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  • Oskar Person
    Oskar Person

    I packed adama out of a mega pack haha lets goooo

  • Clap ya hands everybody
    Clap ya hands everybody

    ohhhh when adama man comes the back line shits there pants they’re done. would have been an amazing line in the intro 🤣🤣🤣

  • Richard Wildmark
    Richard Wildmark

  • Carles Llort
    Carles Llort

    Hahaha those DjMariio audios are cracking me up everytime lol

  • Diego Romero
    Diego Romero

    Porque está el dj de fondo?🤣

  • tony hayes
    tony hayes


  • Prettyboyjaime

    5:06 what is that kit? I need it asap

  • Luke Fearnley
    Luke Fearnley

    Got this adama in an 81+ player pick😵

  • rigoberto olmos
    rigoberto olmos

    Love your content but the way you play makes me cringe. You do one too many skill moves in places where you could score by making the simple play.

  • Geo Mejia
    Geo Mejia

    What Division is Zwe in...I swear I’ve never seen anyone play like him in D1....🤔

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    Reject all digital health passports people needing that too live isn`t normal and it will never be normal

  • Joe Skidmore
    Joe Skidmore

    Love the song but adama has a LB not RB card as you said

  • Markus Hagalokken
    Markus Hagalokken

    Is the screen black for u guys?

  • Juan Carlos Piñones
    Juan Carlos Piñones

    wtf que hace dj marito aquí

  • Carvalho

    Whats your câmera settings in game?

  • lukemeier The god
    lukemeier The god

    Will you ever do a zweview on huntelaar

  • Isotoptic- Waist
    Isotoptic- Waist

    Traore is great

  • Danny Escobar
    Danny Escobar


  • Doni Wirman
    Doni Wirman

    I just come to see your intro 😂

  • Wilmot

    Do atal the most meta card in the game

  • Andres Angel
    Andres Angel

    damn man fucking awesome song OMG !!!

  • greyscale dub
    greyscale dub

    This channel is gay

  • Ashley Talbot
    Ashley Talbot

    Zwe you should do a FUT Bday Hwang Hee Chan epi, I wanna know how his card plays please

  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob Williams

    Got him from the 81 plus player pic

  • Christian Ellenburg
    Christian Ellenburg

    Zwe- this is the best striker I've used all year Adam Armstrong- am I joke to you?

  • Ákos Hajdu
    Ákos Hajdu

    0:30 what is the name of this audio?

  • ozzicho

    Who the fuck is Amre Can?

  • eduardo espino
    eduardo espino

    Do a modrich episode

  • Haval Kurdistan uk
    Haval Kurdistan uk

    Hello guys, I sometimes face opponents in fifa 21 ultimate team who have all his players super fast, super strong and untouchable !! Are they Hackers?? This is unfair it makes me so angry. I'm very good at the game but thinking of giving up the game forever.

  • TheDacman88

    I honestly feel bad for you fifa HRpostsrs. It's almost as if ea payed you all money to make the same videos every week about their lame virtual cards. It's like you're all being held hostage by ea. It's just sad and pathetic, more dead content from a dead game. Congratulations

  • Jaime Rodriguez
    Jaime Rodriguez

    Imagine this card and Jota up top as strikers 🤯🤯🤯

  • Hazard Z
    Hazard Z

    Just give the man 99 pace ffs

  • Emperor Titan
    Emperor Titan

    Emre not Amre

  • Paulo Lopes
    Paulo Lopes

    Adama vs Klaiber Who wins?

  • B

    "Does he have chicken legs" lmaoo zwe funny asf

  • spyshy two
    spyshy two

    I like ur video win the song start

  • Nacho Monreal
    Nacho Monreal

    Nah stop the tunes please

  • ArS_x __
    ArS_x __

    You mean Left back lol

  • Neville Hearn
    Neville Hearn

    Build a squad around inform Mclaren from the A League! Top player

  • ariel

    Fun fact: Adama once said un an interview that he doesnt excercise his muscles and that its all genetic

  • Fraser heath
    Fraser heath

    Song at 11 minutes anyone?? Got to play me some weekend league with that in the background

  • Tom Barnes
    Tom Barnes

    They release daft cards like this but no end of era aguero :(

  • Henry B
    Henry B

    I always have an idea of how the song might go but Zwe always comes up with something so off piste

  • Ferko Baľo
    Ferko Baľo

    Gervinho review pls

  • Helge P.
    Helge P.

    1:19 Christian Günter. Matthias Ginter plays for Gladbach

  • Bbrros Ardsr
    Bbrros Ardsr

    Sorry for my profile pic it just has to be done :D

  • norbi patai
    norbi patai

    He goes straight because he has OIL ON SKIN 😜

  • Štěpán Cikánek
    Štěpán Cikánek

    Adama is my favorite player with Akinfenwa

  • Matías Quesada
    Matías Quesada

    DjMariio all over the place

  • Azalh

    I found my favorite player of team 2 and he's not going to leave my team atal 👌

  • Younes Benali
    Younes Benali

    Stop with that song!!!!!!!

  • justin

    Adama is so 💩

  • AlexMc13x

    It does help that he’s playing absolute bots but he does look decent

  • Harry Griffin
    Harry Griffin

    I just packed him lmao from the 81 x 25

  • YoloBodoh

    Do payet

  • Benjoimine krucktjookavic
    Benjoimine krucktjookavic

    Why is every card 4/4 and 4/4

  • Angel _
    Angel _

    You can say for this card is broken “está carta está rota “

  • Gabriel Sjøblom
    Gabriel Sjøblom

    Best intro ever

  • Jan Nyffenegger
    Jan Nyffenegger

    Make modric please hes cracked at the cam Position

  • Adam Carragher
    Adam Carragher

    can u review fut birthday gervinho

  • joseph sanchez
    joseph sanchez


  • onylra the ambivalent
    onylra the ambivalent

    Bro, you put more effort into shitposting reviews on these shitty promo cards than the FUT team does on its game. I want this shanty as my stadium chant or some shit. LMFAO.

  • AMD Gaming
    AMD Gaming

    4:04 what's the name of the song?

  • VittuMikäTyömaa

    Adama has a rb card is zwe high or something

  • thatguyanonymous

    87 + 12 = 98??

  • Oliver Ellis
    Oliver Ellis

    Has anyone else tried Williams FUT Birthday card? He’s slick as f*ck. Agree or Disagree?

  • Gaming

    in 0:07 Zwe- Adama Rw and Rb Me:- How come adama become a Rb ?

  • Gustavo Zarate
    Gustavo Zarate

    JAJAJAJAA el dj nooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂 love u

  • A2G

    Yo I have 7 tokens should I go for deco or 83*25 and 81*25

    • kai lunt
      kai lunt

      83 imo

  • Ben Bacharach
    Ben Bacharach

    Anyone know what type of shot was 4:45

  • Eric Fast
    Eric Fast

    Best striker?? Really just shows what fifa 21 is lol. just glitching through players and the ball popping to you.. just not sure how that’s fun!? Lmao. Maybe it’s just me. 4/5 value is sus too. ;) Love the vid though zwe!

    • kai lunt
      kai lunt

      @Eric Fast yeah it seems like every brought futbirthday are op and most sbcs are terrible in game as well 🙄

    • Eric Fast
      Eric Fast

      @kai lunt agree.. :( just wish we could get a semi realistic ultimate team!

    • kai lunt
      kai lunt

      @Eric Fast the last 3 have been terrible, this one slightly better than the last 2

    • Eric Fast
      Eric Fast

      But “strength” isn’t measured by how the ball just keeps popping back to you. I get if he’s impossible to move/press on the ball, I get that, but that’s not what this is. It’s just sad watching this video in that sense. I just think this card highlights why this fifa is one of the worst ones IMO.

    • kai lunt
      kai lunt

      @Eric Fast him being One of the best strikers , also if your stronger irl it is harder to tackle you

  • Trenton Vogel
    Trenton Vogel

    DONT USE THE LORD’S NAME IN VEIN-BE chaste- no bad jokes

  • Alejo Tonero
    Alejo Tonero

    bruh im dead rn 💀

  • Danny dyer
    Danny dyer

    Ffs this card is cracked already, give him 4star weak foot as well, this promo would of been good if they gave a upgrade to either wf or sm not both thats just broke

  • Dario Ferrari
    Dario Ferrari

    Este carte es rompe is the most important part of this video

  • Afiq Azri
    Afiq Azri

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    • Charizard

      Dm you won

  • james dave
    james dave

    Please do a potm benzema review next 🙃


    God the sweat fifa players are creaming there jocks right now

  • Emmanuel Strasser
    Emmanuel Strasser

    The boys I’m the restroom during lunch: “OH WHEN ADAMA MAN COMES”

  • KingLoui14

    So why does zwe never do any 5* skills on cards with 5* skills only step overs and mcgeady spins ?

  • Connor Reilly
    Connor Reilly

    If another f8tal comes... you know what you have to do 🔥

  • Weaselwez

    You should do a full squad with all the fut birthday german cards

  • Barry Morgan
    Barry Morgan

    I can confirm he is unplayable. Came up gainst this card on a 12 match winning streak which ended abruptly

  • dog

    not füčking AMRE its EMRE.

  • DeAtHaToMiC

    I got adama in a player pick today, in the first 5 games I wouldn't even say that he's not even as good as normal Ben yedder. No joke, guy feels like a fraud.

  • Mungulaa

    before i clicked on the video i was already trying to picture how he was gonna make a song for adama

  • Kaptein Sabelbolle
    Kaptein Sabelbolle

    He still has not done an episode on Jovic :(

  • Ariel Bautista
    Ariel Bautista

    1) song is funny af lol 2) this fut birthday Traore / Williams attacking combo has got to be one of the funnest combos in game at the moment 3) amazing video man, like always!

  • J Reynolds
    J Reynolds

    ‘Best striker in the game’ Zwe: 4.5/5

  • Jérémie Guay
    Jérémie Guay

    Imagine Adama saying to you "GIVE ME THE FUC*ING BALL!!". I would shit in my pants fam

  • Gold fish Fishman
    Gold fish Fishman

    "There are a few cards in fifa that are just unstoppable" Varane and pope: Chupapimunyanyoo

  • Alvaro Francia Borrero
    Alvaro Francia Borrero

    zwe its la carta está rota

  • Rouel Jeremy
    Rouel Jeremy

    Should I get Adama or Mendy guy birthday?

    • kai lunt
      kai lunt

      Adama, mendys a lb and not fun to use

  • Martin Perez
    Martin Perez

    Overrated card

  • Will Sommers
    Will Sommers

    Him or prime Butra?

  • SamDontPlay

    5:16 GOTEM... -_- LOL

  • Aaron Dempsey
    Aaron Dempsey

    Does he upload his rtg

  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray

    Zwe? Are you not doing an RTG in FIFA 21? Can't seem to find anything on youtube.

    • Ryan Talbot
      Ryan Talbot

      I think it’s just on twitch

  • Alexander Roth
    Alexander Roth

    Please review payet, i think of doing him

  • max Mullendorff
    max Mullendorff

    i dont want to sound like a hater but the song each time is getting reallllyyyy anoying. still love the vids and u tho