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  • Young Carti19
    Young Carti19

    This is amazing after years of not seeing one of your vids i finally came across one and turned up the notifications 🙌

  • Reiss HD
    Reiss HD

    how much dose he cost

  • Bertie Lane
    Bertie Lane

    Can I put him in my arsenal past and present ???

  • Camillo Betrian
    Camillo Betrian


  • mini master786
    mini master786

    I can’t play with clunky players will I like podolski?

  • Nacho Varga
    Nacho Varga


  • Tyler Ritchie
    Tyler Ritchie

    Damn i could've SMACKED like all 4 times

  • Dan W
    Dan W

    I don't even play this game anymore, but you gotta love Zweback, and you gotta love Zwe's love for Podolski, good luck on the weekend league.

  • Gergő Budai
    Gergő Budai

    Whats the name of the music?

  • Hubert Szydłowski
    Hubert Szydłowski

    I wait for Huntelaar epi!

  • Big_josher68


  • Smeagoll Smeagol
    Smeagoll Smeagol

    Holy shit he predicted ozil

  • Dylan on Apex
    Dylan on Apex

    Ozil and him are so cheap i had to link it up

  • Jake Avis
    Jake Avis

    Love how he starts speaking German at random stages throughout as well, Poldi looks superb too, should’ve worn the Köln kit as well as Germany kit!

  • eepi22

    This fut birthday is making zwe so emotional

  • Josue Schaefer
    Josue Schaefer

    Just did him and ozil, put them in a German squad honestly they’re so fun to use together

  • turfoid

    7:06 scripting

  • Vi _XXiV
    Vi _XXiV

    2 things missing: 1. Ms. Kitzel 2. Alan Pardew SMBU

  • practiceyourart

    song @ 6:50?

    • Thomas Fiers
      Thomas Fiers

      Beyond the bounds feat. KARYYN - Eshericks Remix

  • Mikael Skúli Atlason
    Mikael Skúli Atlason

    1:45 well well well

  • bruhemian

    my man predicted ozil to a tee

  • Florian Rott
    Florian Rott

    Poldis gameplay and left foot reminds me of 90 rated havertz fifa 19 future star card 🤔 just me? Ok

  • Lucas

    wtf mesut ozil was released a day after your prayers

  • OnlySkills

    I am German, and I love it when you speak german😂 WEITER GEHTS JUNGS! WAS IST LOS JUNGE? WARUM HAST DU DAS GEMACHT😂😂

    • RYG

      I'm pretty sure he's German

  • Jay&Joe’sAdoptedSonBenjamin

    Im sorry but if you have Podolski, you got to pull them long shots though. How can you not with him

  • JackoWacko 181
    JackoWacko 181

    When Podoski is so good it makes Zwe become Jim Halpert - 5:04

  • DF Fundz
    DF Fundz

    He cost me 2k

  • CollyBorder


  • Vatz


  • FootballFreak1908

    the fact that u didnt use miro klose icon in this squad with poldi really upsets me

  • Mike SaraG
    Mike SaraG

    3:19 people want to get him WHAT..

  • TTV Rxspxct
    TTV Rxspxct

    He’s so op, I did him in the first 10 minutes of him coming out

    • Samy Omar
      Samy Omar

      Should I do him or is palacio better

  • 97

    Hes goated. 7 games in champs 14 goals and 4 assists

  • Cahal Doherty
    Cahal Doherty

    I got him in next to couple icons and 88 gundo playing him as false 9 in a 4222 not bad Liverpool fan but had to get the mad lad in the squad

  • Kevin Walter Smith
    Kevin Walter Smith

    Zwe intros are hilarious!!!

  • Harry Benton
    Harry Benton

    people who say it is trash overpriced they use varane mendy and never wash

  • Life of SAM
    Life of SAM

    song at 6:50?

  • PEVE182

    The bit where he pretends to be on the phone cracked me up lmao 🤣

  • Rayan Ghazzawi
    Rayan Ghazzawi

    Love the vid, almost cried when i saw the poldi card! Would have been great though to see the Schweini Ballack Poldi Lahm squad

  • Erik Ten Hag
    Erik Ten Hag

    Please do a huntelaar

  • Emran Maduro
    Emran Maduro

    Mario gomez pls ea sports Vancouver canada, zwe my man make it happen

  • Joey Vervoort
    Joey Vervoort

    Hi guys, hope you have a good weekend. I quick sold 10 double players to complete an SBC. I recovered 5 of them and after this I found out there was a limit which makes you able to do it only 5 times. Unfortunately my best player is still in the quick sold area and now I’m not able to get him back. Is there anybody who can help me to get him back? Will my limit go back to 1 when I quick sell a player again which I recovered? Thanks in advance

  • dklinton

    Immer wieder Super, danke ......liebe deine Videos, 👍🏼 weiter so

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    We need that intro on Spotify👀

  • El1te Statuz
    El1te Statuz

    I quit FIFA back in December but I will always follow Zwe

  • steven merritt
    steven merritt

    Same birthday as me 🥳🥳

  • Lukas Krajewski
    Lukas Krajewski

    Is he worth doing?

  • Ben Royal
    Ben Royal

    I’m as happy watching this as Zwe was when he saw this sbc

  • Emarus Starkey
    Emarus Starkey

    Have to try VICTOR WANYAMA for the boys please zwe

  • MrBenji2516

    DID HIM IN THE FIRST HOUR CRAZY as a winger !!!!

  • xg yt
    xg yt

    Da 3 * weekfoot is honestly sus asf atleast 5 star 4 star cuz i can use Messi buh messi can use his righty iont wanna go thru pain w a 3 star weakfoot ig his 5 star sm make up for it

  • Erwin Roossien
    Erwin Roossien

    Podolski.. Got him. Can't use him because of his utter shit linking. Green links with... Nobody 🤣🤣. Do Huntelaar who is a 1000x better with the finesse shots. Nice Foddr though.

  • xg yt
    xg yt

    i got raped by podolski in weekend league now i feel like getting him now

  • Alex Holmes
    Alex Holmes

    These intros are dead.

  • Gavin Karow
    Gavin Karow

    Who else thinks the German cam on the fut 11 one is either Götze or Ozil

  • L

    0:11 that’s... that’s not Podolski tho...

  • EmAjElAeEn

    5:55 Name of this celebration ?

  • safto69

    can you do simon fb

  • PaBLo GrmZ
    PaBLo GrmZ

    Past and present Arsenal squad

  • domohug

    song @ 6:50?

    • Evan Kelly
      Evan Kelly

      I’m also wondering bro! Hahah

  • Daniel Podolsky
    Daniel Podolsky

    He is my uncle 😏👁👁👁

  • Jonas Fischer
    Jonas Fischer

    dude these intros love it

  • Guido Burgstaller 9
    Guido Burgstaller 9

    All Players Full chem😱😱😂

  • Paul

    Chan goes good also.

  • Hetem Hetaj
    Hetem Hetaj

    Hwang hee chan zweview pls

  • Master Roshi
    Master Roshi

    The man The myth The legend

  • Luke Dunn
    Luke Dunn

    Be playing left st

  • ft f
    ft f

    Looks shit tbh

  • David Ulbricht
    David Ulbricht

    love it

  • Luke Dunn
    Luke Dunn

    Who should I do him or machis? It’ll be with 2 st and a cam

  • FNK

    That intro is so sickkkk!!!

  • Big L
    Big L

    This shit cost me 50k all I had to buy was an inform and Martinez and a couple other players getting trash packs be paying off bro this card nice

  • TonyAx491

    Zwe you're a division 4 player, i don't think you deserve to be entitled to give a rating 🤣🤣🤣

  • Paul Trabitzsch
    Paul Trabitzsch

    I love the german phrases in between hahahah so good

  • Abdullah

    His Name Is Lukas Podolski

  • TobiVanKenobi


  • Daniel Moura de Andrade
    Daniel Moura de Andrade

    Podolski is kinda expensive now justt because fodder price is up But its sooo craftable and its Podolski with 5* skills which is magical

  • Noah Egouli
    Noah Egouli

    Wo sind eigentlich die deutschen und vor allem die Kölner

  • Jack Kays
    Jack Kays

    Pleaseee do the Huntelaar, loved him in Fifa 15

  • Ataberk Gönbiçer
    Ataberk Gönbiçer

    When is the coming icon swaps 2 guys

    • choy hawjeng
      choy hawjeng


  • Howard Willett
    Howard Willett

    How do you do the skill move zwe does on xbox boys?

  • Erman Ege
    Erman Ege


  • I changed my name FC
    I changed my name FC


  • TheFutAccountant

    Lu Lu Lukas Podolski

  • Boyzindahouse B
    Boyzindahouse B

    Just a quick question is he worth doing because my club hasn't got much 85 rated players. It would've been better to do it for one segment and 82 rated squad.

  • Tony Milo
    Tony Milo

    My first thought when I saw Podolski was “it’s Zwe’s time to shine”

  • yair micho
    yair micho

    Hwang hee chan i have him

  • akshat sethi
    akshat sethi

    The only guy happy with futbirthday

  • Alexandre De Koninck
    Alexandre De Koninck

    do Moses daddy Simon

  • TheSleve22

    I miss Goldi Poldi at Arsenal. One of my favorite signings.

  • Z k x
    Z k x

    0:17 IM DEAD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • robin leys
    robin leys

    EA should just release the Podolski song as goal song😅

  • Keanu Coe
    Keanu Coe

    Hwang Hee Chan next Please

  • Greg Montgomery
    Greg Montgomery

    Left a like purely for the intro

  • Adrian Mathews
    Adrian Mathews

    Love the new intro song

  • Elijah Doreus
    Elijah Doreus


  • Darren Meek
    Darren Meek

    Played 2 games with 5 goals 4 assist in div 2 😂(he’s really good but he’s not really that good for solo runs brilliant finishing tho)

  • Ellis

    How was he playing while on the phone thou??? Does this man just act!?!?

  • Mz the man
    Mz the man

    I love the songs at the start

  • Sheamus Conway
    Sheamus Conway

    Zwe has such an impact on the community that everyone sees puddles and immediately knows that zweview is coming. LU LU LU

Too early! 😒
467 tis.