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  • WildJeffery

    "Matteo guendouzi is not gonna get upgraded"

  • Kiyo Zeal
    Kiyo Zeal

    The guy who submitted guendozi.... Guess what... He just got upgraded 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Youwilldie

    9:59 are you sure about that? 2 games left and they only need 1 goal

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez

    Got saka this morning 🥵

  • Team Mum
    Team Mum

    The little talking parts are so shit

  • Erman Tpc
    Erman Tpc

    whats the song end of the video?

  • Ollie


  • Ιωαννης Πιατιδης
    Ιωαννης Πιατιδης

    Is it gonna be a MALAKIA?🇬🇷🇬🇷

  • Cristian Guerra
    Cristian Guerra

    From the two party packs I got renato sanches and di maria

  • A Amiri
    A Amiri

    The guy who packed salah is sooooo lucky

  • ImAlexZeus

    Viva españa

  • Bentauros CZ
    Bentauros CZ

    What if Papu Gomez L or W?

  • Joe Kleanthous
    Joe Kleanthous

    Guy submitted guendouzi... 3-0 leverkusen 🤣

  • Abdul

    Drogba-Irish.You good bro?

  • Hlias Moutos
    Hlias Moutos

    Malakia is a greek word

  • benjamin bazaes
    benjamin bazaes

    Got 89 bergwijn 🤝🤝🤝🎂🎂🎂

  • Shicane Attard
    Shicane Attard

    I got future star bergwijn

  • Flanders Gaming
    Flanders Gaming


  • WINX

    Lol he said Drogba is Irish! 😂

  • Amier Sufyan
    Amier Sufyan

    Di Maria Halloween. W or L?

  • Rob Casey
    Rob Casey

    Anyone know the kit kulusevski walks out in?

  • It’s Ya boi foxy
    It’s Ya boi foxy

    I got klostermann W or L

    • Viddy

      Fat w smh

  • Gonçalo Soares
    Gonçalo Soares

    oh the irish drogba

  • Bersain Cordoba
    Bersain Cordoba

    I got pepe ARSENAL 😐😐😐😒😒😒f.

  • Jesperino

    9:54 Hes not getting a upgrade guys!

    • Viddy

      ahah one goal in 2 games or sum lesgo in 2 weeks tho

  • Pabletee _3
    Pabletee _3

    I got rashford togst

  • Reckzz Bg
    Reckzz Bg

    Did he just say drogba is the best Ireland 🇮🇪 player wtf he’s from Ivory Coast 🇨🇮

    • AlbieLukas

      Please just shut up

    • Viddy

      Bro it’s a joke

  • Jad Abdallah
    Jad Abdallah

    Greetings from Lebanon 🇱🇧

  • Divridend

    I got Donnarumma. Compared to Alex Teixeira last time this is an absolute win. Still useless tho.

  • Abbas Jaafar
    Abbas Jaafar

    I did 85+5 got mbappe,griezmann verratti and two 85 w or L

  • Hadi Ahmed
    Hadi Ahmed

    Tf this song isn't even near Egyptian songs

  • Dylan Singla
    Dylan Singla

    RTTF Pogba from mine

  • jacka jackan
    jacka jackan

    Veron, the Mcjell legend

  • ichbinnichtnichtich

    Golovin , ist ein win

  • Juan Novoa
    Juan Novoa

    were is giroud?

  • Dat Gamer
    Dat Gamer

    I got future stars kuluevski (idk how to spell it)

  • Knuckleball Twins
    Knuckleball Twins

    This vid is too funny, love all the references 👏😂😭

  • Brandon Hill
    Brandon Hill

    I got rulebreaker Dumfries

  • Chilli Gum
    Chilli Gum

    6:00 why the italian song with italian person talking

  • Zaz

    I got record breaker sancho is that good

  • Lauri Lukkarila
    Lauri Lukkarila

    Did my man just disrespect Hradecky like that

  • SFL

    Got OSCAR the FIFA 14 legend!! But rip for value

  • Dennis Lamond
    Dennis Lamond

    i got ocampos and i wanna cry

  • Goran H
    Goran H

    Do new Orsic 86!!!!!!

  • Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier Rodriguez

    I got record breaker Vela

  • Ivan Djinovic
    Ivan Djinovic

    its sad u have 1 m subs on fifa bcs u said drogba is from ireland. Its Ivory coast dumbass

  • Kamal Karchut
    Kamal Karchut

    Is he joking or did he say that drogba is Irish

  • Imadyboy

    Used shazam 11:26 Result: Banger

  • Seggy

    Is Fut Freeze Verratti a dub?

  • Sigmuz

    Party bags are consistently shit for me, got Podence in the most recent one and I've never packed anything that offset the actual cost of the SBC

  • Lola Harten
    Lola Harten

    Is he from home alone???

  • max hoffman
    max hoffman

    Please keep the zwe remixes going😂😍😍

  • Mildog 98
    Mildog 98

    I got RTTF Muriel complete dog. Loved the intro mad creativity

  • Sammis

    the one time its "juiced" i get 85 acerbi rip

  • TotallyLouis

    damn salah 94 now

  • TotallyLouis

    i put in 3 of my starting eleven players and got falcao out of it. SCAM! (i did it again because i got tapsoba from last one, this one i saw recordbreakers and shat myself lolllll)

  • Δημήτρης Σαχανίδης
    Δημήτρης Σαχανίδης

    Got a non board. Turned out to be renato 84. Packed mbappe on Monday to link to my 1st owner neymar and marquinios freeze so the team is looking fire

  • Igor Rybiński
    Igor Rybiński

    Make a giroud epi

  • Ceez 9800
    Ceez 9800

    Rabiot dybala cr17

  • Nodan 11
    Nodan 11

    Perfect got golovkin 83 RB. goes perfect with my oscampos

  • Kingpinjoris

    I got the 84 pepe😔

  • Teafault

    Got future stars Bergwijn pretty cracked bruv

  • Dan Perry
    Dan Perry

    Got rulebreakers Lukaku, W or L?

  • Gabriel P.
    Gabriel P.

    Droga is from Ivory Coast, not from Ireland

  • Jonathan Wagner
    Jonathan Wagner

    The beautiful fir fundamentally fix because custard relevantly influence plus a fortunate jar. literate, skillful cellar

  • Gabriel P.
    Gabriel P.

    Got alejandro gomez totgs from my party bag, W or L? *i use him in my first 11*

  • Nicholas Kriticos
    Nicholas Kriticos

    Okay so my Party Bag was an L... I pulled Pat Van Annholt But I grinded for Pastore yesterday his unreal, finally got level 30 De Scilio, & did the Rabiot SBC (he’s a great all around players better attacking then defending so far after 4 matches)

  • Milan Hordijk
    Milan Hordijk

    I packed 90 aubameyang

  • Jonjo Smith
    Jonjo Smith

    Loving the Roy Keane adlibs 😂

  • Raydan Trlecom
    Raydan Trlecom

    I'm Lebanese btw💪♥️

  • Raydan Trlecom
    Raydan Trlecom

    Drogba isn't an Irish player😂he's from Cote d'ivoire

  • Zed Gaming
    Zed Gaming


  • Vitas Nnamdi
    Vitas Nnamdi

    Im going to stop watching these vids bro everytime zwe packs something good it reminds me that in the last 5 party bags i just got shit

  • Aswin Ramesh
    Aswin Ramesh

    I got Raphinha Headliners Beat that L

  • Eskil Valso
    Eskil Valso

    I got kulusevski, fits right into my team as well

  • IceG

    Freakin love Dunkin guy

  • AIeeex

    Yo Zwe, why you always saying Guendouzi won't get upgraded. Hertha has 3 games left and needs 3 goals. Not safe, but far from impossible.

  • BroJennan

    These are usually trash for me but I thought fuck it I’m basically done with the game I’ll do it and got what if Ricardo Pereira. I’m gassed I was going to do the Doherty anyway so I can look at it as getting a better play for a bit more and he links my fofana.

  • Official Mate
    Official Mate

    Again farty bag keylor navas totgs

  • Michael Hofer
    Michael Hofer

    Stay high als hätte ich wings kranker beat

  • Jee Jee
    Jee Jee

    You thought that salah 93 wasn't big boy

  • Anthony 399
    Anthony 399

    Got upgraded headliner Ben yedder and it's my second time packing a special card version of him😂😂

  • Jee Jee
    Jee Jee

    Yeah i got Morata 84 20K and there is also better morata in market if someone really wants the guy 😶

  • Andrin Hardegger
    Andrin Hardegger

    the Mosalah you pulled is a 2 mil card man

  • Hier ist Jonny
    Hier ist Jonny

    Got rulebreaker cuardado -meh

  • Tygo Prinsen
    Tygo Prinsen

    These intro songs are AMAZING

  • Gorilla Butt
    Gorilla Butt

    “Didier drogba one of the best Irish players” *face-palm”

    • Thierry

      Face-palm because you missed the joke

    • Cozzy


  • your dad
    your dad

    I have never packed a player over 200 k from all of the 6 party pags. Only 1 over 100 k the rest was under 100 k

  • Efe UYAR
    Efe UYAR

    I packed haaland 88

  • Vibezz-_-

    i got record braker mbappe finally something good

  • These hoes Aint loyal
    These hoes Aint loyal

    Got the rttf rashford from the last partybag. Used my luck for the rest of this year

  • Xavier Monet βξ
    Xavier Monet βξ

    Why does almost everyone on the video has fifa 20 installed?

  • ramzi kiswani
    ramzi kiswani

    hhhhhh man you are crazy , يلا حبيبي

  • ahmed Qasim
    ahmed Qasim

    Subscribed for the Dabke ❤❤

  • Miguel Marrero
    Miguel Marrero

    That Chewbacca impersonation made me cry! bro you the best Zwe!

  • Vansan W
    Vansan W

    The song 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeremy Stones
    Jeremy Stones

    Not to brag or anything... but I got TOTGS Messi 🤗🙏🏼 Tbf he’s untradeable and I’ve been shafted by EA all year

  • nelsen 1
    nelsen 1

    7:42 Zwe you legend 😂

  • hussein hashem
    hussein hashem

    hahhah really your friends lebanese, im from lebanon and always watch your videos, sooo good 🔥🔥

  • Samy Acceleratie
    Samy Acceleratie

    Waiting for that rabiot player review

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