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  • Pj Jjj
    Pj Jjj

    Did him and I love him got renato Sanchez both of them are sweet feel like my defence is solid as well as the attacking

  • супер друг
    супер друг

    Что за финт он делает, когда крутится?

  • Mar C.
    Mar C.

    Can I play him as CDM

  • Lil Jermaine
    Lil Jermaine

    Links to Maluma😂😂

  • James McAllen
    James McAllen

    Better than Lees Melou?

  • Last Samurai
    Last Samurai

    Vidal or kond?

  • Oscar Myhre
    Oscar Myhre

    I got DEST :)

  • Marius Hornaas
    Marius Hornaas

    6:42 where do I find this fin song? its so fire

  • Zaid Zeineydin
    Zaid Zeineydin

    is it just me or i think the song in the end reminds me on PES. what is the name of the song ?

  • Rauw R
    Rauw R

    Maluma baby 😂

  • Steven Hanson
    Steven Hanson

    You think he’d make for a decent cb?

  • Nodan 11
    Nodan 11

    Lmao the side to side dribble at the intro made my day

  • Ethan Dingley
    Ethan Dingley

    Anyone know where zwe gets these banging songs?

  • We like Fortnite
    We like Fortnite

    Do payet

  • Diaa Beshir
    Diaa Beshir

    Zwe I love your videos especially your intros they’re hilarious 😂 but please stop hyping every single midfielder that he’s the twin brother of Gullit cause you know not one of them plays like Gullit’s left small toe.. love you bro

  • Nikolas Kor
    Nikolas Kor

    Why do you have MANTALOS on your bench??

  • Bobi

    8:31 i heard the whosh sound and started memeing it just to see you start memeing it yourself seconds later😂

  • Philip Perez
    Philip Perez

    Zwe give the csl some love and do paulinho:)

  • Toby Hand
    Toby Hand

    I've done him linking to moments dembele

  • jack2726

    Plsssssss do a benzema potm review

  • L4shy

    Underrated mcjell

  • maiko niinepuu
    maiko niinepuu

    I had do him i miss him as a valencia fan

  • Michael Ikupa
    Michael Ikupa

    Exactly what i did!! 9:56, i changed his position to CDM and used him with Hermoso at CB, with Berchiche on the left, I can finally get rid of the VArane Mendy combo!

  • Rishav Sedhain
    Rishav Sedhain

    he is left footed, why u play him at LCM? U will cut in and shoot with 3 star weak foot. Playing him at RCM maight be the better option.

  • cringe Man
    cringe Man

    Nobody: Absolutely no body: The commentator: oooo KoNdOgBiA pErFeCtO

  • Facundo Beron Kaplan
    Facundo Beron Kaplan

    “Ohhh when the condom man comesss” Csgo players will get it

  • JackG2207

    gold kante 60k?

  • Eduardo Salvio’s lover
    Eduardo Salvio’s lover

    There was once an Eduardo Salvio that played for benéfica never forget him in fifa 15

  • James Pattinson
    James Pattinson

    When will that intro meme song finally die?

  • Niek Herder
    Niek Herder

    Don”t came for the review but for the song

  • Sam needham
    Sam needham

    Not opening another party bag again, everyone has been bad

  • Ritchiego

    You've tot Latin spanish commentary on, try the other Spanish, it’s much better with Manolo Lama and Paco González as commentators

  • Akkar_Unbekannt

    Now that I look at it. My Bruno G. Card looks like the steal of the game. It has 90 defense and had been out for months.

  • Luis M
    Luis M

    Do mandana

  • Dracarys

    how to do this skills 10:29

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Mason Price
    Mason Price

    I don’t understand why EA keeps adding these wack ass cards. I miss the old fifa 12 through fifa 15 days

  • Praseem Beniwal
    Praseem Beniwal

    Great video man, you always have the most fun reviews. Can you also please do a Emre can

  • Gabriel Castaneda
    Gabriel Castaneda

    Why are Zwes intros the best 😭🔥

  • yair micho
    yair micho

    The pink kondogbia was futties

  • Drago lord
    Drago lord

    I literally watch the intro and go to a next video😂😂

  • Miguel Romero-Stevenson
    Miguel Romero-Stevenson

    Goddamnit zwe i alrd did vidal and got makelele from my mid/prime from swaps y must u give him such an enticing review

  • Luis _____
    Luis _____

    My party bags haven’t been bad , one was lunin , one was douglas costa RB , one was what if perreya and calhgounho or however it’s spelled lol, and today I got RRTF kloster man n it fits perfect so not too shabby

  • Bọ Gậy Gaming
    Bọ Gậy Gaming


  • Garrett Heidrick
    Garrett Heidrick

    I packed Mario, he's good

  • Jorge Reyes
    Jorge Reyes

    Prrrrrr! Madre mía!

  • Chrishshshs

    He called oblak freakin Llorente 😂😂 4:20

    • Shaun Gomes
      Shaun Gomes

      He was saying the players they're not using🤣 didn't call him llorente

  • Victory Okany
    Victory Okany

    This intro>>>

  • David Angel
    David Angel

    “Ooh 5 star skills moves!” *Cancel shot*

  • Agustin Jaras
    Agustin Jaras

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJA the maluma carrasco comparison made me spit my water

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez

    i am dying at the madre mias

  • Rene Chara
    Rene Chara


  • Josh Valdivia
    Josh Valdivia

    Make a video about POTM benzema:)))

  • Ariel Bautista
    Ariel Bautista

    1) that goal at minute 7 is legit man! surely one of the best Kondo goals ever. 2) on the talk about fouls, its true there's fouls that the ref is not calling, just like there's fouls that ref calls that are not! Whats funny is a had a penalty call yesterday and I wasn't even touching any controls! I was just letting time swing by. These issues needs to get fixed by EA its so silly

  • Jack Lundrigan
    Jack Lundrigan

    Got prime Yashin in my icon pack and 95 Benzema in my party bag so I would small L but not the worst pack luck

  • Poloo_Babyy


  • michael r
    michael r

    Love the intro but you gotta change it up bro

  • Martin Sandsø
    Martin Sandsø

    he aint all that tbh, just tried him. ur just good with those kind of players lmao

  • Pinhead

    Has Zwe said “oh when the muffin man comes” in any of his recent intros? I’ve been singing those words to myself for the last few days and I can’t find where I got it from 😂


    zwe just so you know, if the defender touches the ball first before they touch the player then it doesnt matter how bad the foul is(unless its on purpose)

  • JuiceStain 123
    JuiceStain 123

    Good as a CB?

  • Luan Gashi
    Luan Gashi

    Bois kondogbia Fifa 19 was a sad year he switched nation Central African Republic and then got the futies card it was really hard to fit him into a team the.

  • Amin Abdi
    Amin Abdi

    Intro is a must listen every video 🔥🔥

  • HarryJamesTattoo

    Unbelievable Geoffrey

  • Massimo Prioriello
    Massimo Prioriello

    Is it me or zwe always has the same shirt😂

  • Ariya

    The face that zwe makes ( 7:04 ) every time he scores the first goal with the player he's reviewing makes me want to do the card that instant lol

  • FinoAllaFine

    Zwe can you make the best midfield in fifa epi with Vidal, Kondo and Renato? Could also make a player review on futbday Perisic at rw to make the chem work and just have a beast squad.

  • Sebastian Arellano
    Sebastian Arellano

    Ea: choose Sanchez, Vidal, or Kondogbia Me: *completes all 3* Ea: 👀

  • Hamish Lorimer
    Hamish Lorimer

    Simple definition of a foul for Zwe: making contact with an opponent before touching the ball when tackling an opponent to gain possession of the ball

  • A O
    A O

    What navas did to him 8:00 ?

  • Julian Banuelos
    Julian Banuelos

    And another card that I have to do

  • Bashar Moolla
    Bashar Moolla

    Renato or vidal next to essien or Curtis

  • Dileep Dileep
    Dileep Dileep

    P̳r̳e̳m̳i̳u̳m̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳v̳a̳t̳e̳ ̳S̳e̳x̳💯 𝘾𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙠𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙚⏩ 18cams.xyz ⏪ !♥今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした, 1617662461

  • Victor Temciuc
    Victor Temciuc

    The brbrpheww madre mia’s are killing me

  • Jacek Fulek
    Jacek Fulek

    Who is next? What a netherland Player?

  • Jon Burke
    Jon Burke

    I got a fut birthday Kent in my party bag. Very happy 😊 😂

  • Carlos The boss man reviewer
    Carlos The boss man reviewer

    when the thumbnail shows him in the wrong team and you don't know if it's a reference to ea's mistake or if it was a zwe mistake

  • Jake Kellie
    Jake Kellie

    Here we go again

  • Raamys Luqman
    Raamys Luqman

    I have flashback kroos, fb kondogbia and fb emre can who should I play where in the midfield of 1 cdm and 2 cms

  • Musa Bashir
    Musa Bashir


  • Silber Charly
    Silber Charly

    where is the payet Review 🤔

  • Cyclxne

    Waiting for this

  • Vũ Duy Đức Official
    Vũ Duy Đức Official

    This man crazy

  • Joshua Simons
    Joshua Simons

    Nah Zwe, the teams with the most usable special cards are definitely Bayern, Liverpool, Dortmund, ManCity and Lyon. Maybe not Lyon as much but they still got a motherload of cards. With the others you can pretty much built whole teams out of their cards. Sevilla could be one of those team too.

    • Zeke Spiro
      Zeke Spiro

      How you not say Madrid? Rttf varane and hazard fb mendy the team is insane

  • vigil hoblo
    vigil hoblo

    You save my life everyday and it even entertains me. Thank you!

  • Jamaal Ibrahim
    Jamaal Ibrahim

    Don’t do the party bag it’s trash I got 82 elvedi i😭

  • Eelco Dunlop
    Eelco Dunlop

    I was watching some lecture on youtube before I clicked this, which I watched at 1.5 Speed... Then I clicked on Zwe's video... Let's just say its a banger on 1.5 speed as well, I highly recommend it lol

  • piuzzz_1437

    Please do a Emre Can episode I would like to see a zweview on him!!

  • Julius C.
    Julius C.

    Missing the old Zwe back in the days in FIFA 13/14

  • Luke Dunn
    Luke Dunn

    This sbc kondogbia or normal card kante?


      i had gold kante he was okayish then i did this sbc and hes so good must try

    • Syver Udnæseth Holsve
      Syver Udnæseth Holsve


  • Hugo

    The intro sounds better when the speed is at times 2

  • IceG

    I got fut birthday Hermoso Athletico cb to strong link kondogbia and party bag before got fut birthday hwang 2 fut birthday out of 2 farty bags

  • Kd Chauhan
    Kd Chauhan

    Capgun Tom is going insane

  • Zach Besaw
    Zach Besaw

    You did Kondogbia and no Payet? Killing me homie

  • Joas Vos
    Joas Vos

    tbh not gonna do him bc i need the foddah for the dutch player im dutch so no mather who im gonna do the sbc but he seems sick

  • Juan Serrano
    Juan Serrano

    Who else remembers the man who gave zwe the win and ZWE GOT PISSED LMAO

    • James Giugno
      James Giugno

      Completely changed the mood of the stream

  • Shahzad r9
    Shahzad r9

    That was such a obvious foul on kondogbia refs are so bad

  • instantsurgery

    how do you do that skillmove 10:30?

    • bemmie100

      Do ball rolls then flick the stick in the opposite direction

  • Smirkz

    What’s the beat name? (The weird robotic one)

    • KingPongFish

      yh need to know this

  • LaRiataVengadora

    5:56 “You don’t need any more pace than that” I don’t think that’s Kondogbia😐

    • TheLinnebjerg

      inaki :)

renato or vidal?
99 tis.