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  • Quayan Watson
    Quayan Watson

    What is zwe’s ps4 name?

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode

    Can we please get a jammin leon bailey epi?

  • Jorge Trinidad
    Jorge Trinidad

    Picked big boy kean maybe bec I didn’t smash like on the video 😭

  • Anthony Lightening
    Anthony Lightening

    Loved the philly d reference 😂

  • Black Hawk
    Black Hawk

    I love you brotha but really the there was song is very annoying 😂❤

  • Knuckleball Twins
    Knuckleball Twins

    The *BEST SHIRT EVER* it! 🇮🇹👏😂😭

  • Bonnar Fulton
    Bonnar Fulton

    Try not telling us the packs go down before the video even starts.. great content as always tho

  • Hamzah Alamdeen
    Hamzah Alamdeen

    zwe please open my prime or moments icon pack 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Didier Drogba
    Didier Drogba

    Клоун 🤡

  • TG King
    TG King

    I got that Harvey Barnes from an untradeable pack. That dude's insane at ST. Had to demote Neymar to CAM because he just doesn't miss and his movements in the box are the best I've used this fifa. Very happy with him.

  • franck terence
    franck terence

    Good prono👌

  • Wade Kew
    Wade Kew

    Man got a cheeky Barnes from my pack only cost me 20k as well

  • no one likes dublin
    no one likes dublin

    Zwe good prediction fair play

  • Duncan Oyedele
    Duncan Oyedele

    he called it 2-1

  • Caleb Sell
    Caleb Sell

    Zwe... PLEASE start selling Gattuso malakia shirts. I would cop one for every day of the week.

  • Cisciroppy

    I found wan bissaka but I wanted ilicic 🙁

  • Gamerxx


  • Thomas Nikopoulos
    Thomas Nikopoulos

    I love your t shirt

  • Colm O malley
    Colm O malley

    I got Harvey barnes

  • MK 10
    MK 10

    Should I save this until premiere league?

  • Shanksy yyHD
    Shanksy yyHD

    Zwe I love the vids but please mix up the song intro pleaseeeeeeee

  • Kevin Walter Smith
    Kevin Walter Smith

    Packed Barnes!!! Let's GOOO!!

  • luke kelly
    luke kelly

    Americans man ahaha at least try say the players names right

  • Callum Simpson
    Callum Simpson

    Praying to my brothers who got Kean... me included

  • Stephen Powell
    Stephen Powell

    i got Kean :< LLLLLL

  • Rafic Deeb
    Rafic Deeb

    kean is a monster

  • steven mcguigan
    steven mcguigan

    had to look up malakia to see what it actually means, was assuming it meant sh.ite but wasn't aware of the greek use of the word lol brilliant zwe. also, being from scotland, i'm loving the use of the sea shanty's, lend themselves to your kind of poetry perfectly.

  • Michael Ikupa
    Michael Ikupa

    2-1 City it was

  • DonaldDump

    I got the NED1 LB from Ajax and my Gold 3 picks were Toney 90 (ENG2) (Picked him over Areola) and Ndombele 90

  • LGND7

    Can you save it for premier League tots and open it when premier league tots come out ?

  • Sam Birmingham
    Sam Birmingham

    that music is so jarring and the sometimes win sometimes lose is so overused

  • M B •
    M B •

    1:14 Who is Wall-verdi...? I know suttomton, bornmouth, etc. are for the memes....but my God zwe...

  • Rehan Salman
    Rehan Salman

    I bet everyone has forgotten that valverde was a tots

  • Morgan Deyes
    Morgan Deyes

    Zway is a time traveler

  • Odin Romestrand
    Odin Romestrand

    Another lie on the stream yesterday then Zwe :P Gotta stop saying you're gonna stream! you have fans man xD

  • Misserro

    Poland Lewandowski?

  • Michael Oyanda
    Michael Oyanda

    2:02, zwe’s sensational ball knowledge👏🏾👏🏾

  • Michalis Vlachos
    Michalis Vlachos


  • thesachman

    I got Ndombele I am so happy 😁

  • Derek Joel
    Derek Joel

    i got a suggestion for the jingle for the next EPL TOTS guaranteed SBC ----- There once was a guaranteed PL TOTS SBC overpriced and expensive, as far as I see One time good and the rest times shitty the malakia clip fits here perfectly oh when the pack is opening you wait for the keeper to come out walking oh when the pack is opening you sit and regret why you did the SBC

  • paulos tsegaye
    paulos tsegaye


  • Hugo Deported
    Hugo Deported

    For the past week I’ve been trying to sleep but I keep hearing that damn intro song

  • Miguel Marrero
    Miguel Marrero

    "The pack weight is actually decent" lmao

  • Adrian English
    Adrian English

    This bruh literally a legend, called the 2-1 Man City how

  • Pietro Maccagnola
    Pietro Maccagnola

    I packed nkunku, w or l?

  • Matthew Earle
    Matthew Earle

    I got the celtic crap

  • namzy21

    Can you please change up the into! You used to keep em fresh !!

  • 2K Gang
    2K Gang

    I got french striker Celtic

  • MNU

    12:35 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the legendary group

  • MNU

    The champions league track remix is so lit

  • soppi

    Packed Ilicic and nkunku twice, fifa packs are scripted

  • Tom O’Toole
    Tom O’Toole

    got barnes

  • J Golf
    J Golf

    Got Bailey 👌👍

  • Jordan Tubbs
    Jordan Tubbs

    Ive only packed one Community TOTS so far and it was Ilicic untradeable. And of course, I do the guarentee sbc and get a dupe Ilicic. Any of the other 14 I wouldve been fine with

  • Juho

    I have done 10 of those PP's and haven't got better than 84

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Juho

    Ake haven't got upgrade upgrade yet... Hopefully before WL

  • Stephan Joubert
    Stephan Joubert

    Wow that prediction

  • Alex West
    Alex West

    Where can I get the shirt!!!!

  • Samirkurosaki

    Got Wan-bissaka

  • Gaurang Mohta
    Gaurang Mohta

    UCL prediction on .

  • nelsen 1
    nelsen 1

    12:15 i'm 99% sure that they are Lebanese

  • milly is trash
    milly is trash

    I got alaba im happy

  • Julián Novelo
    Julián Novelo

    I was waiting for this video all day 😂❤️


    I got a Frenchman from Rb leibzig but it's not mukiele. Guess before pressing read more. Nkunku!

  • Joker

    Edouard is only an L in price....that card Is a beast in game

  • Alex Bateman
    Alex Bateman

    nice prediction zwe

  • A.C

    Lmao all these man with cracked teams with shit ass records

  • Nacho G
    Nacho G

    I got Kean. Today I called it quits for fifa 21. Hoping next year makes major improvements

  • Sinan Adigüzel
    Sinan Adigüzel

    11:46 Song Name ?

  • Evan Dipasquale
    Evan Dipasquale

    I wasn't going to do the guarentee pack because it didn't seem worth it but I decided to do it got wan bissaka. My team got a big upgrade for this weekend even before fut champs rewards.

  • Nate 76ix
    Nate 76ix

    someone please answer me, if you do these sbcs and leave them until friday when the pl tots is out, will the packs give you pl tots players ?

  • Harry Corman
    Harry Corman

    Watch my pack wan again 😵

  • Harry Corman
    Harry Corman

    My guys score prediction doe 😯

  • ttpl

    Is zwe streaming today?

  • eric haliday
    eric haliday

    Zwe with the score prediction damn


    Leon Bailey for me 👌🏻

  • Tristan Henriques
    Tristan Henriques

    CL philosopher guy over here , MC BIG DUBS

  • Geo

    I got kean 😔🤦‍♂️

  • Jason Adkins
    Jason Adkins

    I got Harvey Barnes, he is absolutely bonkers good

  • Omar Wafa
    Omar Wafa

    Lets just agree that areola is so bad

  • Rajan Bains
    Rajan Bains


  • Nicholas Kriticos
    Nicholas Kriticos

    Zwe ur the boi! You’re videos r 🔥 I got Ndombele from my Communtiy TOTS pack 👏🏽 & PP Packs have been cracked for bunch of high rated fodder, couple TOTS specifically Nkunku

  • München 089
    München 089

    I packed valverde😍😍😍🔥

  • fun snaps
    fun snaps

    he didnt predict the match, he spoiled it

  • Yeest V1
    Yeest V1

    I got valverde Im so gassed he was the only one that I wanted

  • Trenton Vogel
    Trenton Vogel

    Only 1 God/Messiah- Jesus- no luck just Blessings God Bless

  • fjcamposr

    I actually got Mukiele too 😅, definitely guaranteed Mukiele pack ✌🏼

  • Latin Delta
    Latin Delta

    Prediction spot on VAMOS CITY 🔥💙 saludes from a Colombian parcero

  • F3xEr

    "some time good and some time shit the Gattuso shirt is lit* "

  • Danial Ritzz
    Danial Ritzz

    i got wan bisaka tots once i put his concept into a squad and pull this pack. i think this would be the trick.😉

  • Florinフローリン

    Who is here after Psg - City 1-2 ? We need more of this predictions

    • gokubelmont

      @Florinフローリン i forgive you

    • Florinフローリン

      @gokubelmont sorry mate, not my first language

    • gokubelmont

      These *

  • Thanosgaming

    i did 15 player picks and didn’t get a singe board

  • Tj Flame97
    Tj Flame97

    Peep how he got the city prediction exactly right tho

  • Ricardo Castillo V1
    Ricardo Castillo V1

    Should i do the Sbc?

  • Julian Paz
    Julian Paz

    Predicting score be like

  • Tall Dark And Gruesome
    Tall Dark And Gruesome

    Got a cheeky Bailey! Not going in any SBC

  • Mehmet Ali Bayrak
    Mehmet Ali Bayrak

    I have mukiele and he is insane CB. For me better than too much centerbacks

  • Evan Schreiber
    Evan Schreiber

    Mans pack luck at the end was bussin’

  • Zero Two TV - FIFA 21
    Zero Two TV - FIFA 21

    Your intros never disappoint, although I don’t have the editing capability for that right now one day I hope that my own fifa HRposts channel can have as good a content as you have

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