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  • KaHei Ng
    KaHei Ng

    This card’s position is shit!

  • Nkanyiso Mnguni
    Nkanyiso Mnguni

    I prefer the hunter on him if ur gonna play a narrow formation like 4-3-1-2 as I do

  • Gaius Ukaegbu
    Gaius Ukaegbu

    If Giroud bleached his beard, he'd look like Bjorn from Vikings.

  • Andrew Bagamasbad
    Andrew Bagamasbad

    For some reason.. this card is beast! Felt like an ibrahimovic fut 20 flashback card hahah

  • Yt_ Casyboy
    Yt_ Casyboy

    I want that card

  • Yt_ Casyboy
    Yt_ Casyboy

    Is he gone

  • Tizg123

    Whats the song at the end?????? ????? ?????????????????

  • AlainUzumaki XL
    AlainUzumaki XL

    I love the song

  • Kirubel Zebene
    Kirubel Zebene

    i slapped a hunter chem on him

  • Tobias

    How do you do the skill move he does all the time for example at 6:23 ?

  • the bruhs
    the bruhs

    Done him but not played with him he looks really good tho

  • Ej Sultan
    Ej Sultan

    Good evening everyone

  • Charlie Dee
    Charlie Dee

    I was using his card last might and thought he had a 4* lool he’s so cracked

  • Sxccer Capalot
    Sxccer Capalot

    It’s kinda crazy the effort you put in to your videos you put your all into every video ups to you

  • Eduardo Zuniga
    Eduardo Zuniga

    This is by far the best intro song! I come back just to listen to it.

  • Extreme Refresh01
    Extreme Refresh01

    this guy is cracked today i scored a bicycle kick with this card today

  • Arno SEGARD
    Arno SEGARD

    salut je cherche un gars qui peut me faire giroud et van bergen pour 10€ PS4 et XBOX

  • Muhammet Eroglu
    Muhammet Eroglu

    The 4th min there starts a song what is the name of it ? Edit: here it is I found it Nixo - N'golo kante thats the name of the song enjoy everyone, im out

  • DanteMunez

    Good evening everyone! hahah cracked

  • Winston Harris
    Winston Harris

    I’ve got 36 goals in 15 games with him he’s so good bro if you get it on his left it’s going in almost every time

  • Nickolas Seressiotis
    Nickolas Seressiotis

    11:03 what is this skill move called that looks like a scoop, but cant be cause he has 4 ⭐ skills ?

  • Pityss Pity
    Pityss Pity

    Song at 13:30

  • Lord BendyWebs
    Lord BendyWebs

    If anyone else needs help doing the objectives just message the other person when you start the game and ask them, they’ll more than likely needs objectives too whether it be giroud or the neves card, gets its done a lot faster💪🏻

  • D Lloyd
    D Lloyd

    Noob question- haven’t been playing fifa long but how do you do that turn in the box that giroud keeps pulling off (on Xbox) and turning the defenders to dust?

  • Stephie Jeebies
    Stephie Jeebies

    The eto’o song will always be emotional

  • Ngolo speaks
    Ngolo speaks

    what a vid 🤣🤣🤣

  • Z

    Sbc fodder

  • Zoltan Friendly
    Zoltan Friendly

    Giroud’s celebration is a reference to his scorpion kick versus Crystal Palace in 2017

  • Erwin Roossien
    Erwin Roossien

    Throw a Hunter on him and he'll go perfect into the Messi SBC 👌🤣

  • Bersain Cordoba
    Bersain Cordoba

    What happened when fifa 22 comes out do they still EA do sbc to fifa 21

  • xi vincent
    xi vincent

    Orsic motm review?

  • aklordx TTV
    aklordx TTV

    Since when did this don have 84 base pace

  • YTSeify

    What’s the skill called at 3:46?

    • Pityss Pity
      Pityss Pity

      The berbatov spin

  • Bronco 787
    Bronco 787

    Giroud is the best ever.

  • Carton of Milk
    Carton of Milk

    Olivier Goatroud 🇫🇷🐐 the greatest player to ever grace the grass of the universe

  • Mila Nyongo
    Mila Nyongo

    Bro you this is even his full potential just cross in for him and watch that head destroy the back of the net😤

  • Elijah Lucas
    Elijah Lucas

    marksman gives him 95 striker it says on fut bin maybe try it!

  • Khye Drayton
    Khye Drayton

    Most underrated striker in the world

  • DeMarcus Batista
    DeMarcus Batista

    I haven’t heard the eto’o song in years man I love Zwe

  • greyscale dub
    greyscale dub

    2:46 “already has jacked off shooting stats” lol

  • 2K Gang
    2K Gang

    Giroud is a god

  • The_Sprout

    Saw the Kante mug and within 10 minutes I had an order confirmation in my inbox

  • Pinky Beecroft
    Pinky Beecroft

    STOP CALLING HIM JER-RUDE. FFS. Get his name right pleeeeeeeeeeeese. And thank you for the review.

  • Elder 1892
    Elder 1892

    30 games of fut champs 73 goals CRAAAAAAAACKED

  • Adam Halcro
    Adam Halcro

    Yoooo you gotta do Pastore with the El Shaarawy and Dybala links

  • Nemanja Todorović
    Nemanja Todorović

    I used to play fifa 18 and watch him and he had 1 mil subs aswell back in the day, unlucky, deserves more.

  • James Hamilton
    James Hamilton

    Is 6 more i need to get him in am not good at math things

  • James Hamilton
    James Hamilton

    I got 9 out of 15

  • Droomprins69

    How's the celebration called at 4:41

  • jtheorangeman

    5:26 that's what she said

  • jake brew
    jake brew

    Anyone know the name of the French song ?

  • Khalil Makhloufi
    Khalil Makhloufi

    Wath name is your célébration in 4:44 please

  • Hector Sanchez
    Hector Sanchez

    Basically everyone on managerial masterpiece who is doing giroud is doing 1st goal wins, definitely worth doing it you’ll finish real quick.

  • Awesome Ayers
    Awesome Ayers

    Zwe loves a Roy Keane clip

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay


  • Karamvir Singh
    Karamvir Singh

    How do I change my commentary language to Spanish as well? Mine shows only Japanese and Chinese :(

  • WassellThatAbout

    Used him in my WL team, he dribbles like a Buffalo but everything else is great.

  • Gregecb

    Looks like your playing on a strawberry cheesecake

  • Luffytaro

    Ea made me waste 300k on cavani

  • Mitchel Kuijsten
    Mitchel Kuijsten

    Normal Lewandowski card is better

  • Steve Glean
    Steve Glean

    Got him this weekend have not used yet Chem?

  • CaptainPlays

    He’s 100% the best ST card I’ve used in this game, cross from the wing and his 99 heading accuracy is just a cheat code

  • Gerek Melendrez
    Gerek Melendrez

    His only problem is his weak foot. The amount of goals I’ve missed because of that 😭

  • Robbie Chapman
    Robbie Chapman


  • kaone rantshabeng
    kaone rantshabeng

    What people see: a player I can use What I see: free 90 rated fodder

    • Regan Humphreys
      Regan Humphreys


  • Jason Lamb
    Jason Lamb

    Love the Kante mug 😂😂

  • Juicepimp 52
    Juicepimp 52


  • Jak Johnston
    Jak Johnston

    Song at 9:50?

  • El Afghano
    El Afghano

    4:15 song name?

    • Pityss Pity
      Pityss Pity

      Yh man

  • Kwatier Lateng
    Kwatier Lateng

    Instant follow for the Fc Köln scarf in the back

  • SnipJoao

    What’s the name of the song ?? He puts in French l

  • Bryan Bajana
    Bryan Bajana


  • Why Me
    Why Me

    Giroud’s right shoots like 5* weak foot at least in his 84 I haven’t done the 90 giroud yet.

  • Humereau

    2:46 WHAT DID HE SAYYY?!!!?

  • RemmithZ

    Anyone knows the outro song?

  • johnjambo1

    7:18 - Sent the defender to training, sent him to the shops, sent him to sleep

  • Ramon

    Sorry but need him to put him in the mbappe sbc..

  • Vince Hajós-Szabó
    Vince Hajós-Szabó

    The intro 😍

  • Geraint Lewis
    Geraint Lewis

    Neves worth doing

  • Kvonn

    How many game hours would this take ? 4 days left for me to finish this 😢

  • Salah Khoudoud
    Salah Khoudoud

    The mcgeady spin king

  • Maximiliano Guajardo
    Maximiliano Guajardo

    I was so bummed when I didn't have the fodder for Cavani and EA gives this guy for free and it's better.

  • Kenan Hussiani
    Kenan Hussiani

    Can you please try out Rabiot? he looks sick in game

  • CodeNameKev

    love the recent intros

  • Cha Boi
    Cha Boi

    Martin Tyler: “Oooooh. He’s come up with it. A scorpion touch by Olivier Giroud.”

  • Bro H
    Bro H

    Решил сразу этого чела сделать, дак он в первом же матче сначала скорпионом с лету пас на ход на фланг скинул ускорился и головой в падении замкнул навес. Как говорится, любовь с первого взгляда)

  • Some_Kid_From_ Sa
    Some_Kid_From_ Sa

    So catalyst l?

  • Mason Shutt
    Mason Shutt

    What camera setting is zwe using?

  • Anthony Reyes
    Anthony Reyes

    When do promo packs come back lol

  • Adam Thompson
    Adam Thompson

    Would love to see champs highlights like this every week

  • Billel Messaoud
    Billel Messaoud

    Song name please 13:30

  • Oscar Fleming
    Oscar Fleming

    song at 13:30 in the outro?

  • Joshua Morales
    Joshua Morales

    Unfortunately i have to use him as a CDM bc of the links

  • Jay Sawyer
    Jay Sawyer

    I think with your skills you could make a bronze rare look fantastic mate, Why do i keep liking all your vids? Oh yeah....you're a frickin legend!!!!

  • RobFut 99
    RobFut 99

    Well look who limped in late to the Giroud party.

  • Ben Bacharach
    Ben Bacharach


  • David Williams
    David Williams

    I put him in to rabiot lol

  • Noble iroh
    Noble iroh


  • Woron1122

    12:03 song name?

  • ArrudaWakeniing

    Anyone else staggered an international player could get done like that?

811 tis.