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  • Mmm Mmm
    Mmm Mmm

    Who is better him or van dijk?

  • CostelloXIII

    Is 87 bailly and van dijk a good partnership

  • Hydrax.

    I did bailly with players in my club and spent 4K on one player. I’m div 7

  • K P
    K P

    who play with him, he really good?

  • Vybez

    Him or 86 fofana

  • Sam Morris
    Sam Morris

    Eric's from ivory Coast not Ireland 😂

  • Richard Felstead
    Richard Felstead

    Bailly and Drogba strike force of dreams? 👀🤣

  • Ryan McFadden
    Ryan McFadden

    I'm fuming here watching this game of football

  • Vivien Pikacs
    Vivien Pikacs

    Should i go with Bailly or TOTW Gomez ?

  • D7S3 TV
    D7S3 TV

    I'm ivorian.🇨🇮 what up with that Irish joke???

  • Matthew Crane
    Matthew Crane

    The fact that he didn't switch Keane and Kessie to get full chem is making me unreasonably upset.

  • Ollie But cheeks of raccoon
    Ollie But cheeks of raccoon

    The best center backs are probably Ruben dias and John stones

  • Dario Palumbo
    Dario Palumbo

    Better than stones sif?

  • princ3_Lolo

    Ur intros is the best thing I have ever see. This song is just perfect

  • Fry

    fullbacks as cbs is a disgrace, ppl who use them are tryhards and they make this game so boring.

  • Owen Welsh
    Owen Welsh

    As a die hard United fan this is what I needed. Traded in random fodder all untradables and he’s allowed me to take Varane out of the team. Just got 92 de bruyne in the party bag as well so I changed back to a full prem team rather than a hybrid and I’m loving it I just wish prem players weren’t so expensive like estupiñan is the best LB I’ve used coin for coin this year and to get a decent LB in the prem it’s at least 100k

  • Jannis_1401

    Switch Keane and Kessie

  • Nicolas Tolbert
    Nicolas Tolbert

    Yes I have a problem with them, they are human garbage, play your players in their positions. I can’t understand the thought process at EA that makes them so good off Chem at cb. I have never!

  • Federico Rivera
    Federico Rivera

    Ayy zwe been watching u for a while shoutout frm military base in California wanted to let you know i think drogba does have international caps hes from ivory coast not ireland lol

  • Kevin dusek
    Kevin dusek

    what division do you play in?

  • Santiago Chi
    Santiago Chi

    Seeing this after working a ten hour overnight shift. Life is great. However, Zwe's shirt hurts my eyeballs

  • R.U.DumbBlud

    Brother it is ivory coast

  • Hamza Ismail
    Hamza Ismail

    Was playing the intro and then packed messi

  • Bob Burger
    Bob Burger

    What is this joke: “what’s up guys nepenthez here” sorry for not knowing it 🤔

  • The Elegant Iguana
    The Elegant Iguana

    It's a gold varane with better passing

  • Lam L
    Lam L

    Zwe: drags bailly out of position Also Zwe: thats a bit sus

  • Only Fifa
    Only Fifa

    Not ireland It' s Ivory Coast

  • YT HypeNewLeo
    YT HypeNewLeo

    Did anyone hear the nepethez intro

  • Kyle Richardson
    Kyle Richardson

    Where does he get all the sounds from 😭😂😂

  • Kyle Richardson
    Kyle Richardson

    5:05 the fact that he isn’t playing kessie next to Gervinho for full chem annoys me so much

  • JS91198

    If your player is not on full chem because he's in the wrong position, yes, I have a problem with you.

  • Joeri Bielen
    Joeri Bielen

    can you do a player revieuw of gervinho pls 🔥❤

  • Jake Martel
    Jake Martel

    I stopped watching when he said he loves John stones

  • Simon Otterlei Olsen
    Simon Otterlei Olsen

    I really hope you know the difference between Ivory Coast and Ireland

  • albertvagyok

    There is only one king...

  • Harvey

    Is so shit that you have to rely on skills to score now and I’m not spending loads of hours of my time learning them it’s so shit fifa isn’t fun anymore it’s competitive when it shouldn’t be through balls are shit the passing is shit every centre back is outpacable normal players can’t compete with the sweaty kids with icons teams and spend all their time learning skills

  • Dzaka Hakim
    Dzaka Hakim

    my defender ingame pereira lars bender mbabu toty vandijk any recommendation?

  • Hugo Gonçalves
    Hugo Gonçalves

    *costa marfim idiot -.- not irls

  • Kieran Ruddick
    Kieran Ruddick

    Gervinho review

  • Fleecy

    Stop with the fucking song

  • Ben

    Zwe I love your vids dude but he is NOT IRISH he comes from IVORY COAST 🇨🇮

  • Rooftop Rumble
    Rooftop Rumble

    7:35 man's doing a moonwalk 😂

  • coyg_pat

    This is a good sbc people need to try and have more fun on the game, I use an 80 pace Bastoni just to have him in a squad with other Italian players

  • Hi it’s Sonny
    Hi it’s Sonny

    Bro swap Keane and kessie 😂

  • Juli 97
    Juli 97

    I got tomori from 81+ so I’m good :)

  • Salim farhi
    Salim farhi

    FFs they are from IVORY COAST NOT IRELAND FFS why do u think keane doesn’t have a green link to kessie and everyone else ffs

  • Connor Brooks
    Connor Brooks

    DO NOT stop the intro song.

  • Erennn —
    Erennn —

    Can u do a review of kent?

  • Callum Carey
    Callum Carey

    Lern your nations. Eric billey is from the ivory coast like the rest of the players except Kean

  • Yiannis Mandrinos
    Yiannis Mandrinos

    This was literally a Gervinho review, but i still loved it.

  • Julian Ariza
    Julian Ariza


  • Gareth Bennett
    Gareth Bennett

    My 5 year old son who loves Fifa and the chemistry element. Saw this card and said Dadi he perfect links to Roy Keane who he packed for me. Love it 😂 .

  • HenjiPlays Clips
    HenjiPlays Clips

    Lol love ur vids but he’s not from Ireland 🇮🇪 he’s from the Ivory Coast

  • s3r4k6


  • Michael Elias
    Michael Elias

    Is he better than freeze bissaka or inform joe Gomez pls hel


    I play wing backs at wing back and centre backs at centre backs, I'm starting to think I'm the only 1. I have no issue if people want to use wing backs at CB, but EA should nerf it so their positioning will be off more often, and that they'll let people down from time to time as they're out of position. I'll never do it personally, I've made div 1 without using wing backs as CBs

  • I m ๔คשเ๔๏ฬรкเツ
    I m ๔คשเ๔๏ฬรкเツ

    Pittisie:Made Russian Subtitles


    CAN YOU STOP CALLING (Côte d’Ivoire) IRELAND!!! We’re a proud country so don’t mock it!

  • KommanderBen

    Still waiting for the HUNTER zweview...

  • 125hz

    i feel like he put in roy keane because he cant tell the difference between ivory coast and ireland

  • The Legend Matteo Guendouzzi
    The Legend Matteo Guendouzzi

    I did vidal for free using fodder, he is so with it

  • saif19840

    i run mbabu and davies at CB

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez

    He’s joking right

  • Aabid N27
    Aabid N27


  • Ps4 Legend
    Ps4 Legend

    Does anyone know what div he plays in

  • Ape - Mcflee
    Ape - Mcflee

    John stones gone for Eric bailly happy with my trade

  • Andre Her
    Andre Her

    Dumb racist just because he's black

  • MrBenji2516

    Trash compare too boateng

  • Forrest Fischer
    Forrest Fischer

    Yo could u do a review on payet please

  • Nihh Nihh
    Nihh Nihh

    I end that whole discussion with fullbacks and CBS I use Lothar and he is everything lol

  • Jaden

    Does he know bailly is from the ivory coast ?

  • OPE Killer
    OPE Killer

    Love the intros

  • Ronan

    I run milikovic cb

  • CfComps

    Background beat name ?

  • Bradley Edlin
    Bradley Edlin

    So nice seeing the attacking and defending contrast, like seeing Eric defending and Gervinho attacking is nice. More epis like this please zwe with the double type reviews

  • Lucas Mancuso
    Lucas Mancuso

    I’ve used normal wan-bissaka on 10 chem at cb, and semedo at rb on 7 chem all year and there unbelievable. Can’t bring myself to replacing them

  • Lewisgg123

    An FYI for everyone this card is terrible in game. Really really bad. His positioning is terrible

  • Jr2w

    Pace isn’t a problem but 82 reactions is, I’ll stick with my showdown rudiger and moments stones

  • Michael Henry
    Michael Henry

    The optimal two best CB in the premier league are TOTS Van Dijk and Future Stars Reece James RB card.

  • Elvo's Wrld
    Elvo's Wrld

    Gervinho is cracked

  • Michael Henry
    Michael Henry

    I run Klaiber at CB, moving prime moments Zambrotta from CB off chem. to RB or CM.

  • Jack Lundrigan
    Jack Lundrigan

    The amount of people I see play Nelson Semedo at CB and Walker RB to just swap them in game hurts me

  • B One
    B One

    HL Tavernier on 5 chem seems to make less mistakes, tackles better and just out performs any other CB in my club, I would much rather use a CB but sadly, full backs just seem to be more consistent.

  • Roman De lucia
    Roman De lucia

    Unpopular opinion:i’d rather meet zweback than ronaldo

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Dennis Flaig
    Dennis Flaig

    Bro , mbappe turns around him 3 times and scores. We need CB with more pace, sorry but he is useless.

    • Dennis Flaig
      Dennis Flaig

      @LeKotkaniemi Yeah Bro you are right

    • LeKotkaniemi

      It ain't even the pace, it's the balance and agility. Mbappé turns a 93 pace CB inside out, that CB isn't catching up because it takes him too long to turn around and start running. Plus the agility and balance improves the jockey.

  • Anonymous

    He's from ivory coast

  • Arnulfo Martinez Jr
    Arnulfo Martinez Jr

    Ivory coasttttt

  • Dequavis

    Alright the Irish jokes are getting lame.

  • Evan Eisenbarth
    Evan Eisenbarth

    Wonder if Nick28t did him

  • Jason T
    Jason T

    Nah cb at cb for me

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown

    Zwe saying he’s using Stones over Gomez because of the cheeky green link to Hart like Gomez doesn’t get that exact same link 😂

  • Bruno Naletto
    Bruno Naletto

    I don't, Im using fofana and bailly now

  • Darkzy

    I put him upfront I have 6 in 6 soooo goated

  • D V
    D V

    Zwe you really got to start getting things or information right you get every other thing wrong

  • TyphloLizardon

    Bailly or mangala

  • Omega Gamer
    Omega Gamer

    I don’t have a problem with fullbacks at cb I have a problem with varane and mendy

  • Finn Carroll
    Finn Carroll

    As a man from laois in Ireland and a man u fan i love this

  • MXG_15

    I run my lb maldini at cb

  • Crayta

    "we're almost in December 2021"