My thoughts on the EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE!
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  • The Truth
    The Truth

    Society should have opened long ago Covid has an IFR of 0.15% The age group primarily affected is 70+ In age with multiple underlying health conditions People need to stop letting the government tell them how and when they can live there life. Stop accepting being treated a child by government and big business live your life. Life is meant to be lived, what we`ve had from 2020 has purely been us existing and not living


    2 months later

  • IceG

    I don't see nothing wrong with the ESL they just need to add competitive edge with relegation and promotion

  • TheBenole

    So on the legality of banning players from national competition. Even if governing bodies dont have the legal power to outright players in the super league, national team managers still make the final decision on who gets called up for the team. So in theory, if they all agreed to, they could just not call up anyone involved the super league. That would be 100% legal.

  • Shaun Bonsu
    Shaun Bonsu


  • Anthony

    This ain’t fifa say juventus 😂

  • Astro Nut
    Astro Nut

    A 20 lempira note in Honduras is same as that 5 pounds

  • Pigelin 95
    Pigelin 95

    Im proud to be a Bayern fan


    I’m happy PSG didn’t get involved in this BS "Le Parc est à nous" ("The Parc is ours") 💪💪💪 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇫🇷🇫🇷 thank you Germany and France

    • Christian Thymann
      Christian Thymann

      That's because those sheikh's can't take anymore criticism right now if they want good sponsors. With the outcry of the 6.500 deaths of workers building for the Qatar World Cup, they'll want to lay low. But surely PSG will come around and join when the time is right. That's the way I see it and I am (was?) a Chelsea fan.

  • Matthew Launchbury
    Matthew Launchbury



    My man has a fiver ayyyy 🔥🔥

  • Adam Commer
    Adam Commer

    European Super league AKA European pooper league

  • Leo Fersztenberg Lev
    Leo Fersztenberg Lev

    I don’t get why everyone wants money I’ve never seen a bag of money score a goal

  • Smdalldisrespect


  • lechper

    These events are disgrace for football and the sport.BUT, come on guys , why we are defending those corrupt organizations uefa and fifa? They should be non-profit, but are they? Every club should have the right to do whatever they want based on their fan desires. FIFA wants to ban the players for playing in the world cup!?WHAT?That is true form monopole, isn't it ?We have to stand against monopole, everyone has to have free will to do whatever they want!

  • chuck Meister
    chuck Meister

    This is random but I didn't really like that jersey when it came out saw zwe rocking it and was like wow it's actually nice i got it and is one of my favorite

  • Akkar_Unbekannt

    So far, I don’t get the backlash. All arguments have no weight. People are arguing by saying they don’t like it, rich are greedy, and little clubs will suffer. Wtf are these arguments. This is the equivalent to the arguments in US politics. I’m not sure if UEFA can afford and legally can kick out the teams. They just don’t want competition. It is like Amazon saying that EBay users can’t sell their products on Amazon. Perez is right, financially the big clubs need the money to pay the debts. You think banks will forgive the loans after the Coronavirus.

  • Ufuk Erzik
    Ufuk Erzik

    Super League's name rights are at the Turkish Super League. Come on cuh

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay

    Whose idea was that and why did they agree to him? What the hell dude, I am sorry, but thats sum bs

  • A M
    A M

    i use to like your videos but talking like that with the amount of viewers you have... its completely irresponsable. If they dont do this, there will not be more football for ANY CLUB

  • julian wld
    julian wld

    Good to see germany on the good side for ones 🤩

  • NavShay

    It feels like the football elites hired EA to mess up something that was good already

  • Alex Zets
    Alex Zets

    So selfish

  • John Fitsch
    John Fitsch

    People forget: It's not the European Super League. It's the Super League. Meaning there will be teams from China the Middle East, India, Russia, and the US. This will be a global league with unprecedented TV revenues and player pay. Money talks, and that's just how it is.

  • Mitchell Roy
    Mitchell Roy

    Good vid Zwe

  • Henessey 44
    Henessey 44

    Super League El Clasico incoming - Juve vs Barca

  • selwus

    I like it. They want Nba style competition in Europe. Duck uefa. Forza Inter

  • Alex Holmes
    Alex Holmes

    Trying to Americanise everything, this isn't a sport from a participation trophy nation.

  • JF29

    Make no mistake this isn't Liverpool football club; this is American businessman trying to make more money for their own gain. Sadly, and the ironic thing is, they are just the worst of a bad bunch - Fifa and UEFA would do exactly the same, the only difference is they have history on their side as people forget what football was like before the 1990s

  • Calbreezy The top don
    Calbreezy The top don

    Zwe can we get a video just of your intros please

  • Veezuppp

    if this league was played every 4 years like the world cup, it could actually be quite decent. but every year?.. it’ll get stale after the first year

  • Eren Akşit
    Eren Akşit

    if no one watches the european super league, they can't make money. simple as that.

  • Kenny Mac
    Kenny Mac

    Then the Super league partners will shove some money across the table to the UEFA delegates, problem solved! Same as city did, when they were supposed to be dropped from the CL last season...

  • IamIbra

    More such videos, like Transfer rumors etc. please ❤️🔥

  • Håvard A
    Håvard A

    You can say whatever you want about the German teams being "on the good side" of the football war, but the fact is that if the German football federation hadn't forced them to be fan-owned (same with Porto) they would 100% have joined. It's sad for the fans but do not let UEFA come out as the good guys. They have neglected player welfare, racism and human rights for far too long. Let UEFA (along with FIFA and IOC) burn to the ground!

  • Kevin Ferreira
    Kevin Ferreira

    The UEFA are not bluffing . They can take this clubs an players out . Because this is there competition . If the Fifa stands behind them .


    Am I the only one who thinks we should have more of “zwe news”

  • Måns Mörne
    Måns Mörne

    Fotballs fans all over the world need to get together and not watch that league and not support theese clubs

  • vintagegamer889

    If it goes through there's no way the block them from competing in the Euros and the World Cup. The players that play for these teams are the same players generating viewership for the World Cup and the Euros. I think the best result is if they can come to a better agreement, i.e. replace the champions and Europa league with leagues with proper relegation and promotion systems. If it's truly about getting more games against higher class opponents this feels like it would be the only compromise. That being said it should be built out of current spots this season OR point totals over the last 5 years.

    • vintagegamer889

      Which would essentially mean that clubs who have played half-assed for the last 5 years -- despite their reputation -- won't get all this free cash.

  • Tancrède Audier
    Tancrède Audier

    Uefa can't actually prevent players to play. They cannot prevent competition to be created. But FIFA can do it. They have that power. Now it's juts a game of influence between all the actors

  • TekoBeat

    cmon guys we are all acting like football started to be a business 2 days ago, i know that everything is so strange but we can not say the UEFA is the good part of this, 15 years of corruption and now its like everything is been forgiven to them, just stop to say all the clubs are guilty, Uefa is good, ecc..

  • Bradfrey Kasang
    Bradfrey Kasang

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic : "I will play for Sweden. I just came back to my national team last month and someone in Madrid who has never played football in his life, wants to see me and other Footballers out of Euros and World Cup, it's insane. It's do or die. I will play for my Country. I can find another club if it continues like this. There is Malmo in Sweden for me. There is sporting Lisbon in Portugal for Cristiano and there is River plate in Argentina for Lionel Messi, these Players should be in international football, I know they're thinking exactly what am thinking although they haven't come out yet, once they come out you will see that Footballers are powerful than owners. Playing for sporting Lisbon, River plate and Malmo won't stop our qualities, but it will save football from this disaster "

  • Alexandru Ionascu
    Alexandru Ionascu

    A world full oh hypocrites. PSG and Bayern didn't join this because they have other existing contracts / connections with the streaming competitors. They will be invited every edition in this league but they can't say this publicly.

  • Alexandru Ionascu
    Alexandru Ionascu

    You don't need to be a philosopher to realise there aren't enough money in the UCL, especially when UEFA's cut is 70%. Nobody talks about the giant UEFA fees, nobody talks about the huge corruption going on. I love UCL but can't deny that UEFA is the most corrupt organisation ever. It is going to be chaotic at first but in a few years it may be an evolution for the football.

  • Vinh Pham
    Vinh Pham

    Imma supporter of ESL , 'cuz Uefa was operated by brunch of corrupt people . They want them play 4 more game but less money . Did they thought about the injury,statima effect the player and the club? . That 's KARMAR

  • Azalh

    60-70% of the income of a club is TV rights share... A boycott is the only way to protest against the Superleague.

  • ricky zalloua
    ricky zalloua

    Zwe is usually a comedian and you can tell he is serious in this video and sincere. We all agree this is not the way football must go forward and even if it doesn’t go through there will be a stain left on the owners of these teams who originally agreed to the super league

  • FloomingGonzo

    This is the day when Football turned into Soccer

  • Warazi Jr
    Warazi Jr

    Super league is here to safe football

    • Laurens Kooijman
      Laurens Kooijman


  • Tim Not Toxic
    Tim Not Toxic

    Name every stream #notosuperleague Spread this comment

  • Abraham Islas
    Abraham Islas

    FIFA has been a monopoly for so long. What have they done for the small or medium clubs?. Even the big clubs they only see part of the profits/benefits. On the champions league and domestic leagues, it’s always the big teams winning. I think it will be competitive for everyone, small and mid teams will have a fair chance to compete with each other and the big teams will compete at a big level. I think what the super league wants it’s to change who controls football. why FIFA and UEFA should control everything. As far as the World Cup and national teams, the clubs hate loaning the players, even as a player they don’t like playing too many games and earn less money . I know not everything it’s about money but at the end of the day , football has become a business. I still think the small and mid teams can be competitive with each other and eventually the super league will make them join and FIFA will tank.

  • Ilya Sinai
    Ilya Sinai

    Bro u will see when its all get clear bayren,durdmund and psg will join as well. For now they are saying thet don't a part of it because they are don't want to be criticized but whem every nody will calm down they will join the super liuge

  • [B]Parth Singh Jhala
    [B]Parth Singh Jhala

    I think all bigs are black mailing UEFA to increase money reward.

  • Joshua Casbolt
    Joshua Casbolt

    The thought of JLingz being the best player in the England squad genuinely scares me

  • Jerko cuyt
    Jerko cuyt

    I love de Bundesliga iven mor now

  • Bashar Nooh
    Bashar Nooh

    Fans are mad but they don't know that debts of these club because of UEFA, yes it's because of money .. UCL doesn't give much and all of these clubs are in DEBT .. I just wish this Super league is open next season for other clubs to join Yes Zwe it 5 comps should be enough but it isn't salaries and deals are over 150m and over 15m per player it's ridiculous The pandemic just accelerated it, it was already bound to happen Yes I love the UCL but it generates no profit for clubs Yes all struggling but they don't have to pay astronomical salaries and FFP choke them. It's desperation not greed New UCL format is shite tbh , more nonsense games and make players play more games for nothing. The UEFA have put themselves in this position by stalling since forever .. no surprise this pops up a couple years after a club buying a 222m and 180m players without FFP restrictions .. kinda sus huh?

  • XxTheSinkXX

    Fuck money It destroys all

  • Denis Rodin
    Denis Rodin


  • Zemo

    Class vid Zwe, I feel you explain it very well. Shame what’s happening in the game

  • Chris Casserley
    Chris Casserley

    Jose would love a super league. A league where you can spend hundreds of millions a year. Jose got sacked and is getting a 20m pay out, so he definitely didn't "walk" like some have suggested

  • Jorge Cuevas
    Jorge Cuevas

    Once everything is completely figured out I'm sure bayern and bbv will join super league as well. There's just too much going on right now.

  • Robert Verwijs
    Robert Verwijs

    Finnaly some good footbal games in 1 league. Amazing

  • Paul Nice
    Paul Nice

    I'm a supporter of Manchester United but if they go to the super league I'm not supporting them.

  • Aa3Dr Gam3r
    Aa3Dr Gam3r

    Iam the one who thinks both UCL and ESL is corrupted. RIP football 😂

  • Raul MF
    Raul MF

    An I was Liverpool fan

  • Raul MF
    Raul MF

    I was Tottenham fan

  • Doğukan Yıldırım
    Doğukan Yıldırım

    European Super Money League

  • luka _
    luka _

    what is happening........

  • Nero

    This money could be put in to fight against Corona

  • Leonardo D'Amico
    Leonardo D'Amico


  • lucas perisa johannessen
    lucas perisa johannessen

    Stop Super league 🛑🛑🛑 are messi and ronaldo going to link to eachother i dont want to see that

  • Marco Perez
    Marco Perez

    This might be an unpopular thing to say but I see some benefits to the Super League. There’s some faults to it like merit of smaller teams. But the thing is teams are struggling and this seems like the best way to get us watching so clubs can survive all the debts. We as fans expect our teams to sign big players and win every year but we don’t understand the underlying cost of it. And if it didn’t happen then the level of teams would start to equal and games would be boring. Players will continue playing world cups and local leagues since legal actions can’t prevent them from playing. Real Madrid and Barcelona aren’t owned by anyone except their associates. Florentino Perez even added $140 million from his own money to save Madrid back in 2000. So no as far as Madrid and Barcelona the top guys won’t receive more benefit. Uefa has cut the prize for champions league and on top of that want to add more games. Uefa needs to reform champions league to help those clubs that want to leave. I still feel like the super league is not the final solution but uefa too needs to stop taking advantage of teams and mostly during these times. Every team matters even if they’re low to mid table teams. The only way to support them is to watch them and help them make revenue so this doesn’t have to continue and regular champions league and local leagues go on

  • The Hound
    The Hound

    Im going to cry if this actually happens

  • Daniel McManamy
    Daniel McManamy

    Some thinking Super League = Greed (which I keep hearing over and over) and UEFA does Not is hilarious to me!! UEFA and FIFA are the two most corrupt and greedy organizations on the planet. UEFA just announced expanding and allowing teams into champions league based on historical performance which is basically the same thing as Super League (where are the haters?? Seriously can't hate Super League and say the new Champions League plans are OK). UEFA wants to expand champs league and give us more garbage group games featuring teams that will never advance in the tournament, why? Greed. Adding more games to the already congested schedule. (Note: Same thing at the World Cup by FIFA which now features boat loads of teams that set up bunker defenses in group play just hoping not to get smashed- yay super exciting.) Guess what? FIFA also wants to add more club games, a Club World Cup! Adding even more games when clubs are in the "off season" supposedly with players are recovering. Right now UEFA and FIFA own, regulate, and distribute the funds from the major competitions. The clubs now favor NFL style arrangement so that the clubs own and regulate and distribute the funds - thus controlling their own product. I can't blame them. Greed and money rule football from top to bottom. Try and buy any quality player and tell me if you think the price is fair when you are top 6 club, they get bent over. Wage bills to afford the big name players are now astronomical and while the pandemic has hit all clubs hard, all clubs don't have Messi and Ronaldo to pay. If the big clubs don't have money to buy players it will kill off small clubs that rely and selling them, period. Love G Neville but if thinks banning players and kicking out Super League teams will do anything but kill domestic leagues he's dumber than he looks. Do I think the Super League is the answer to football's problems, no. But the UEFA Champions League (run by criminals like FIFA) is no better and to think that it is sounds romantic, but it's a lie. To even imagine UEFA is the lessor of the two evils is a joke. My hope is that this Super League idea forces UEFA and FIFA (and the Premier League who schedules matches in a way that punishes their own teams trying to compete in Europe and truly hurts their chances of winning there every year) to the bargaining table and they make changes to the Champions League to make it better- not freaking bigger!! To make it better for players and fans - not easier to get into!! The Super League appeals to me because I want to see the big dogs play more often and if UEFA fixes Champs league that can happen!! - However the current plan announced today by greedy UEFA does the exact opposite!!! UEFA and FIFA have monopolies and are corrupt, frankly I welcome any competition or organization that wants to challenge them and try to improve the world's game.

  • Rohan Varma
    Rohan Varma

    9:12 This is a serious topic but that picture got me laughing 😂

  • Taha Keskin
    Taha Keskin

    Turkisch lig Belike 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Swaggywang

    Sucks being a man city fan right now . Hopefully this shit doesn’t actually happen

  • Beautimo1

    I'm a 1895 Fortuna Düsseldorf Fan and for me I can't believe that a soooo traditional club as the LFC is one Club that destroyed the football. 🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪ All Football Fans don't watch this Project and go after Corona not in the Stadiums.

  • Lenny hrnd
    Lenny hrnd


  • mclovin5000

    serious vid and zwe still looks left on his thumbnails

  • Timothy Harkin
    Timothy Harkin

    Why not just do Supermarket for 2 years in between world cups

  • yair micho
    yair micho

    Jorgen klopp said that he desagree with this too and he is liverpool manager

  • Moe Z
    Moe Z

    I think if covid never happened none of this would have happened. Clubs are in panic right now

  • Fam Manson
    Fam Manson


  • Ramon García Álvarez
    Ramon García Álvarez

    I actually think it is a good idea...

  • Echoz


  • cxn lkb@
    cxn lkb@

    I don’t know what everyone is whining about, I’m so excited for the super League is going to be awesome! I’m hoping bayern joins toooo

  • -DAN -DAN
    -DAN -DAN

    I love how FIFA community acting like they can do something 🤣. They're more worried about dead game 🎮. Shameful. Welcome super league 🤠.

  • Kenai IM
    Kenai IM

    I'm personally a Chelsea Fan, and I don't exactly know what to think of it all, to be honest. If it were something that could be run as a competition beside the Premier League, the Champions League, and what not, I'd see it as a fresh competition, where all the clubs face off no matter what, whereas in the Champions League, a bracketed competition, you wouldn't usually face every single club in competition. But UEFA had decided that this is a direct violation to what they have going on, which is fair. I think in the pursuit of some extra revenue, this is a stupid decision. If it were for something different, possibly changing the Champions League because it were being run poorly or something it might be a good decision, but that's not it. So as it stands, I completely disagree with everything going on.

  • andres olivares
    andres olivares

    As an inter Milan fan I am embarrassed and saddened the direction my favorite club has gone, it’s been a rough 24 hours...

  • Dwayne Fernandes
    Dwayne Fernandes

    Don’t get it twisted UEFA is not the good guys here, they are just has corrupt. I think the reality is that this beautiful game is more about the money than the actual sport.

  • IK SS
    IK SS

    Beautifull Super League its going to be awesome

  • Yash Deshmukh pfzPnSfvUH
    Yash Deshmukh pfzPnSfvUH

    How arsenal athletic and spurs are there it shows super league is joke

  • alex

    Bayern dortmund and psg will be stacked with players when players want to leave from esl to play for their national teams but i hate the esl #saveoursport

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia

    What’s even worse is everyone forgot about the Conference League that was just made by UEFA

    • Doncepo32

      It is so small clubs and Big clubs From small countries can get some europea games

  • Toothpaste64

    I’m a Barcelona fan, and I’m seriously in shock. For them to say “ más que un club” but then join super league in order to make more money is ridiculous and it’s embarrassing. Football is for the fans, and instead of entertaining us they are stripping us from what we love. They are making us as fans suffer and not only are we suffering but also players. This is unfair to the players because they are going behind their backs and because of their actions these players could not participate in World Cup or anymore European competitions? This is a disgrace. Or even small clubs, what happened to the small club underdog story? All in all this is an awful decision and it’s pure greed and evil. “ Made by the poor, stolen by the rich”

  • Quan Nguyen Minh
    Quan Nguyen Minh

    Bayern is actually a founding club of ESL and the 51% thing is the only factor which stop them from joining the ESL

  • Karol32_Majeran

    haahha waht a shit talk no one care about fans before and no one gona care in future they all care about money and it,s nothing bad and every one know how bad is uefa and fifa and tbh i gone watch superlig and it will be much more interesting then champions league

    • Arjun 99
      Arjun 99


  • Quan Nguyen Minh
    Quan Nguyen Minh

    UEFA is not making money for those clubs, they are taking it away from them. Thats why ESL is getting created.

  • D V
    D V

    Loved this one lad.

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