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  • Bayer 04 Leverkusen
    Bayer 04 Leverkusen

    Nice intro! 😂😂

  • Billy Bob The Sad Spurs Fan
    Billy Bob The Sad Spurs Fan

    Put this on Spotify

  • Reindra

    Bender or klostermann? At cb

  • Aaron Daly
    Aaron Daly

    Upgraded Luka Jovic next?

  • Christian C
    Christian C

    Man my defense looking real sexy now

  • Elvin Olin
    Elvin Olin


  • Liam Nulldrei
    Liam Nulldrei

    what a nice video bro....greetings from germany

  • Miko Mathieu
    Miko Mathieu

    am i the only one who’s saying : WATHS BOYS AND WELCOME,at the same time every time

  • Lars Houben
    Lars Houben

    I just had to get lars just bc he has the same name as me and he is the goat

  • Jonathan Vasquez
    Jonathan Vasquez

    these 3 h sleep schedule getting to frequent bro, u good?

  • FR3LLE

    Is this the last air benders? :'(

  • noam

    Your intro is spacial .ناز

  • TheHarlemShow

    Always worth a like 👍

  • CBandz

    Lars Bender on 7 chem or Klaiber on 7 chem

  • RyanTMHG

    ‘L.Bender’ See there’s Sven.

  • Alex Davenport
    Alex Davenport

    You've got a couple of benders in your team!

  • Scott Wiltshire
    Scott Wiltshire

    Rabiot review??

  • Jad Abdallah
    Jad Abdallah

    I smashed the like because I think bender is better than bender

  • Alpcha

    probably watched the intro song about 8 times now

  • Anton


  • luigirui33

    The game is dead. Gameplay has been complete trash. Unplayable

  • Connor Moody
    Connor Moody

    10.15 was shocking defending you need to cut him off

  • Sven Mieke
    Sven Mieke

    My name is Sven and I was very confused over the whole episode for hearing my name all the time

  • Der RIchi
    Der RIchi

    Nur der SVB

  • Wietse de Jonge
    Wietse de Jonge

    is boateng better than they??

  • William Duenas
    William Duenas

    Do a rabiot episode

  • ACI

    From Futbin:Its the Bend of an area

  • k1ng EyZ
    k1ng EyZ

    can we talk about lewas 25 matches and 35 goals??

  • [TOL] [JG] Luuk Bruinen
    [TOL] [JG] Luuk Bruinen

    I think because sven is on 10 chem he is beter than lars

  • Harvey24

    Imagine mendy lb varane cb bender cb bender rb

    • derick ansah
      derick ansah

      Does exactly how my backline looks like, I’ve done the 2 benders sbc

  • Landon Bryons
    Landon Bryons

    That edit on the clearance into scoring really had me there man 😂😂

  • שגיא שי
    שגיא שי

    Have you noticed that if you think they are eqauled you don't need to smash the like button...

  • Henry Martin
    Henry Martin

    That intro was class ahahahah

  • Αλφα Καπα
    Αλφα Καπα

    Bender Bros Giroud Waman and Busquets. Ea have redeemed themselves

  • Jib1x

    From this video Sven looked very good definitely getting both

  • Knuckleball Twins
    Knuckleball Twins

    Intros are always on point, but this one is up there with the best 👌😂

  • los hermanos tasticos
    los hermanos tasticos

    Hey, Leverkusen's fan, do u consider them club legends?

  • Marcel Sz
    Marcel Sz

    I can do both of him for about 190k. I will have to change my team a little bit but yeah...Do you guys think it is good to waste my fooder for them or should I wait longer for a better sbc coming out like maybe mbappe flashback hhaha. What do you think?

    • DZZY Ac3
      DZZY Ac3

      Well that green link will help and probably can use them until the end of the game

  • Arman Kokor
    Arman Kokor

    Fun fact if you use lars bender at CB then you are a dirty little rat

  • FocusYT Seb Currie
    FocusYT Seb Currie

    Do a f8tal

  • Its TheD
    Its TheD

    If you had the 4 Irish PL players, you would of got the trio w/ Giroud & Ruben

  • AG

    Zweback thank you! as a long time Leverkusen Fan i am so glad about this video. Can't believe those two legends are ending their careers


    It’s always sad for me to see players retire at a somewhat young age

  • Anton Grönroos
    Anton Grönroos

    Love the intros!

  • Demir Dikici
    Demir Dikici

    Im gona get swen lars isnt consistent enough

  • Roope Heikkilä
    Roope Heikkilä

    Should u do it when icon sbc’s are gone? Wil the prices drop?

  • nadav maoz
    nadav maoz

    Do you consider sven an upgrade for boateng moments

  • Fazer

    Pls rabiot

  • Igor Iancu
    Igor Iancu

    Of course I m gonna do them both

  • Kevin Kauam Macena
    Kevin Kauam Macena

    Are we not going to talk about how he kept saying Sven even tho some of them were Lars😭😭

  • Number 10
    Number 10

    The Bendy bros strike again!


    2 benders equals straight

  • YaSsirJuMaah-HMC

    If I have mbabu what if should I do Lars? Because I have Sven and next to him there is Boateng moments card so would Lars Bender be better? Or should I do him as well?

  • Reggie H
    Reggie H

    This is honestly amazing. Best content value, and speed out there

  • Kevin Carmona
    Kevin Carmona

    Can u make a vid on 85 diego lainez?

  • akshat sethi
    akshat sethi

    lets not compare the two lads enjoy them while we can

  • BFMert

    I need Rabiot, Party Bag (which i'll probably skip), AT LEAST Lars Bender and 85+ pack. No fodders in the club either :

  • Watayatalkinabout -
    Watayatalkinabout -

    As a fellow twin myself i can say that playing with my twin up front in games is hilarious as we confuse defenders alot

  • Manfred Villalobos
    Manfred Villalobos

    damn zwe stuttering like there is no tomorrow

  • Omar

    I'm gonna unlock Lars. He looks like a cheap zambrotta

  • sxm

    I got red waman and lars bender in the same week. Best week of fifa ive played.

  • gonzales

    Bender,Bender and Tapsoba wall impossible to pass

  • TheBj187

    Who is beter, alaba rttf or lars as cb ?

    • Mac Daddy
      Mac Daddy


  • Theme Craft
    Theme Craft


  • Matip El Matip
    Matip El Matip

    Horgan the Lionel Nepenthez 😂

  • Soccer hernandez
    Soccer hernandez

    3:50 Zweback: "They got to come together and play as one" - Sweet home alabama!!!

  • Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford

    Yo zwe get some sleep homie

  • Max Marotta
    Max Marotta

    The bender brothers are basically the Sedin brothers for Soccer instead of Hockey

  • Swaraj Koli
    Swaraj Koli

    People are gonna use lars as cb 😂

  • Ebbe holm
    Ebbe holm

    Sven bender or Van dijk?

  • DeAtHaToMiC

    What a pair of benders

  • Sayantan Ray
    Sayantan Ray

    Can we appreciate how beautifully this video showcases the Bender Bros' defending? Absolute treat of a video and great content by EA!

  • Glenn der velde
    Glenn der velde

    Thats definetly the most times somebody said my name in 13 minutes 😅

  • Burt DN
    Burt DN

    Please do moments Olivier Giroud next

  • Julius Widmayer
    Julius Widmayer

    What about playing Lars as right back?

    • Umair Arham
      Umair Arham

      He can play there ofc

  • Jake Marsh
    Jake Marsh

    I want them but have FB boateng freeze volland and headliner upamecano so don’t think its worth it

    • Jake Marsh
      Jake Marsh

      That’s a good shout

    • Umair Arham
      Umair Arham

      U can replace upa with Lars

  • Brandon Miotke
    Brandon Miotke

    I love how the commentator switches when saying “Jeff Hendricks” 😂 one moment, Spanish passionate commentator. The next, male Siri


    was happening boyzzz

  • I’m yo Pops
    I’m yo Pops

    Bless you

  • Joe Harris
    Joe Harris

    Rabiot worth it??

  • Nikola i Tesla
    Nikola i Tesla

    Which one is better?or both?

  • Fritz Gordon
    Fritz Gordon

    Sven and Lars played together for my club (1860 Munich) when I started watching football in the stadium. I love them both and will definitely do both and already have Lars.

  • Jeremy Bender
    Jeremy Bender


  • Dara McCarthy
    Dara McCarthy

    Can’t wait for the Croatian Yacht party episodia with Mad Lad Mislav Orsic

    • Tomas Miletic
      Tomas Miletic


    • West Virginia
      West Virginia

      Modric robbed of a MOTM card ffs.....

  • Yoda thanos
    Yoda thanos

    Thought they were the sane person just different postisions

  • Evan Dipasquale
    Evan Dipasquale

    The Super Bender Bros!

  • Mohamed Nashat
    Mohamed Nashat

    Lars deserves a better card he’s the better bender

  • Wilson Diaz
    Wilson Diaz

    The bend-her bros😳

  • Frankiiee D
    Frankiiee D

    Hey @zwebackhd I went to school w Aaron Connolly hmu n I’ll get u a good pic for the channel for memes 🤣🤣🤣🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Banana Gamer99
    Banana Gamer99

    sven makes my toty ramos look like a joke

  • Jr2w

    Where’s rabiot review

  • felixshengyang

    Anybody else have the problem that each dragback simultaneously triggers a run of a second player?

  • Jonathan Cuerden
    Jonathan Cuerden

    With they would have made 1 a cdm. Remember them both having cdm scream cards and i loved them, used them till tots. Do you think you could use sven at cdm ?

    • Umair Arham
      Umair Arham

      I don’t think so

  • Thomas Davies
    Thomas Davies

    Do the Giroud moments Zweview pls !

  • Soccer mania
    Soccer mania

    I was lookin on Futbin because I need an affordable good bundesliga right back and I saw bender had really good defending but wouldn’t be usable do you his pace however 24 hours later we get him and his brother WELL DONE EA 👏🏽👏🏽

  • bangerz only
    bangerz only

    zwe is running on that miami coke

    • Mega Drip
      Mega Drip

      hmmm dunno

  • Gus The bus
    Gus The bus

    This video should have 100k likes .!!

  • Sebastian Delgado Meneses
    Sebastian Delgado Meneses

    Puedes hacer review de Sancho 89 porfa

    • Sebastian Delgado Meneses
      Sebastian Delgado Meneses

      @Mega Drip ok

    • Mega Drip
      Mega Drip

      Se lo tienes que decir en ingles pa que entienda

  • Shahzad r9
    Shahzad r9

    This was such a cool epi emotional

  • RealOT TripleOG
    RealOT TripleOG

    I like Bender a lot more than the other Bender.

811 tis.