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  • Gunner For life
    Gunner For life

    omg these intros r so sick i love them keep it up bro much love

  • daahk maahk
    daahk maahk

    I subbed for the opening alone

  • tonylivlawrence


  • Juli 97
    Juli 97

    I have diatta but I don’t have a French team at all that’s why I didn’t do Renato my team is palacio Fut birthday upfront and Messi POTM LAM Dybala moments CAM and Ronaldo RAM renato doesn’t fit my team at all

  • Husein Husein
    Husein Husein

    Do you think it's worth it to replace Curtis with him?

  • Kabishen Thuraisingam
    Kabishen Thuraisingam

    That intro deserves a big like

  • Dhan Widell
    Dhan Widell

    I did him for 20 k

  • Claudio Palhares
    Claudio Palhares


  • Dimple I
    Dimple I

    Him or Vidal?

  • Vrolijke Frans
    Vrolijke Frans

    change bender with boateng for chemistry

  • joshua ferreira
    joshua ferreira

    Is it me or he gives every player a 4 for on the pitch and in game performance

  • Viiki8

    Renat change of getting through that


    Thumbnail has rudd

  • NotYourAveragePortuguese

    Just recommended this vid to a friend to try to help him determine whether he should do the sbc or not

  • Stephen Dela Cruz
    Stephen Dela Cruz


  • Hugo Eliasson
    Hugo Eliasson

    Change boateng and bender for full Kem....

  • MyManMax Skrrr
    MyManMax Skrrr

    He should de called Sullit

  • Sebastian 123
    Sebastian 123

    I play 4-4-2 , should i play him offensivly or defensivly ?

  • Frederik Kristensen
    Frederik Kristensen

    Bundesliga have a boks to boks goreka

  • Niklas Blomberg
    Niklas Blomberg

    He plays only div 5?

  • Ethan Pillay
    Ethan Pillay

    vidal and sanches in the midfield ,hopefully the gameplay is decent


      Aren't they roo attacking? Lol only one should do

  • Grotesque

    Bro, let me tell you your reviews are something else! Keep up the intro skits! :D

  • علي الخثعمي
    علي الخثعمي

    احلى شي انه انخفض سعر ريناتو84صار300الف بس!

  • Hammer FD
    Hammer FD

    This vid makes me want to do him to play alongside Vidal, but I already have Tonali and Guendouzi too... And I need about 600k because I’m broke.

  • Sean C
    Sean C

    6:53 man a nigga like me would’ve never have put that in the video 😭😭😭

  • Creasor24

    Hahah Jonathan David is brokenly good, from my experience!

  • Jskink

    Fraud so easy to pass

  • Louis Wallis
    Louis Wallis

    Worth playing him on 8 chem?

  • Pedro Valente
    Pedro Valente

    Your saying the name wrong meu amigo. Love the content. Renato Sanchez is my favourite player in the game by far.

  • Giorgos Protopapadakis
    Giorgos Protopapadakis

    Renato is sickkkk

  • Ragee TM
    Ragee TM

    Him or Vidal? Cm stay back while attacking in 442

  • Bill Goveia
    Bill Goveia

    Me with Vidal and renato

  • TheGameMaster YT
    TheGameMaster YT

    No hate but do you use a second account for these vids bc you´re a good player if you can hit elite but you´re div 5? No hate bc you´re a really really good HRpostsr

  • Vector Komo
    Vector Komo

    Vidal better

  • Nick Esser
    Nick Esser

    This is the beste intro nice men 💪🏻❤️

  • Zach Besaw
    Zach Besaw

    Payet has 17 goals and 12 assists in 17 games for me you’ve gotta give him a go

  • adnan zgzoog
    adnan zgzoog

    😂😂😂fire song

  • adnan zgzoog
    adnan zgzoog

    What’s the name of the song ?? Pllz

  • On3MOr3

    Zwe, could you pls do a Emre Can review ? Hilarious intros 😂 great video editing !

  • Igor Garbarčik
    Igor Garbarčik

    It is not Sanch! In portuguese it is normally Sanches, just in the song you have used he is saying Sanch bechause its in French!

  • Rian Shah
    Rian Shah

    him or vidal help

  • Conor Keddie
    Conor Keddie

    Man said ranato sanch

  • Ken Ross
    Ken Ross

    No way your division 5

  • Melya 01
    Melya 01

    Renato or Vidal? I need box to box

    • Aboubakr Nashy
      Aboubakr Nashy


  • Leandro Outeiro Santos
    Leandro Outeiro Santos

    you have to pronounce the last S Renato SancheS

  • Alex Cunha
    Alex Cunha

    its actually pronounced San-shes

  • GBS 30
    GBS 30

    Sanches or Vidal?

  • Raul Urenda
    Raul Urenda

    This intro again smh ....

  • GasKar

    can you do Payet 89 fut birthday sbc

  • Kalle

    please change that disgusting kit

  • unknown

    Guys should i do renato or reus??

  • Tung Lap Tony Li
    Tung Lap Tony Li

    Is the POTM Benzema worth doing (with untradable fodders)? Can I put him in CAM?

  • andredavid89

    Zwe, you be saying Renato SANCH instead of Sanches hahaha Portugal is a small country and most portuguese you find online is from Brazil, who have a diferent accent. But what you are saying is right nowere haha. Just say it like SANSHUSH, like as if youe were to shush someone, so SAN_shush... I know it seems wierd, but it is the closest you can get to the right pronounciation without knowing much portuguese. Just keep in mind that the U in shush should sound a bit like an E. Hope it helps.

  • ArrudaWakeniing

    You said it right


    Does anyone know why that bamba at LAM doesn’t play his position?

  • Sek Tv
    Sek Tv

    Where can I get fifa coins where I won’t get scammed nor banned

  • Arash Gholami
    Arash Gholami

    It’s fun video but you just can’t review a player in Div 5

  • TheRealDomi774

    Good old Rudd

  • Miguel Fernandes
    Miguel Fernandes

    I'm portuguese , and Sanches isn't spelled like that .You should shay more like : Renato SanchES

  • extra Pepsi
    extra Pepsi

    Song name?

  • Stu Ord
    Stu Ord

    Remember when zwe use to make a different intro every episode now he just recycles the same one over and over.

  • lansuman4

    Bro... these shanties are fucking annoying

  • Ufuk Erzik
    Ufuk Erzik

    Koksal baba account... Turk

  • Owen Roper74
    Owen Roper74

    Another great video, sorry to sound off topic but what’s that black kit he’s using in game ? 🔥


    Balance is the ultimate OP stat this year

    • S I
      S I

      And agility

  • Syauqi Rashad
    Syauqi Rashad

    Why did no one from the stream tell him to switch boateng and bender

  • Fabrizio Cristaudo
    Fabrizio Cristaudo

    swap the two cbs🥺

  • Alexander Ritter
    Alexander Ritter

    Should I play Sanches Fut Birthday or Vidal Fut Birthday as a more defensive ZDM next to Bruno Fernandes POTM 92?

    • Porcupine

      If u rely on skill go for Vidal, if you're trying to get a box to box player go for renato.

    • Larbi Riani
      Larbi Riani

      Sanches next to bruno potm 92 I also did choose sanches and he is much beter than vidal

  • Jack Baverstock
    Jack Baverstock

    Do Gervinho please I need to know if he’s worth it

    • Felix Nibber
      Felix Nibber

      I have him, he’s amazing with the only flaw being his weak foot but he’s really good at shooting, passing, incredibly fast too. Unless you already have a serie a lw or broke, o recommend doing him bro 🤙

  • Russischer Obstverkäufer
    Russischer Obstverkäufer

    I have Bruno Fernandes Toty untrade and Essien Baby and imma going to do this sbc

  • L

    Typo in the Thumbnail

  • Mac Milne
    Mac Milne

    I don’t think he looks that good I got his Europa from sbc and did not like it

  • ThaRealPingu

    Which chem is best on him?

  • Magic Mike
    Magic Mike

    Who is better Vidal or Renato

  • Ali Haydar Savaşcı
    Ali Haydar Savaşcı

    Ruunato Gullches

  • MrButteryass

    Which of those as box to box mid? vidal paulinho sanches thanks.

  • André Araújo
    André Araújo

    PORTUGAL CARALHO O Deus Ric está orgulhoso a olhar por nós 🙌

  • Magic Mike
    Magic Mike

    I'm finna do him!

  • Oliver Gräfe
    Oliver Gräfe

    Bundesliga got kimmich + hunter

  • TiMAX

    Should I do him or play my untradable fut birthday Paulinho

  • matthew speight
    matthew speight

    Can you review kent please

  • George E.
    George E.

    Guys... Him, Arturo and a CDM like Kanté or Makélélé. 4-3-3. Trust me.

  • Carlos MORRISON
    Carlos MORRISON

    Cost me 17.5k

  • olamide jaquin
    olamide jaquin

    Please please please please please, bro I haven't use fifa point since I've been playing fifa Help me out please, just for one's

  • BartHeZzZG

    Hi5 ! :) i have Vieira 91 prime, best partner for french player ? Vidal or Renato ? :)

  • oscar salazar
    oscar salazar

    The materialistic passenger adversely own because baker mathematically waste including a instinctive odometer. violet, delirious rayon

  • Steven Nguyen
    Steven Nguyen

    when is Diatta getting an upgrade?

  • Cliffinho

    You may see me ask this questions on a few channels, but I genuinely want to know the answers. We are in April, so why do people still play toxic. I don't have to explain what that means; you guys know all of the ways of that. For example, we have a whole promo and yet all I'm coming across are just the basic overpowered meta cards, toty, or 8 prime moments in a lineup. I have the coins to do the same thing BUT ITS NOT FUN. Does anyone not take interest in fun promos or sentimental value. I can't even have fun because people sweat so much for no reason. BELIEVE IT OR NOT ITS POSSIBLE TO GO 30-0 WITH A FUN TEAM. I've done it more than once, so can you guys. Sorry for the paragraph. This was just for the boring gamers. Go ahead and say I've seen you post this multiple times. I truly don't care. :)

  • Jeezs

    If Zwebae doesn’t watch the stream she’s a fraud!

  • Mike sports
    Mike sports

    No-one Literally not a single person on earth THE commentator when the opponent is in his half. Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll

  • Danny Escobar
    Danny Escobar

    And you’re approving messages?

  • Jr10

    Him and Vidal at cdm😍

    • MVR III
      MVR III

      do cm, otherwise you’ll miss what you payed for

  • TN10

    I score the nastiest outside the box goals with cruyff and he doesn’t even have a finesse shot trait I don’t think it matters as much in the fifa unless the players shooting is below like an 85

  • Nawaf Alkhalifah
    Nawaf Alkhalifah

    I just watch the videos for the intro lmao

  • Jesus Yerena
    Jesus Yerena

    I don't speak Portuguese, but I was watching Portugal play the other day and it was Portuguese commentators. Let me tell you, when they said Renato Sanches' name it sounded NOTHING how like Zwe says it hahahaha also Renato is pronounced differently too, something like H-enato.

    • ZYMPH0

      I think zwe was making a joke on how commentators call bruno fernandes bruno fernansh

  • Joe Lloyd
    Joe Lloyd

    Saan - che- ez

  • Bradley Hickman
    Bradley Hickman

    How oils you go about grinding sbc plasters if you have no fodder?

    • Bradley Hickman
      Bradley Hickman

      @nffc Henry there was no 82-88 this time unfortunately

    • nffc Henry
      nffc Henry

      Upgrade sbc’s. 82-88, player pick upgrades

  • Matip El Matip
    Matip El Matip

    Traits are myth.. u can score finesses without finesse trait.. u can score flair shots without flair trait..

  • andro prabowo
    andro prabowo

    I need your music intro in the next elder scrolls game lol #bardfootball

  • Bernie Udeogu
    Bernie Udeogu

    Did him with my club

renato or vidal?
99 tis.
236 tis.