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  • Daniel Hmfc
    Daniel Hmfc

    Cant wait to pack the Brazilian nakata 😒😒

  • José Luis MV98
    José Luis MV98

    Don't EVER prove Gattuso, the worst card i've use this fifa BY FAR

  • Dalton Kaz
    Dalton Kaz

    London is red?

  • Frag einfach nicht gova
    Frag einfach nicht gova

    Love the fact u played ufo361 in 13:05💀💀

  • Death Road
    Death Road

    Guaranteed prime shit should be the title of the video

  • Dániel Farkas
    Dániel Farkas

    "Wait that's Hungary" :D :D :D Zwe is the GOAT!

  • Šerif Lelić
    Šerif Lelić

    London is red?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea! 💙💪

  • manolist190

    its malakiaa

  • vincevangoat1

    That Ufo361 ich bin ein Berliner😂

  • Josh Dunn
    Josh Dunn

    I got Dalglish from my prime, done an icon roulette and first spin was Scotland never been so relieved

  • Moisés Mastique
    Moisés Mastique

    Packed Vieira 😳

  • Barry Jones
    Barry Jones

    Shevchenko from a prime pack . Which tbh is unusable. Sad as he was 1 of the great strikers I watched growing up .

  • Harrison Lloyd
    Harrison Lloyd

    did the mid or prime used my whole club took the risk and got prime zidane

  • Andrew Curivan
    Andrew Curivan

    I'd take that Drogba anyday! If you ever had the chance, i'd love any feedback on my second ever play review of Javier Pastore Thanks again for all the awesome content over the years

  • Nils

    Hahahaha als ich bin ein Berliner kam, konnte ich nicht mehr 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Adrian Ry
    Adrian Ry

    This is Puskas or Stoichkov? :D m8 Puskas is from Hungary, Stoichkov from Bulgaria

  • Spicy. cry
    Spicy. cry

    0:22 der dude hört einfach Ufo361 WINGS

  • Jorge ortiz2922
    Jorge ortiz2922

    I got Prime Rijkaard in this pack but Busquets is one of my favourite players should i do Busquets???

  • Aljneibi joker
    Aljneibi joker

    London is blue💙

  • richard binns
    richard binns

    Videos are always entertaining Zwe keep up the good part time work 😂

  • mneilan123456

    He could have packed an icon worth 10m+

  • Greg B
    Greg B

    Can I sell it? Is it tradeable?

  • Loukianós Panteleou
    Loukianós Panteleou

    I got Riquelme out of prime icon pack :/

  • Lewis Andrew
    Lewis Andrew

    The biggest L possible, Inzaghi from the prime 💀

  • Mozzquito_

    I got shevchenko

  • Platzangst

    why can zwe speek german so well lmao

  • Msavv

    Prime pirlo comes like a silver card 😂😂😂

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    Your playlist for this video is a jammer

  • aguero sanches
    aguero sanches

    i did the prime icon and got puskas, i am so happy

  • Groove fps
    Groove fps

    I only watch this because it came up on my feed I’ve stopped playing and I won’t continue to support EA ever again. If you were to buy a car and get ripped off by a car company over and over again pretty sure you wouldn’t buy the car no matter how fun it was to drive.

  • Harvey Rogerson
    Harvey Rogerson

    Zweback listens to Ufo361... I love it

  • swakkeeuh

    es mal a qui

  • alen

    music at 2:52

  • Marcel Müller
    Marcel Müller

    Man I Love it when Zwe talks in german, I gotta give props to him for his very good pronunciation.

  • aron abraha
    aron abraha

    ich dachte immer dass er gut deutsch spricht aber ja😕😭😭

  • dani edwards
    dani edwards

    Do jordan larsson review

  • Phillipp Manske
    Phillipp Manske

    Man, i love your sense of humor. GRÜßE AUS GOOD OLD G.

  • Jackson Martins
    Jackson Martins

    ich bin ein berliner

  • Fabio

    I love when you talk German ❤️ Greetings from Germany🙌

  • Bruh

    Bro, i got fucking shearer

  • Lawton J.B
    Lawton J.B

    Position: “SA” Zwe: South Africa?

  • Amanj barakat
    Amanj barakat

    You German is gut i m German

  • Ahmed Saad
    Ahmed Saad

    That song 9:55 really hits different

  • Jochemm

    I got prime maldini 🤑

  • Marwan Al-Iraqi
    Marwan Al-Iraqi

    I got Eto’o from the prime pack and prime R9 from the mid or prime pack my luck was on fire 🔥 yesterday 😎

  • Taylor W
    Taylor W

    The music gets me more hyped than the pack lmao

  • eZ

    Guys, 12:39 Song name?

  • Kevin Walter Smith
    Kevin Walter Smith

    Always entertaining vids!!!! Keep it up bro. #ZweGOAT

  • David Hetherton
    David Hetherton

    Got prime Georgie best


    man dont know his nations "thats hungary"

    • David L.
      David L.


    • László

      yeah, its slightly triggering tbf

  • Brayden Ruiz
    Brayden Ruiz

    I got prime Pelé

  • Torsten Torstenius
    Torsten Torstenius

    Geh zu dein Zimmer 🤣

  • Der Kanzo
    Der Kanzo


  • VJ Temptation
    VJ Temptation

    When you see cf dutch... And get bergkamp.. 😭

  • Sekiro's Shadow
    Sekiro's Shadow

    I just don't wanna see an Italian flag again.. Ever...

  • Laszlo Papesch
    Laszlo Papesch

    you rarely see zwe messing up with flags but that one happens too often in general

    • László

      nice name 🤝

  • RH1

    I got a duplicate makelele from it

  • Lee_Gebs

    I got overmars 🙁

  • Evan Dipasquale
    Evan Dipasquale

    Yup got hagi..... my icons as a whole have been poor. Baby lahm, prime seedorf, mid Shevchenko and now prime hagi they're not the worst of the worst but absolutely nothing to get excited about or to feel like it was worth wasting fodder on.

  • Sebastian HM
    Sebastian HM

    I got inzaghi

    • Man Manley
      Man Manley


  • ChilledStriker

    gotta love a game where icons of rthe game are considered an L and guys like gomez, mendy are goats lol. but hey, its a videogame lol

  • Krshna

    Could someone tell me the name of the song at 2:50 ?

  • Filipe Marçal
    Filipe Marçal

    I got mid R9 in the mid/prime

  • Fenzah

    Got Prime Ballack, thoughts?

    • Man Manley
      Man Manley


  • schni

    i like that you put "Ich bin ein Berliner - Ufo361" for schweini 😺👍

  • Vaas Montenegro
    Vaas Montenegro

    SA “South Africa”

  • Richard Creba
    Richard Creba

    I got 91 Drogba in mine too . Yeah his work rates are crap and he's not agile at all , but his finishing is just ridiculous .

  • Lasse Jorgensen
    Lasse Jorgensen

    I were Norwegian, and it was a mid or prime- pack

  • Kilian Heckelmiller
    Kilian Heckelmiller

    Used nearly all my fodder and got Owen... wtf is this sh*t

    • Evan Dipasquale
      Evan Dipasquale

      I'd take him over hagi

  • Gáspár Ronaldinho
    Gáspár Ronaldinho

    You have failed me at the stoichkov im hungarian hungarian is red up white mid green down

  • Gregor Bryden
    Gregor Bryden

    Why is Baggio an L? He looks good to me but idk

  • Rees Curran
    Rees Curran

    I got prime Eusebio, and my fiancee said its the happiest shes ever seen me.

    • John Drozdz
      John Drozdz

      Congrats man. My luck has been awful with these all year so it's nice to hear of a good result from one

  • Ben Amaxing
    Ben Amaxing

    whats is the meme in the stevie g saying?

  • Das YouTube
    Das YouTube

    Why you can talk in German so well

  • Zapster_ 04
    Zapster_ 04

    Got prime Ferdinand...big W Was gonna do nedved but chose the prime pack..payed off well

  • Daniel Wadie
    Daniel Wadie

    Just got Eusebio from the Mid or Prime!!

  • Stephen coyne
    Stephen coyne

    Zwe knows his flags is that puskas when it’s Bulgaria

  • Vítor von Groll
    Vítor von Groll

    My Dream card is Gerrard I'm a Liverpool fan

  • Marci 1893
    Marci 1893

    Schweinsteiger FUßBALLGOTT

  • IceG

    Freakin love Dunkin guy

  • IceG

    SA South Africa

  • Efe Cömert
    Efe Cömert

    10.11 de fatih karagümrük arkaplanı var lan

  • Ali Madridista
    Ali Madridista

    I got prime pele 😲😲I cant blve my luck have finally arrived

  • Ferko Baľo
    Ferko Baľo

    3:00 song?

  • Alex Matthews
    Alex Matthews

    11:47 Lool thought this was Keane

  • Benedetto Castellano
    Benedetto Castellano

    I got Pelé mid from mid or prime pack

  • Ruben Oemeloem
    Ruben Oemeloem


  • death bystereo
    death bystereo

    These packs are trash. Just need to do the 89 squad for Messi. Put your fodder and coins into a player you know you are getting

  • Izabel Laczak
    Izabel Laczak

    London is blue

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay


  • Aaron Morales
    Aaron Morales

    I got 91 kaka I was so happy my luck with icons have been terrible n since I sacrificed a 87 dembele n spent about 300k on sbc

  • Gege Gegs
    Gege Gegs

    After I heard London is red I unsubscribed I thought we were friends zwe💔

  • Kaloyan Ivanov
    Kaloyan Ivanov

    2:46 Zwe im Bulgarian and that hurt me a little 😂😂😂

  • Jee Jee
    Jee Jee


  • Circuitkiller69

    Guendouzi still has three matches Zwe. They need three goals in three games

    • Circuitkiller69

      @Sven Baars true! That’s my mistake I thought they only needed 5 all together

    • Sven Baars
      Sven Baars

      Was wondering about this, I thought they still need four goals? 2-1 win against augsburg and 2-0 loss against dortmund right?

  • PC Vind
    PC Vind

    I got fucking Roy keane

  • angel964o

    I am Bulgarian and I really wish I could get Stoichkov, I would go absolutely crazy!

    • Gianluca Tortora
      Gianluca Tortora

      I got his prime in my mid or prime player pic. He is cracked... so good.

  • Jasper Rowell
    Jasper Rowell

    Been a while since we busted out the why do I keep opening these packs song

  • Siddharth Nair
    Siddharth Nair

    Should I do this sbc?I have got fodder for any one big sbc only so should I prefer doing this prime icon upgrade one or wait for something else?

  • Анатолий Медведский
    Анатолий Медведский

    Привет, братан!=)