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  • Ricsko Toldi
    Ricsko Toldi

    guys this card is so underrated he feel 99 at me no joke

  • Richard Felstead
    Richard Felstead

    I only done him as a huge spurs fan and wish I didn't. Was close to just quick selling but now will be saved for FODDER!!! I recommend 85 IF Dubravka, so good for only 50k!

  • Serhat Ataş
    Serhat Ataş

    Joe Hart so bad keeper. He is overrated

  • razzer

    92 rated upgraded hazard review

  • Da_YummY_Man

    I did it Put in a lot of fodder I can’t get back also in my main team Regret? We will see

  • Edward

    Hey. Is he better than TOTW Pope?

  • Irvin Cañada
    Irvin Cañada

    Hart for free or Pope IF for 60k?

  • Luke Barnes
    Luke Barnes

    Regret doing this card so bad, he’s so awful it’s unreal literally saves nothing

    • TaKticZ_57

      @Luke Barnes just did that as we speak

    • TaKticZ_57


    • Luke Barnes
      Luke Barnes

      @Jack Darcy just Chuck nick pope in till you can afford better, I put joe hart in an sbc and bought Lunin Real Madrid future stares keeper instead he’s insane

    • Jack Darcy
      Jack Darcy

      Same I put my best gk for him bc I was thinking if I put my gk at the min I will be getting a amazing gk so now I’m stuck with this guy who can’t save nothing

  • Kyle O'Connor
    Kyle O'Connor

    91 Harts 70 reactions seem to let him down big time. Ive reverted to 90 Alisson with 88 reactions. Just so you all know, I've used most gks on EPL. 90 Alisson, 88 Ederson, 87 Lloris, 86 De Gea, 84 Pope and Martinez and so on, and 90 Alisson is still the best by a country mile. Popes IF 84 only has 75 reactions also, Martinez IF 84 reactions is about 73. The good GKs have reactions in the 80s

    • AfricanGiant_

      100% agreed had to get Alison back after a couple games...

  • Rod Wilson
    Rod Wilson

    i got full squad england chem style.. so excited got joe hart. u know what. heeeeeeee is shaite.. rather use mignolet than this. 🤣🤣🤣. i regret doin this sbc.

  • Saber Laichi
    Saber Laichi

    I do the sbc nd got hart He s the worst Gk on the game trust me guys he cant stop any kind of balls .... Idk why ea drop this gk in squad building

  • Shinobi Kenobi
    Shinobi Kenobi

    What camera is he using? Tele broadcast?

  • Joe Werking
    Joe Werking

    Nobody else makes this type of content, You’re a hero Zwe, absolute mad lad

  • guv83 1
    guv83 1

    The card on fifa is terrible. Disgarded after 5 terrible games.

  • Matias Wik
    Matias Wik

    Nice shirt

  • TheHarlemShow

    Love the content bro

  • Angus FN
    Angus FN

    Is it just me or was bone of this video funny

  • Matias Castillo
    Matias Castillo

    Why is the game in spanish?

  • Alex Maduell
    Alex Maduell

    I sold alisson to get hart and he completely sucks, just play with pope

  • Adrian Keisch
    Adrian Keisch

    Funny video HugeKappa

  • Joe Dempsey
    Joe Dempsey

    He's so bad

  • Jeremy Molina
    Jeremy Molina

    After watching this video I feel like we need an Icon Higuita,with at least 4 skills* to out take the whole squad

  • Adrian Ortiz
    Adrian Ortiz

    Pure comedy! Loved this epi!

  • ben Sir
    ben Sir

    honestly, I got him because I am rocking my past and present Mank cits and honestly Joe Hart sucks : C

  • Dylan Cope
    Dylan Cope

    The card is so shit😂 not worth the 91 rating tbh wasted my time doing the SBC

  • JohnZFIFA HD
    JohnZFIFA HD

    I’m not getting Pope he’s tragic when I put him between the sticks he made 1 save in 4 games and I’m not exaggerating he literally made 1 save he’s terrible for me hart looks like the better option Even if he’s more expensive

  • darren sharpless
    darren sharpless

    I got him for 0

  • LankeRR

    Fun fact, EA made Nick Pope 3 inches taller than real life

    • AlbieLukas

      Not true he’s taller than hart and hart is 6,5

  • Mohd Naim Mohd Noh
    Mohd Naim Mohd Noh

    Do goalkeepers affected by the reaction stats (under dribbling) or do they only influence by the reflexes stat when making saves?

  • Louie Smith
    Louie Smith

    i got him for 30k i say thats a W

  • Murrie Thomson
    Murrie Thomson

    Rangers haven’t been beaten in the spl, St Mirren beat us in the league cup

  • Joshatron1205

    I did that Joe Hart with the fodder already in my club then sold the Ederson I was using in my team to free up 50k coins

  • Giorgio Cott
    Giorgio Cott

    How do you do the skill that he did with diatta when he scored the first goal?

  • Life’s Crazy
    Life’s Crazy

    EA Please give me a flashback Buffon !!

  • Ryan Bowie
    Ryan Bowie

    They should make a goalkeeper with 5 star skill moves 😂

  • Islam !
    Islam !

    He is so bad for me

  • icrashedthehonda

    You’ve changed,smh🤦🏻

  • Adz the Engineer
    Adz the Engineer

    Perfect link to my in form Walker

    • Rob Gold
      Rob Gold

      No , strong link

  • Christian Ellenburg
    Christian Ellenburg

    as a city fan it hurts seeing the spurs badge :(

  • Steem kwant
    Steem kwant

    Why dont you have pirlo in this Squad for his panenka agains joe

  • Faisal Nandja
    Faisal Nandja

    Faster than giroud

  • CrisCG

    He's sooo poor for me...even worse than 84 Pope who seems to be a God eheneverI face him, but so crap for me

  • Street Justice
    Street Justice

    If he didnt have that stupid rooster on the card i would get it... #coyg

  • alejandro Esparza
    alejandro Esparza

    If he was german or played in bundesliga 4/4 🤣

  • Pudseyx - FIFA 21 CONTENT
    Pudseyx - FIFA 21 CONTENT

    You mentioned Nick Pope as an alternative but surely I can't be the only one who thinks his inform is dreadful? This Joe Hart card looks quality though..

    • Bayley Clarke
      Bayley Clarke

      I had his red inform and I hated him so much I put him in the hart and hart has been so good for me

  • Christian Roberto Galdamez
    Christian Roberto Galdamez

    Sucks I can't put a Basic Chem on my Joe Hart again

  • B-Tec Tugga !
    B-Tec Tugga !

  • HR Gaming
    HR Gaming

    Fut what if smalling is amazing, zwe just had a bad defensive performance with him in the video.


    100k for an 85 where

  • Leon

    Jesus 10 ping. Such an advantage

  • Alex Y
    Alex Y

    My joe hart is absolute dogshit. Can’t save a shot even if his life depended on it

    • Ryan Keane
      Ryan Keane

      @Lewis Agnew use wall

    • Lewis Agnew
      Lewis Agnew

      thought it was just me put a glove chem style n hes playing even worse conceed at least 9 goals every couple of games n i have varane n gomez cb popes far better👌even would rather future stars lunin

  • Lawz T
    Lawz T

    Did it last night in under 20 minutes lol, had to let ederson go but is what it is

  • Ali Yildirim
    Ali Yildirim

    Fck hart very bad

  • Gage Whitaker
    Gage Whitaker

    Gimme the fuckin ball everytime that kills me

  • Partgamer 1
    Partgamer 1

    Im gonna use him because of the sprint speed so i can bring my keeper out

    • Partgamer 1
      Partgamer 1

      @Leonardo Ramon havent done him yet

    • Leonardo Ramon
      Leonardo Ramon

      How is it working ?

  • Hammad Raza
    Hammad Raza

    Can u please do guendouzi

  • xg yt
    xg yt

    idk why buh this reminds of the 93 pope last year

  • مروان

    can you do a vid about tello?

  • Iarlath Cassidy
    Iarlath Cassidy

    I just did him for the memes

  • Rodrigo Bielancic
    Rodrigo Bielancic

    i think the price is fair if u make him with untr of your club, cause u can use him in an sbc, considering that a 91 rated player is going for 140k, making him with things that u will not use in your club is a win from my point of view

  • Joshua Incentive
    Joshua Incentive

    NIF pope still better

  • Diako Harim
    Diako Harim

    He is so gooodddddddd

    • Diako Harim
      Diako Harim

      @corey Alexander yup

    • corey Alexander
      corey Alexander

      Is he really though?

  • Alessandro Pavesi
    Alessandro Pavesi

    Please, if someone can answer, Joe Hart flashback is better than in form Pope?

    • corey Alexander
      corey Alexander

      No , gold willy cabrellero

  • Chiel Zutt
    Chiel Zutt

    U can better give the name of the video like this: Diatta and Joe Hart player reviews

  • smoking566

    Illan Meslier Leeds keeper should have been a future star & Zack Steffen should have been a what if

  • Number 10
    Number 10

    He's free with the 83*25 from Icon Swaps

  • IsthatJ4

    I’ve got gold pope definitely upgrading

  • Mr Pineapple
    Mr Pineapple

    Is he better than alisson

  • Deniz24

    I could complete him for free because I have enough fodder. Is he worth it? I got Oblak untradeable right now.

  • Alcher Alfredo
    Alcher Alfredo

    FIFA No Alison sbc.Yes Hart😂😂

  • Smitesh Kolekar
    Smitesh Kolekar

    How to get the pink piggy kit and stadium theme??

  • Benedek Matolcsi
    Benedek Matolcsi

    I have to get him, but maaan his expensive

  • Dark DMG
    Dark DMG

    Also man city and spurs fan here so he's my guy

  • Dark DMG
    Dark DMG

    Should put the hand chemstyle (brain fart glove chemstyle)

  • Mikel _
    Mikel _

    I played him ST and he scored 4 in 8 games of div 3 rivals

    • Mikel _
      Mikel _

      @corey Alexander i have a low skill rating and most of the 8 games were defeats

    • corey Alexander
      corey Alexander

      No you didn’t 😂

  • Hankan Thetankan
    Hankan Thetankan

    Try butland vs hart

  • qweasdzxc6311

    If you review a GK you should do it against a friend or viewer who has the same GK, so both goals would be guarded by Hart

  • Articulate Monkey
    Articulate Monkey

    Anyone who’s used him would you say he’s better than Allison?

  • beau catimon
    beau catimon

    Dude futsal shuffle that’s sick! Old fan love you bro

  • El_yisu_on_keys

    Ok, sooooo, Imma just save up for this

    • Divock Origi
      Divock Origi

      @El_yisu_on_keys rip

    • El_yisu_on_keys

      Not that small, im just dumb with sbcs and I submit squads without having money for all so I pretty much just waste the monay and the sbcs run out

    • Divock Origi
      Divock Origi

      @El_yisu_on_keys how fucking small is ur club

    • El_yisu_on_keys

      @Divock Origi i do, i dont havamy gold players and I got 40k but I got gold 2 this week so I can prolly do it

    • Divock Origi
      Divock Origi

      you dont need too ?

  • Searching For Match
    Searching For Match

    Fifa is not skill based

  • Shreks_ Dad21
    Shreks_ Dad21

    The more I see you the more you reminde me of home alone

  • Lunebi yeah
    Lunebi yeah

    He plays with 10 ping .....I’m playing with 46-50

  • Pinhead

    IF Pope is still way better no?

  • Will Cubias
    Will Cubias

    Futbin priced him at 177K 💀💀

  • Gerek Melendrez
    Gerek Melendrez

    He should be about 20k-30k cheaper considering people should have some players

  • Shashank Bhargav.J
    Shashank Bhargav.J

    scream for the ball trait. lol.😂😂😂 review ever🔥🔥

  • Silverhydro4

    Memories have been unlocked

  • I m ๔คשเ๔๏ฬรкเツ
    I m ๔คשเ๔๏ฬรкเツ

    Головин не забил расходимся

  • Timbit 38
    Timbit 38

    The thumbnail is absolute class 😂

  • Tiki Tiki
    Tiki Tiki

    Imagine hart a pure Englishmen in a team full of Brazilians and Spaniards

  • Crayta

    "You know, he's kinda unusable because of the 1* WF"

    • Muney Jordan
      Muney Jordan


  • A Nigerian Child
    A Nigerian Child

    Hart is 1000000000x better than inform Pope, I’ve used inform Pope for over 100 games and he’s the most overrated card in the game and Hart is class and probably the only goalkeeper I’ve actually liked

  • wallaceboiz9

    I used him for 4 champs games. He didn't save a single shot that was inside the box. Played against others and i scored 5 from 6 shots easy. He is terrible.

    • dominiktojaelo


  • gabriel cabrol
    gabriel cabrol

    i have IF pope untreadeable and gona do him anyways

  • Jan6369

    Please a Tello rewiev

  • roaches23

    Gave up my Ederson that played almost 400 games for me to get it done.

    • Sai Meet
      Sai Meet

      Was it worth it

  • Hachi Riko
    Hachi Riko

    "Most Alpha" *doesnt mention Peter Schmeichel*

    • Vasco Quintas
      Vasco Quintas

      Oliver Khan has entered the chat

  • Joker

    I got hart right away ...he is so good too. Looks huge in the net..I had the untradeable fodder laying around so didn't really cost me anything

  • Luke Geinosky
    Luke Geinosky

    Rangers are undefeated this season

    • Luke Geinosky
      Luke Geinosky

      @Kyle O'Connor yeah I know. To be honest I'm just a c*nt

    • Kyle O'Connor
      Kyle O'Connor

      Not entirely true, we are undefeated in the dosmetic league and Europa league too but we lost 1 League Cup match away against St Mirren. 16.12.2020 St Mirren 3 - 2 Rangers