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  • Oleg Dudnikov
    Oleg Dudnikov

    Спасибо за ролик!!!

  • Daouda Brunell
    Daouda Brunell

    15 games 25 goals 6 assist division 1. This player is insane

  • chris 7
    chris 7

    Should I put Ronaldo on the wing and zapata as striker or other way around?

  • Dennis Ramirez
    Dennis Ramirez

    Hi. I am the 1%

  • Daytona 73
    Daytona 73

    Him or Dzeko 90 rated?

  • FUTPirlo

    Grazie Zwe forza atalantaaa

  • Ali Ahmad
    Ali Ahmad

    Thanks for wearing Ramadan jersey. The new black and orange one is sweet.

  • Manuel Gonzalez
    Manuel Gonzalez

    name of the song xd?

  • Billy Gamer /Lendas do Futebol
    Billy Gamer /Lendas do Futebol

    Põe legenda em português do Brasil

  • Ferdi Fuchs
    Ferdi Fuchs

    Kiss youre Herz mään ❤️😘

  • Emiliano Ayala
    Emiliano Ayala

    How do you does body spins do?

  • Michael Gilardi
    Michael Gilardi

    I scored 3 long shots with him lol. Right to left far post

  • Maxi B.
    Maxi B.

    I remember the good Times with Zapata and Gomez tots in fifa 19. Now i have both again with gomez totgs and His sbc He is fokin insane

    • Drew Green
      Drew Green

      Zapata headers were nasty in'19

  • Eve Sheb
    Eve Sheb

    Just watch the first 10 seconds of the video with an open mind and admire the aids gameplay

  • Khalid Alenzi
    Khalid Alenzi

    thanks for the kind words for Ramadan thanks again from Kuwait

  • jeferson Durann
    jeferson Durann

    hermano, aun pones mi musica. muchas gracias hermano

  • ricardo alves
    ricardo alves

    10 division

  • John Oonincx
    John Oonincx

    Can he be used as a CAM?

  • Huseyin Ozer
    Huseyin Ozer

    im so sick of the shanty intros zwe

  • NvRyxn •
    NvRyxn •

    Can you show us your customised stadium again please

  • Payback Gaming
    Payback Gaming

    Ea nailed his hair! Looks exactly like irl!

  • Juan Arenas
    Juan Arenas

    Yup this ones an emotional epi.. Muriel and zapatonnnnne😈

  • karam alkurdi
    karam alkurdi

    so zapata or placio

  • Eduardo Salvio’s lover
    Eduardo Salvio’s lover

    Zabata cb was better

  • Elias Mirkovic
    Elias Mirkovic

    Need your intro songs on Spotify.

  • blazeshadowdark

    Loved his headliner card

  • Derzwieback#01

    Do a review on tots odsonne Edouard hes insane

  • rakan550

    Thank you brother for wishing us a ramadan mubarak 🌙 love ❤️ from yemen 🇾🇪

  • Shhshahah Shahhahahahs
    Shhshahah Shahhahahahs

    What’s better him at st or gold messi at st

  • Lauge Sehested
    Lauge Sehested

    Is he better than moments dybala

  • Jelle Verlinde
    Jelle Verlinde

    Muriel tots perfect link soon will so sick

  • Dante ZITOUN
    Dante ZITOUN

    were is chiesa ?

  • Roshan Kumar
    Roshan Kumar

    Who’s better him or inaki williams

  • Your Local Meme Dealer
    Your Local Meme Dealer

    Him or freeze politano?

    • Your Local Meme Dealer
      Your Local Meme Dealer

      @E Mortimer yeah he's cracked bro, I'll try and squeeze both in

    • E Mortimer
      E Mortimer

      That Politano has done bits for me for a long time

    • E Mortimer
      E Mortimer

      I just started playing them both in a 2 striker formation or 4-3-2-1 with politano wider

  • Adrian Ziober
    Adrian Ziober

    3:16 Polska Gurom

  • Marcus Hjort
    Marcus Hjort

    B-tec lukaku

  • Nico B.
    Nico B.


  • David Malpeto
    David Malpeto

    As a Colombian followe... love the vid Zwe. Can’t wait to pair Duvan and Muriel TOTS with James flashback🇨🇴

    • Dani Gomezz
      Dani Gomezz

      Soy colombiano tambien.James will have a flashback?

  • soyuncu lcfc
    soyuncu lcfc

    How is it good value just get ilici

  • George BV
    George BV

    Packed TOTS Ilicic from a 81+ X25 Pack, went crazy, had a TOTS elder dangler as well... Then I saw it was untradeable 😥

  • Sam Shapiro
    Sam Shapiro

    what's the song name?

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Shawn Salazar
    Shawn Salazar

    Catalyst on illicic would be insane.

  • Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis

    Him or ilisic

  • Crelloh 2
    Crelloh 2

    My turtle just passed away

  • Nino D'Ettorre
    Nino D'Ettorre

    Pls do the chiesa review

  • Matt075 Cc
    Matt075 Cc

    The mentira song goes hard. Great editing as always

  • Kapipolako

    Please make Video about zielinski

  • Its EJ
    Its EJ

    I had to use Mane in it but f*ck him

  • madix du15
    madix du15


  • Scott

    Please... Just stop with that song

  • Matthew Banks
    Matthew Banks

    Would definitely get him but Rooney is crazy. He looks like a cheap op beast.

  • myogtraphone


  • OSA NG
    OSA NG

    This card carried me in champs today

  • Jaser Ticha
    Jaser Ticha

    Zapata volley something out of Dennis Bergkamp.

  • Letsgodam HJ4
    Letsgodam HJ4

    Can’t lie I was gonna swerve this card but that tune is gassin me 😭😭

    • Letsgodam HJ4
      Letsgodam HJ4

      @André Hauptfleisch2204 didn’t end up doing him

    • André Hauptfleisch2204
      André Hauptfleisch2204

      How is he

  • Kash


  • Astro

    that muriel card has even good stats as baby r9

  • RobFut 99
    RobFut 99

    I’ve had a better striker in my Serie A squad since October, literally.

  • Jovan Sreckovic
    Jovan Sreckovic

    You didn't play the clip?!

  • Frankmauro Ferreras
    Frankmauro Ferreras

    Chiesa review?

  • sxm

    Just play chiesa left forward up front zapata is a tree

  • Chris Taps
    Chris Taps

    Can you review Clarke-Harris he looks like an absolute beast

  • Garreth Kohler
    Garreth Kohler

    Hey Zwe please try Tagliafico tots, legit one of the best cards I’ve played with

  • Cyclxne


  • Hareshvharan Lavindran
    Hareshvharan Lavindran

    Palacio fb, ilicic tots or zapata tots Need help ASAP

    • Emmanuel Strasser
      Emmanuel Strasser

      Ilicic and palacio

  • durge12

    does anyone know when kehrer upgrades? seems like its been aaaaages

    • durge12

      @Mislav Blažević somehow conned myself into believing that it'd upgrade because they won the tie over 2 legs but you're right. crud.

    • Mislav Blažević
      Mislav Blažević

      If you are talking about showdown card, it doesn't since bayern won that game

  • Pablo Ferreiro
    Pablo Ferreiro

    were the F is Andre Ayew TOTS......?!

  • sc17

    IMO he is ridiculous I have him and is definitely worth the money he is very good

  • Daniel Katchum
    Daniel Katchum

    I packed a freaking 85 tots out of a bronze 400 coins pack😭😭😭

  • Andy S
    Andy S

    added Chiesa and Zielinski to my WL squad and i can say they were huge upgrades on mid nedved and headliners savic

    • jehad wadi
      jehad wadi

      Impossible, you are capping HL Savic is clear.

    • SoV21

      No way there’s a better card than HL SMS

  • Akram Naji
    Akram Naji

    He’s the best

  • Muhammad Al-Zo'ubi
    Muhammad Al-Zo'ubi

    Ramadan Kareem bro

  • Big Head
    Big Head

    dude is toxic asf

  • Muhammad Al-Zo'ubi
    Muhammad Al-Zo'ubi

    Am I simple man , give a like bcz no ads

  • BfcHarryy _
    BfcHarryy _

    All I’m saying is the strikers get a ...

  • Football Fan
    Football Fan


  • Nicolas Alvarez
    Nicolas Alvarez

    dude i love that your doing a review on him, cause i’m colombian!!!

  • Sam needham
    Sam needham

    Insane value and nepenthez said it’s totally not worth it 😂

    • Emmanuel Strasser
      Emmanuel Strasser

      @RockyRocko 21 imo his shooting makes up for his pace, put a catalyst and play him as a CF. Boom sorted.

    • RockyRocko 21
      RockyRocko 21

      @Emmanuel Strasser ilicic has a good card but it’s not a striker, more of a cam, pace isn’t high enough for the defensive cards coming out in tots, his jumping and heading stats aren’t good and as a striker zapata has better shooting stats, as a striker, ilicic is more suited as a cam

    • Emmanuel Strasser
      Emmanuel Strasser

      @RockyRocko 21 bro ilicic is 80k if you want an Atalanta player with better stats just buy ilicic 💀

    • RockyRocko 21
      RockyRocko 21

      @gerard an 85 rated squad and 1 inform isn’t actually bad for a totally usable 90 rated card it’s a plus 5 rating gap on the card compared to sbc requirements, well worth it

    • gerard

      He’s not he should be at least 1 rating cheaper and no inform

  • AJJ7

    I love your reviews of all youtubers

  • Stephen Vallejo
    Stephen Vallejo

    It’s atalanta not Atlanta

  • Oscar

    Review honeyman

  • Knuckleball Twins
    Knuckleball Twins

    *Does anyone know when the Serie A TOTS will be?* 🤔 With all these sick cards coming out, it’s making it really difficult to be patient for it... 😬👊 Loving the additional MattHDGamer quotes btw 👏😂

    • Muhamad Adam
      Muhamad Adam

      @Lelouch Vi Britannia damn almost a month need to wait 😭

    • Lelouch Vi Britannia
      Lelouch Vi Britannia

      I think i read somewhere idk where that Serie A will be one of the last leagues to get TOTS , it said it would get TOTS sometime around May 20


    you should make a review of Ricardo Santos TOTS

  • David Solzaru
    David Solzaru

    I-m the 999th like :))

  • Mitr0

    I have cr7, el sha, del Piero, Palacio he dont have place in my team 😫

  • lbrxdyx


  • Akram Saidi
    Akram Saidi

    Thx for wishing us a Ramadan mubarak brother

    • Blake Marsh
      Blake Marsh

      Good luck my man

  • nnooaa32

    Anyone knows the song from 7:00?

    • nnooaa32

      @Omar Walid thx!

    • Omar Walid
      Omar Walid

      Reggio (instrumental)

  • Jonathan Holguin
    Jonathan Holguin


  • Tony Milo
    Tony Milo

    Did the SBC and in 10 weekend league games he’s got 16 goals and 6 assists, not too bad

    • AlexMc13x

      @Juan José Largo great shout, here’s hoping he actually gets one

    • Juan José Largo
      Juan José Largo

      @AlexMc13x wait for muriel tots, will be a deadly couple

    • Right md
      Right md

      @AlexMc13x start him on 7 chem i did that but than i bought muriel rttf

    • AlexMc13x

      I’d love to do him to go up with mbappe, just a pain with links bc I only have one usable icon

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay


  • Balázs Lehoczki
    Balázs Lehoczki

    0:11 hmmmmmmmmmmm ea

  • Juan Pineda
    Juan Pineda


  • Doctor Prishnicov
    Doctor Prishnicov

    Wait for Muriel TOTS and then link this all...

    • Gino Zuidam
      Gino Zuidam

      i hope he gets one

  • Samo_EST

    What IS the Game Camera option?

    • Giuliano Pasquale Marziano
      Giuliano Pasquale Marziano

      I don't know about all that it's the first option I think it starts with standard then tele then tele Broadcast

    • Samo_EST

      @Giuliano Pasquale Marziano and classic ? Or 16 and 6 or what?

    • Giuliano Pasquale Marziano
      Giuliano Pasquale Marziano

      Tele Broadcast

  • Diren Niyazi
    Diren Niyazi

    Why didnt come chiesa review?

  • Ariel Bautista
    Ariel Bautista

    Zwe a CHiesa review wouldve been dope. Man you're my FAVORITE player reviewer lol. Dont like the others as much that I've seen on Chiesa and looks like a fun card, but not sure if its worth it when u have baby Best and Mbappé on wings already lol. I do have serie a players like ronaldo tho and De Sciclio

  • Ariel Bautista
    Ariel Bautista

    lmao wow that Zapata self-volley move he just pulled must be one of craziest goals scored this Fifa lol, looks beautiful too

  • Joker

    Edouard is better and better value 🤷‍♂️