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  • The Bagsy
    The Bagsy

    How is baby cech as a goalkeeper?


    How you do that celebration that Cech looks to the camera? it's the best in fifa 21 and i dont know how to do it

  • Shea Robertson
    Shea Robertson

    The guy uses the hibs kit as well💚💚

  • Amaan Mir
    Amaan Mir

    I played this guy wtf, on PC div 4

  • Knuckleball Twins
    Knuckleball Twins

    This is actually *CRAZY!* 🤯 Was expecting the goals to be in that Mandanda FUT B’day objective... 😳😂

  • Bọ Gậy Gaming
    Bọ Gậy Gaming


  • Orrnix

    ig i just found myself new striker

  • Sooby

    This just shows how shit FIFA is and people who play it are fools wasting their time and energy.

  • Joshua Sellars
    Joshua Sellars

    Me getting annoyed he’s not number 1,9 or 10☹️

  • FinoAllaFine

    Zwe you got to do this with either Neur or Lahm at least with your fav player at striker that is either a defender or gk 🙏

  • Die dümsten Fragen der Welt
    Die dümsten Fragen der Welt

    Just played against him absolute legend


    Ngl I play this game because I'm a failure and have nothing to do

  • CarKiller92

    would be nice but even like this I have no respect for a mendy-varane user.

  • Phat1

    So much negativity surrounding FIFA atm orchestrated of course by yours truly, EA. But this video was class

  • Kvonn

    If he ever did that to me with petter cech I’ll have nightmares

  • Šerif Lelić
    Šerif Lelić

    Big Pete the Chelsea legend! 💙

  • Celtfifa

    More videos like this please!!

  • Der Löwe
    Der Löwe

    Dont get me wrong i like this Type of Videos,but this Shows also how Cracked and stupid and unreal this Scandalous game is,i mean 1500 goals with a Keeper fuk this Game


    9:11 he bergkamped him 😳

  • IzzyMexic4n

    You should play a match with him!

  • xBzG-

    He plays on PC, My mate ran into him and got fucked :')

  • George Gibson
    George Gibson

    I play because I like the mls

  • Moody Hmoody
    Moody Hmoody

    Nice one 👍☺️ to give him the exposure he deserves. I love these people they're mentally very strong, respect✊

  • R3B3LTube

    only 18 assists,... scrub!

  • Armando Tirado
    Armando Tirado

    Anybody know how to change the commentator to Ray hudson ????? Anybody ????

  • Lakerfan4ver

    I think I’ve played with this lad before 😂😂

  • Hau Hau
    Hau Hau

    This game is so bad that allows you to do that , that`s mad sad

  • BeenWavySinceA Baby
    BeenWavySinceA Baby

    Wtf the hibs kit hahah cmon

  • Craig Andrew
    Craig Andrew

    Reddit has such a cool community

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards

    The fact that the card isnt fresh doesn't make it impressive;)

  • Adam Ihab Elkhodairy
    Adam Ihab Elkhodairy

    We want a "cechinator" player review

  • FLW Videos
    FLW Videos

    This was a super fun video to watch! When I was a kid, Cech was my favorite player partly because of the helmet

  • Matt Harvey
    Matt Harvey

    Fair play to the lad! I would love it even more if he took out varane and mendy... They have been in the squad for the whole year

  • ExTrEmE Useless
    ExTrEmE Useless

    I played my Yashin a WL as CM and he was better than Rooney or Fernandes POTM😂

  • Adam Haikal
    Adam Haikal

    How to do that celeb?

  • Paul Thyer
    Paul Thyer

    Loved the style of this video, gotta do more like this

  • EM

    Wish you had played with cech zwe

  • S P
    S P

    wow this video is the madladhood distilled

  • DeMarcus Batista
    DeMarcus Batista

    Doing it all in the hibs kit thing you love to see 💚

  • Александр Гинзбург
    Александр Гинзбург

    sorry but he is YAshin- Russian legend!

  • Halil Tokay
    Halil Tokay


  • James Bender
    James Bender

    Class On Grass

  • Calvin1875

    oh my god the first time i’ve seen the hibernian kit on a big youtubers video! glory glory to the hibees!

  • T Z
    T Z

    What this guy is doing with Cech I can not even pull off with my Cr7🤣

  • Super Br0ws 01
    Super Br0ws 01

    There's me sat at Div 4 hoping I don't end up on YT having lost to Peter Cech as a Striker... Gotta say he's pretty good with him.

  • Alexis6794

    How is that celebration called?

  • Muhammad Najiy
    Muhammad Najiy

    The 32 dislikes belong to the guys that got scored on by this cech

  • Tom Claffey
    Tom Claffey

    defo need more vids like this, "fifa stories"

  • Maki Racer
    Maki Racer

    Cech 1500 goals in fifa to Pele's 1300 goals: hold my beer!

  • Shasha FC
    Shasha FC

    This man shoots better than my POTM Messi wtf

  • demi Adelekan
    demi Adelekan

    The reason why we come back is because there is no other good soccer games out so we have to lay Fifa's trash game

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay

    My FS David, 3 Goals in 10+ matches

  • Lenny Balarezo
    Lenny Balarezo

    My dude should ask Lev Yashin for a signature 😂

  • JohnnyConcrete FIFA
    JohnnyConcrete FIFA

    Can’t wait to face Petr in 21 champs games this weekend!

  • Snes

    i didnt really play much fifa this year but i decided to open some packs when toty was released. At this point i havent even played more than fifty games and no weekend league. I somehow managed to pack toty ronaldo out of a 5k pack and i kinda felt obligated to continue playing afterwards.


    Great I love your channel ♥️ Big like from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦🤍

  • TheDacman88

    Yay! More dead content from a dead game

  • Kenny Mac
    Kenny Mac

    Better finishing than Costa

  • MattHDGamer

    That turn and zoom celebration with Cech is just the greatest

    • Fx_Goomy

      @filly shush

    • Brandon Madrigal
      Brandon Madrigal

      How do you do it🤣

    • dazzaburger

      The Turn and Zoom celebration is the best FULL STOP

    • filly

      gay matty boy

    • Fx_Goomy


  • Greysen Bueno
    Greysen Bueno

    Joe Hart at striker? GIVE ME THE BALL

  • yahya Mahmood
    yahya Mahmood

    this guys openings are unbeatable 😂😂😂✔️✔️✔️

  • Timewalk

    over 900 games? I'm not even on half of that amount...

  • Noor Siliem
    Noor Siliem

    Hi Zwe, Hope you're well mate. Have been running a mixture of Premier League/Bundesliga/La Liga teams for the past seven years on FUT. With the direction my team has taken this year between pack luck, SBCs and frustration with the same meta players that everyone uses I've decided to create a Pep Guardiola past, present and future squad including players from Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City that he has managed and/or played with as a player. I've always enjoyed watching the style of football that he plays across the teams he's managed over the years and wanted to see what I could make. The team includes Gnabry, Neuer, Boateng, Muller, Mahrez, Cancelo, Stones, Gundogan, and now Sergio Busquets taking me to div 5 consistently in rivals which is one of my highest levels. If you'd be interested in more information for an epi I'd be happy to help. Always enjoy your content and player zweviews man, keep them coming!

  • Fabricio Fonseca
    Fabricio Fonseca

    How can i do that celebration?

  • Ibrahim 515
    Ibrahim 515

    7:31 how I do this celebration

  • Ciaran McCormack
    Ciaran McCormack

    Surely ea will watch this and sort it out. The basterds

  • Yuchang Lee
    Yuchang Lee

    Celebration name?

  • BeastMode

    I would love to lose against this guy xD

  • RudolfMaster

    what if this is a major exploit but no one knows it

  • Euan Cameron
    Euan Cameron

    You should make more videos like this zwe fans submitting in things similar to this or using a full team of the team that they support a team based around a player that not many people use etc top 5 goals of the week makes fifa seem a little bit more fun than it is.

  • JW989

    I scored 1000 goals on FIFA 18 with if morata after his terrible season at Chelsea. Dude was a beast that game

  • LordFarqwad 87
    LordFarqwad 87

    the most similar thing I've done is I used one of my favourite defenders, Florenzi, in Fifa 20 for more than 1500 games, his base gold version. but this does really seem like something everyone should be doing.

  • RAFF

    What if Zwe reviewed Jovic

  • Toothpaste64

    I think the reason I play fut is because I love being able to use players I like and have fun with them. Although the games gameplay is trash the fact I get to use players I love irl is great.

  • turfoid

    Awesome mate. What a LEGEND also, he deserves a hat! Someone get my man a hat!!! And petr cech if u see this send this man a helmet! Lol

  • Jim_The Greek
    Jim_The Greek

    I stopped wl and doing objectives and waiting for new content holds me onto the game. Also i have amazing packluck and i can try new players

  • Kevin Li
    Kevin Li

    My man uses Cech like it’s Neymar

  • Jamoggie

    I play fifa every year from release to toty, sell my team for packs, then play other games until the next. Way too pay to win.

  • Sam Savage
    Sam Savage

    Imagine trying to find a picture on Zwe's computer with his current file naming system 11:45

  • Adam Pressley
    Adam Pressley

    Thanks Zwe - love it

  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres

    The battlefield 3 intro hit different

  • Big Shlime
    Big Shlime

    Young team ya bass 😂

  • Justin Dobry
    Justin Dobry

    This makes competitive FIFA seem pointless

  • Seb

    its hilarious how theres guys who play fullbacks at centerbacks and are so sweaty and this guy is using petr mf cech at striker and probably beating them

  • Aloysius Davies
    Aloysius Davies

    Ultimate team use to be fun until EA made it all about FIFA points. You could simply work around that when you were able to trade. Now you can’t even do that.

  • sky nate
    sky nate

    i played toty john terry at st in fifa 16 for 100 games

  • Santiago Gallo
    Santiago Gallo


  • Leonardo Barcellos Lima
    Leonardo Barcellos Lima

    Yeah sure.

  • Lando T
    Lando T

    Shows how broke the game is

  • The Notorious
    The Notorious

    Would be cool if they had an Objective of Scoring for example 50 goals with a keeper like Petr and he’s headgear changing to gold! or an Attacking player to get 500 goals and he’s boots to change to gold! Simply cosmetic but it would be cool ingame! and intimidating to the opponent! Fucken EA are retarded I swear!

  • Thiru SHECKLER
    Thiru SHECKLER

    I pray I don't face this guy lmao

  • The Notorious
    The Notorious

    Legend!! Imagine if EA made the game fun lol

  • FUT 21 Plantillas y Gameplays
    FUT 21 Plantillas y Gameplays

    That Petr Cech has better shooting than my TOTY Mbappé

  • A K
    A K

    i thought this vid meant you were gonna trying to do it too

  • Irvspanish

    Best video yet!


    He could’ve bought them off ea 😂😉

  • J Jordan
    J Jordan

    Your intros got to be the best shit ever.

  • Caleb Williams
    Caleb Williams

    this video is so good haha. incredible stuff by cech

  • Jaycob Younan
    Jaycob Younan

    Zwe-Zwe Smith-Zwester

  • R.U.DumbBlud

    Yo respect for wearing that salah shirt Liverpool fan btw

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