    Youre overusing this intro dude.... I get it it’s cool and good but you can’t just do it to every player.

  • Brendemos

    Pie's laugh every 30 seconds is the best thing ever

  • Rayzzeerr Fire
    Rayzzeerr Fire

    Zweback carrying fifa content creator right now

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams

    Aye I got that same jersey mate but it’s a Dybala

  • Mootje 7
    Mootje 7

    That’s class

  • Warren Williams
    Warren Williams

    The pie sound fx kill me. 🤣


    Reus or overmars icon?? Plis

  • Bear Grylls
    Bear Grylls

    Sacrificed 100k, that moments Giroud, untradable 93 IF Benzema and Storyline Sessegnon, but just had to do him.

  • F3xEr

    So many germans. Zwe must be happy

  • Bobbyy

    looks sick going to do him

  • Udit Kapoor
    Udit Kapoor

    Well the intro is .. aheheh CLASS!

  • Michael Fellner
    Michael Fellner

    9:36 seeing this attack makes me wanna cry. you outplay his Kante and he still doesnt care to switch to another player .. thing is tho the game doesnt even punish it enough because the gameplay is so slow and shit. THIS is a situation thats a perfect example how EA lowered the skillgap and why this game is so much easier for bad players this year .. and on attacks it can be enough to spam throughballs bridge moves, disgusting.

  • S H A H M
    S H A H M

    Class recognize class 💛🐝

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor

    I lost it when the Pie chuckle kept playing

  • ata tan Aydemir
    ata tan Aydemir

    German neymar more expensive than the actual one 🤷‍♀️

  • Jeremy Stones
    Jeremy Stones

    Auto blocking 21, it’s in the game

  • Alberto Palma
    Alberto Palma


  • Mäxder Däxder
    Mäxder Däxder

    Legendary shit right here

  • Yousif Toma
    Yousif Toma

    If I hear that’s class one more time i might lose it

  • bharrisn

    Gotta learn some 5* skills

  • Tim T
    Tim T

    Him or roonie

  • Adam Whittaker
    Adam Whittaker

    You think someone at EA is a Germany fan? Christ.

  • Constantin Constantin
    Constantin Constantin

    You are good at what u do bro,God bless u and ur viewers !! 🙏

  • ImThatGuy

    Patiently waiting for fut birthday r.sanches

  • Diego Ulloa
    Diego Ulloa

    Zwe talks trash when people run low depth he runs 2 depth😂😂

  • roaches23

    Germany lost lol

  • bruza888

    I’m contemplating dropping neyney for this beauty along side polski what do we think?

  • Becksdown

    I waited for this exact sbc.

  • Callum Wilson
    Callum Wilson

    Y are EA still giving the same players special cards over every single fifa smh

    • whpdy

      The point of this promo is good cards from previous FIFA’s....