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  • Conal Mcdonnell
    Conal Mcdonnell

    Can confirm honeyman was in mine

  • Barti-FC

    I got lm bourmouth Netherlands 🇳🇱 player

  • Jose Andres Chavez
    Jose Andres Chavez

    Picked up Pukki not too bad

  • PDG 16
    PDG 16

    Haha i am from Greece and the meme with gatusso is class.Now wit h the T-Shirt its much funnier😂

  • KingLoui14

    Love the vids zwe but spoiling us what u got in the packs kills it for me

  • Durcan 11
    Durcan 11

    I got Ivan Toney🙂

  • Robin van Wijk
    Robin van Wijk

    In part of the Honeycrew

  • khalid alharbi
    khalid alharbi

    I bought jay and i got from the pack jay 😡🤬🤬

  • Enrico Franke
    Enrico Franke

    I packed Ricardo Santos and play him alongside Joe Gomez, he’s cracked

  • El_yisu_on_keys

    malakia 100%

  • Issac Denzil
    Issac Denzil

    This Pack is rigged lol

  • Based D
    Based D

    Honey man is a meme at this point

  • Conor G
    Conor G

    I got elder

  • Eneas205

    Packed aarons 🍀🍀🍀

  • TheTips Insider
    TheTips Insider

    Love how the icon at the end walks out and has a dynamic image and Zwe goes 'is this a moment's?'

  • Nigel Thomas
    Nigel Thomas

    Nonononono Dddd-eee-nieee

  • Yellapsy 1122
    Yellapsy 1122

    Why is he callling max aarons Danny Aaron’s?

    • Lewis Scorer
      Lewis Scorer

      for the lol’s

  • Steven Tickle
    Steven Tickle

    I got Tony.. Proper happy with that

  • Adam El-Ali
    Adam El-Ali

    I'v got duplicated Mullin :(

  • tabpro☺

    Got Danjuma, but just completed Sarr

  • Miguel Marrero
    Miguel Marrero

    The Malakia shirt!! Loved it!!

  • Minh Ngo
    Minh Ngo

    Holy f*** you butchered Lucas Digne's name

  • Jim_The Greek
    Jim_The Greek

    The Danny aarons' screams at the aarons pack got me

  • Prof. Poure
    Prof. Poure

    Got Clarke Harris

  • Robbie Richards
    Robbie Richards

    I got the Dutch Lm

  • Prythen

    I got Aarons🙂

  • Josh Masters
    Josh Masters

    i got the portugese cb😫😫

  • Joe Werking
    Joe Werking

    Zwe you should come party at CU Boulder with me and Mullin

  • xXMalakaXx 300
    xXMalakaXx 300

    I need this shirt 😍

  • I m ๔คשเ๔๏ฬรкเツ
    I m ๔คשเ๔๏ฬรкเツ

    Me:Why not Chillwel?EA:Digne top

  • michael deeping
    michael deeping

    I don't play anymore, just sold my ps4, but went on companion to do it and got aarons, dub but useless 🤣

  • Ben DaDoom
    Ben DaDoom

    I got Aarons from 81 - 87 player pick, really shocking..

  • Abdulmohsen Alfhiyd
    Abdulmohsen Alfhiyd

    EA just gives hows have a channel on youtube a good player's

  • Timon Stoppe
    Timon Stoppe

    i got the leftback

  • Ben Kelly
    Ben Kelly

    I got buendia and I’m gassed

  • Theoneandonlypj1

    That Cb is from Bolton not the Turkish league....

  • PeloPoGO

    Yo! I havent watched your videos in such a long time, but I remember finding your channel and it being so entertaining and authentic. Huge congrats on 1 million dude!

  • Ryan Jackson
    Ryan Jackson

    Wtf is Danny Aarons you mean Max Aarons

  • Roman Ryashencev
    Roman Ryashencev


  • Shaunak Keer
    Shaunak Keer

    Please Gameplay of clarke - harris


    Keep it a stack? Bussin? Dude you’re 30

  • Saleem Al-Hajj
    Saleem Al-Hajj

    What's this a kid show

  • PM SV
    PM SV

    Bro you’re overdoing it with the song in the beginning

  • raretrent

    I got that Dutch LM 88 guy

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Khari Wilkins
    Khari Wilkins

    I got buendia

  • Tito Mendoza
    Tito Mendoza

    Love your content man!!! Intro song on point too!!!!

  • Drew Robertson
    Drew Robertson

    Max Aaron’s not Danny Aarons

  • Carson Tate
    Carson Tate

    Zwe you’re best. Just gotta say that

  • HOEY182

    There was once a man called HONEYMAN he comes out of packs as fast as he can

  • Gia Ferretti
    Gia Ferretti

    Just packed toney from my one

  • Sash M
    Sash M

    Dude I want that shirt!!!

  • Lee Oconnor
    Lee Oconnor

    He called max Aarons Danny aarons

  • Jose Barazarte
    Jose Barazarte

    I got Hughes so kind of a dub

  • Peter Kiss
    Peter Kiss

    Shoutout Mundial for the shirt !!

  • Julian Alberto
    Julian Alberto

    We need this shirt in a Zwe merch shop

  • Carson Tate
    Carson Tate

    I have gotten mullin 3 times in a row


    No way zwe leaves out that he was trolled by twitch chat with Lana rhoades and him not knowing what was going on

  • RobFut 99
    RobFut 99

    If the pack isn’t a walkout it’s crap, not the best SBC for pack openings.

  • Carlo Schulz
    Carlo Schulz

    I like your videos a lot but that intro song ... it’s the only thing I don’t like

  • Felo Arce
    Felo Arce

    I got buendia

  • Antoine G
    Antoine G

    1:54 "Lucas Digney" 🤦🏻‍♂️😅

  • JChaconYT

    I got a elder 😔

  • TobyJug

    Put some respect in Bolton😤

  • Jamiestu

    funny enough i got honeyman

  • Elder 1892
    Elder 1892

    When onuachu gets his well deserved tots I better see a zweveiw

  • Chahat Modi
    Chahat Modi

    Ohhh when the honey man comes

  • dmnoden

    Hey I got a Honeyman too! Really just happy to be a part of the crew. Super grateful.

    • zakstar545

      Me too but honestly it's still a dub for an 82 rated squad XD

  • Mr Mahamad Syazwan
    Mr Mahamad Syazwan

    What is the name of intro song? Anyone?

  • Brillian Tran
    Brillian Tran

    yea wtf do i do with my 82 duplicates anyways i'll send this one

  • HelloGodSent

    i got pukki

  • Matthew Swanson
    Matthew Swanson

    Zwe I would cop a Malakia shirt

  • Harry webbo
    Harry webbo

    I got tony

  • americanista 288
    americanista 288

    Uk zwe full clowning when he says "chelsea 2-1", that's what all the memes do to man🐥

    • americanista 288
      americanista 288

      He's turning to a meme

  • MD.Rakibul Islam
    MD.Rakibul Islam

    hey dude pleaseeee do a digne review

  • RebornDIAJACK

    where can i get that shirt

  • Messi and Cristiano
    Messi and Cristiano

    Was expecting a 85 rated and got Buendía finally some luck

    • Savage Highlights
      Savage Highlights

      Buy aarons and you have a nice link

  • Evan Schreiber
    Evan Schreiber

    Hey I made it into the video lol… not my pack just my invite 😂

  • Gino .D
    Gino .D

    Is Aaron's a W?

  • Abdelrahman Medhat Areesha M2 Tulip
    Abdelrahman Medhat Areesha M2 Tulip

    I got Teemu Pukki Very good for the value

  • Geo

    I got pukki aka bateson

  • Morgan Hill
    Morgan Hill

    I got krul from my prime pick pack and then got him again from the efl guaranteed pack... one might say life is...KRUL🥶😩😭

    • Yabuki Dro
      Yabuki Dro

      Damn I'm a fan of krul so I wasn't even mad I got him lol

  • Massimo Ciaramaglia
    Massimo Ciaramaglia

    Thanks for opening my pack zwe I was dingle

  • Axel Ronaldo
    Axel Ronaldo

    Is the Lucas Digne kind of overpriced, yes. But for the Nep meme for the squad, goated.

  • Bryan Seng
    Bryan Seng

    His video edits are awesome. Funny and awesome ngl

  • Halil Aydin
    Halil Aydin

    Zwe why do you say antslyaspor badge for the Portuguese CB

  • Serhat Ataş
    Serhat Ataş

    Hahahah Granteed pack 😂

  • Serhat Ataş
    Serhat Ataş

    What does malakia mean?

  • Michael Louis
    Michael Louis

    I got honeyman 😢😭😭😭😭

  • war master696969 s
    war master696969 s

    I got krul 😭😭😭😭

  • liam hart
    liam hart

    it’s not a troll it’s a mighty imp

  • johnjohnjohnxx Edmo
    johnjohnjohnxx Edmo

    I wish I got honeyman, I’m a Sunderland fan

    • johnjohnjohnxx Edmo
      johnjohnjohnxx Edmo

      @TheAshenOne nah I want him untradeable

    • TheAshenOne

      Just buy him, cheap as peanuts

  • Evan Dipasquale
    Evan Dipasquale

    I always felt the efl sbc was just there to give everyone a tots card to do all the other guarentee packs since you need a tots card to do them.

    • Evan Dipasquale
      Evan Dipasquale

      @Detonating Redstone yeah I haven't packed any but I also haven't done a bunch of packs since it's just the efl and community right now.

    • Detonating Redstone
      Detonating Redstone

      phew. thank god i have 3 now

  • omar laan
    omar laan

    What is the name of that beat at the end?

  • Sigmuz

    Well i got danjuma which is all good and all.... but I've already got him untradeable

  • BladeSZN

    Am I tripping or was the flag at 0:21 Argentina 🇦🇷 ? But the player was from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • Joe White
      Joe White

      That's the joke

    • Luke Bennett
      Luke Bennett

      It was edited

  • Cameron Robbins
    Cameron Robbins

    Danny aarons at rb

  • Pinhead

    There is no getting away with that

  • jad alhalabi
    jad alhalabi

    This pack is red link to my happiness

  • dazzaburger

    Where can I get one of those MALAKIA shirts?

27 tis.