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  • i am a shoe
    i am a shoe

    I got Moments Del Piero, not good, not bad..

  • Doozie Slime
    Doozie Slime

    Zola is a W: a cheap beast why discard him :/

  • Kieran Jefferson
    Kieran Jefferson

    Whys the video quality so bad

    • Kieran Jefferson
      Kieran Jefferson

      Just wondering if there is a reason

    • Kieran Jefferson
      Kieran Jefferson

      No hate

  • Tim Glient
    Tim Glient

    I like your Charakter. So funny😍😍

  • Emorado

    Polska Gurom

  • Joseph Yarrow
    Joseph Yarrow

    What does it mean when that guy goes “100% marakea”

    • Joseph Yarrow
      Joseph Yarrow

      Help please

  • Killerbye22

    Isn't that beyondstandard (shanks) saying I'm going to break everything in my studio?

    • Ayman Rahman
      Ayman Rahman


  • Ruben Meuris
    Ruben Meuris

    Moments zola. Not a person likes it. Moments crespo, small dub, good card, ingame beast. Am i stupid or is that not ok ?

  • William Yousif
    William Yousif

    is it me or does this guy not know how to speak english ?

  • Nouman Ahmad
    Nouman Ahmad

    11:37 what is that Eagle tifo or badge if anyone know please let me know i badly want it

  • ricardo

    Damn you still play fifa havnt seen you in atleast 2 years

  • French vxnillx
    French vxnillx

    I really wanna know where can I find the instrumental of that song 7:28

    • fahed matter
      fahed matter

      Varanti Italian trap beat

  • Rowe

    You have to try TOTS bailey he is absolutely insane

  • bacodaco

    Got prime Best, finally downgraded from 79 Adama! 😌

    • Evren

      Got mid :(

  • S 10
    S 10

    300k coins for sale £10...ps4 only..let me know if interested.

  • Jeff !
    Jeff !

    Packed 92 wan-bissak out of the 86 double upgrade pack probably best defender I’ve played with this fifa

  • Anthony pampos
    Anthony pampos

    Are u greek? You play greek people talking?

  • DNZY

    Imagine discarding Zola.. Couldn't be me

  • Julian Banuelos
    Julian Banuelos

    Am I a sucker for packing 90 Šuker?

    • Julian Banuelos
      Julian Banuelos

      Just looked at Futbin I am definitely a sucker

  • Jonathan Fagan
    Jonathan Fagan

    I'd love if Keane came out on midfield icon upgrade then he does the voice over.

  • Bleart Idrizi
    Bleart Idrizi

    Bro the beat at the end is sick 😂✌🏼🔥

  • Rafael Barizon
    Rafael Barizon

    yes i got a mid drogba hahahaha but its ok we will keep trying all icon SBCs to get a good one someday

  • Aaron McKenzie
    Aaron McKenzie

    Zwe is the first American I've seen pronounce Glasgow correctly well in son

  • chogau1

    Only the first l for zola Shearer am i a joke to you

  • Charlie Bennett
    Charlie Bennett

    Zweniel stop calling primes primers. Primers is what people called the moments

  • Lars Houben
    Lars Houben

    My eyes are bleeding when he discarded zola i used him last year and he is fucking insane

  • AustrianCitizen

    He probably recovered Zola later...

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez

    Lmao who tf plays Volta?

  • IceFish

    I did the Zapata sbc. Biggest regret of my fifa 21 time.

  • mclovin5000

    the guy who discarded zola is ungrateful and disrespectful to zwe, like whats the point of a share play if you’re not gonna appreciate what you get

  • PaNdA_x_ArMy o
    PaNdA_x_ArMy o

    Baggio moment w ?

  • VJ Temptation
    VJ Temptation

    I had Moments Barnes 😅 cant wait to try him tho

  • Mannheim Classic
    Mannheim Classic

    11:34 what is this for a club because i want that same stadium pls help

  • Kaiiizy

    I got mid Rivaldo😕

  • Rahul Ponniah
    Rahul Ponniah

    nahh what is that song when zola comes out at 7:32

  • will

    My friend sent his whole club for mid figo😭

    • Acidtuber


  • Valentin Adam von Linstow
    Valentin Adam von Linstow

    8:07 I Think he is an Arsenal fan😂

  • CodeNameKev

    got mid eto out of it

  • KinderIsJuicy

    how is 91 Hernandez a W when you can buy him for the same SBC price, find out he sucks, then sell him and have 500K in the bank??

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Chris Gross
    Chris Gross

    Got prime Drogba not the worst can’t be too mad one of my better icons all year

  • Samir Av
    Samir Av

    6:56 nearly may and my dude is still playing with Mendy, Varane, Neymar aber mbappe lol how pathetic

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman

    Best youtuber @zweback always enjoy your episodia. it's malakia.. 100% malakia

  • Jesus Barreto
    Jesus Barreto

    So, do we all agree next stream is on Thursday. Right??

  • Salim

    11:17 there is a mistake lol

  • Josh Valdivia
    Josh Valdivia

    Bro the guy who quicksold Zola.......Dumba**

  • Chingo Fungus
    Chingo Fungus

    Volta > fut

  • Dynaxo

    Song name at 7:24

  • Aidin Eminov
    Aidin Eminov

    Hey Zwe I met you yesterday at Starbucks. You’re a legend bro keep it up 👍

  • Biddley Boo Taribo West
    Biddley Boo Taribo West

    Bottom left 8:22

  • Badflyful

    Didier Drogba is win bro, this guy is a beast !.

  • angusxli

    He prolly got zola back

  • Jay Sawyer
    Jay Sawyer

    Calm down with the ads ZWE..we all love the vids and click the like button but you'll end up like Haber where we all disappear if we have to skip an ad every 2 minutes

  • Badflyful

    RIP ICONS!, since EA has been releasing super meta playerrs they have gone down massively in value..

  • Finn

    i pulled moments drogba :)

  • Dionisis P1
    Dionisis P1

    An icon midfielder upgrade would be awesome

  • Anonymous

    I got 97 Maradona lol mad

  • Mehmet Ali Bayrak
    Mehmet Ali Bayrak

    Why do you Quick Sell my dear zola❤️🇮🇹

  • Aleksander Rolseth
    Aleksander Rolseth

    Got moments ADL💯

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh

    8:24 bottom left corner LMAO

    • MNU


  • Zoomy7

    I got stoichkov PIM, Massive W

  • o d i n
    o d i n

    when you tried swedish✋💀💀

  • Rehan M
    Rehan M

    What's the song at 7:21

  • KB4UA !!
    KB4UA !!

    Poor Rosario Jr. Sums up Liverpools luck this year.

  • Alisher Musrepov
    Alisher Musrepov

    What is the song name when Zola 🇮🇹 came out?

    • fahed matter
      fahed matter

      Varanti italian trap beat

  • idk lul
    idk lul

    I got baby Schmeichiel big dub

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen


  • Adam Pressley
    Adam Pressley

    I’m a mad lad

  • Monti

    fcking zweback you are the best ( FRom spain ) :D

  • Matty Black
    Matty Black

    they done shearer dirty there to be honest

  • Li Jiang
    Li Jiang

    What's wrong with 24k coins... I have 22k...

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen


  • Adam Cram
    Adam Cram

    Do you really have family in Scotland?

  • Lucas Pereboom
    Lucas Pereboom

    Got 94 cruyff huge w

  • Pascal S
    Pascal S

    I got 94 garrincha

  • Ruhan Maamun
    Ruhan Maamun

    Can we talk about how the guy with 11mill coins has 1k Wins 1k losses...

    • Aim

      @MNU As someone who started the game late, (Around January) I can confirm that this is true.

    • Kvonn

      He prolly would of had more than 2K and 2K with the friendly objectives matches if he’s done the objective players

    • MNU

      Defo has a brain of metal.. this game is mental health deteriorating

  • 1ceTe4

    I got Moments Van Basten

  • iFlip4wins

    Can I please just have a Lahm SBC???

  • Anel Smajic
    Anel Smajic

    88 Raul, didn’t think 92 Sanchez packed in last weeks Prime Icon pack could get worse

  • Caladrius21

    This pack actually seems to be sick. saw a lot of people pack huge cards and got moments Torres myself.


    Got prime moments BUTRAGUENO so small w


      @Will CI don't worry next time you'll get moments gullit👌 i promise

    • Will CI
      Will CI

      @JEROMEOTHY the worst part is I got prime inzaghi

    • JLXGaming

      I didn't do the pack so W for me


      @JLXGaming aye its not my fault you got mid Inzaghi

    • JLXGaming


  • Alex COYG
    Alex COYG

    All swedes laugh at you zwe hahhaa

  • bluesatsunset

    Shearer took penalties Andrew Cole didn't. Without the pens, Cole was the better striker.

  • Cole VanDooren
    Cole VanDooren

    is that cloakzy at 3:42?? lol

    • Kai Dubon
      Kai Dubon

      No, it’s Nick. HRposts channel is Runthefutmarket.

  • ethoro08

    I got rivaldo who is worth 200 i hate it here

  • IceG

    The best bits on share plays is when people meme you with other games

  • Luke Dunn
    Luke Dunn

    Should I do this or just wait for a good player sbc so I can actually have them in my team and not get a bad icon

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen

      Do the sbc you’re gonna get more good tots in packs from weekend league

    • SSJ Gian
      SSJ Gian


  • Shobhit Jayaswal
    Shobhit Jayaswal

    Packed Prime Icon Ronaldo 🇧🇷

  • IceG

    Who even plays Volta 😭

  • Gohlah Kamara
    Gohlah Kamara

    I’m ok😂 don’t want Ian Rush or any other surprise mechanics nonsense

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay


  • Mob Hitta
    Mob Hitta

    What is Volta

  • Happy

    I got 95 Garrincha is he good ??

  • Sigurd Torkildsen-Husvik
    Sigurd Torkildsen-Husvik

    Was i the only one waiting for 10 icons in one pack?

    • James Giugno
      James Giugno


  • Chancellor Palpatine
    Chancellor Palpatine

    Oh when the icon pack comes, you’re about to get your shit rocked and you’re dumb

  • Omar Hegab
    Omar Hegab

    Name of the club badge at 11:25 please

    • Robert Sienkiewicz
      Robert Sienkiewicz

      It was an SBC


    Krasi 😂😂😂. Don’t forget his legendary hammer 🥴

  • Joe White
    Joe White

    I mean, you can hardly give shearer more in any stat if you'd seen him play, he's pretty much like Harry Kane, not fast, not a good dribbler, not incredibly physical.

    • Joe White
      Joe White

      @Zoomy7 it is bought down by longshots though

    • Zoomy7

      @Joe White I'm not saying he should be useable on fifa. Fifa isn't realistic and we know that. I'm just saying 95 shooting for a player who could do nothing but shoot is a bit shit

    • Joe White
      Joe White

      @Zoomy7 but even that wouldn't make him usable at all, especially considering he wouldn't have insane longshots or anything

    • Zoomy7

      Shearer couldn't do anything but shoot, he should have atleast 98 shooting, he can't pass, had no strength, was terrible at dribbling, never did a skill move in his life, forgot he even had a left foot, however, he can fucking shoot. A card like him should have insane shooting stats. Min 98 with 99 att positioning, 99 volleys, 99, finnishing, and 99 long shots with every other shooting stat at like 96+

  • pavlin bogdanov
    pavlin bogdanov

    13:46 guys please tell me whats the name of the song im dying to know !!! PLEASE

    • Drill Music
      Drill Music

      Darude sandstorm

  • Joe White
    Joe White

    The whole "don't submit more than you're willing to lose is rubbish". No one would ever put anything into an SBC that they're not willing to lose, and if I put cards I was willing to lose into the iheanacho SBC I'd still regret it.

  • JOWI 33
    JOWI 33

    i got mid Hernandez. i have played over 1500 games and never packed anythink over 200k this year. this game really knoows how to break you down

    • Muktar Issak
      Muktar Issak

      😂😂😂. Same here.

    • Federico

      I found Henry prime that is actually not bad at all. I hope u will find something good too man

    • JOWI 33
      JOWI 33

      @Fiaz Amin yep this game is really bad sometimes/all year round

    • Fiaz Amin
      Fiaz Amin

      I’m the exact same bro

  • Ricardo Castillo V1
    Ricardo Castillo V1

    I can answer the title........NO