Just a guy that enjoys beverages and FIFA 19 Ultimate team!

  • omar El Bed
    omar El Bed

    Lingard is not 23 or am i drunk??

    • omar El Bed
      omar El Bed

      Or was he talking about rashford

  • Lucas Werjefelt Thropp
    Lucas Werjefelt Thropp

    The intros are Fire!!

  • Zinedine Ezz El arab
    Zinedine Ezz El arab

    bro the "malakia" is so annoying

  • Karam

    how do you dribble left and right like that 😂

  • Igor

    Pirlo 93 or Renato Sanches 87?

  • i.e.m.

    Use shadow on Kehrer. He is better than Varane for me

  • David L.
    David L.

    looks like a solid sub

  • CheeseLord

    Whats the music Called that starts at 1:02 ?

  • Sondre Tandberg
    Sondre Tandberg

    whos watching this in 2021

  • Nikolas Kor
    Nikolas Kor

    is malakiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Dylan Bell
    Dylan Bell

    simpler times eh zwe

  • Eminemzi Xbox
    Eminemzi Xbox

    He’s not Neymar the composure and reactions just ain’t comparable

  • Eminemzi Xbox
    Eminemzi Xbox

    I did him and he feels shit

  • Paiman ·
    Paiman ·

    I remember I packed 99 rated Messi from this totssf pack & was so happy. Fun times

  • BigBrain YB
    BigBrain YB

    Tesco neymar? His stats are better than neymars

  • Nodan 11
    Nodan 11

    Your funny ZWE would like to see more content not involving this cancerous game.

  • TheIceBreaker90

    Did this sbc practically free, although I used a few good bench players of mine ... hope hes worth it

  • Jam Currie
    Jam Currie

    Man....wish I could dribble like this guy :(

  • George Bryant
    George Bryant

    wot lol

  • Yacine A
    Yacine A

    Kills me 🤣🤣

  • Yacine A
    Yacine A

    Your reviews are class 🙌🏾

  • Jose israel Ulloa Peralta
    Jose israel Ulloa Peralta

    0:00-0:04 the time I got finnesed, thinking that Zwe actually heard us, and decided not to use that shitty intro again ._____.

  • Joe White
    Joe White

    Zwe is the only person who'd play a full prem team but still switch his two strikers in game.

  • Matthew White
    Matthew White

    Does curve affect finesse shots or is it just for passing

  • Sawas Kara
    Sawas Kara

    5:24 es malakia hahahahahha

  • Shane Dalton
    Shane Dalton

    Should u play him on right side of pitch because he’s a lefty

  • Aidan Cran
    Aidan Cran

    What is the guitar song edited into this?

  • Simone Tromboni
    Simone Tromboni

    I'm italian and I will say 1 word "Bravo"

  • Peter Higgins
    Peter Higgins

    I have this card and this is my first time I disagree with zwe. Highly recommend, 4 out 5 easy.

  • Tyler Garvey
    Tyler Garvey

    Lmao at 26 coins. I have legit stopped doing this mess.

  • Sevo G
    Sevo G

    You're awesome as a big Mkhitaryan fan was enjoyable watching the fifa version of him 😄

  • APFC

    i think for a lot of PIM cards they haven’t updated their dynamic images for example Cech doesn’t have his helmet for his PIM even though he has it in the dynamic image.

  • Carl

    Love the Jamaican gear!!!

  • Deniz24

    Is he better than Flashback El Sharaawy?

  • Bucko
    Bucko castro puts Messi into an 81+ player pick...

  • Pedro Paulo Carvalho Souza
    Pedro Paulo Carvalho Souza

    I wish I had not done that sbc

  • Mahmoud Elzorqany
    Mahmoud Elzorqany


  • Doug L
    Doug L

    Your card intro songs are legendary

  • Omar Tapia
    Omar Tapia

    You need the shadow on kherer, hes insane for me

  • Gabriele Rizzo
    Gabriele Rizzo

    sentirti parlare in italiano è bellissimo

  • Police Service Northern Ireland
    Police Service Northern Ireland

    Don’t tread with zweback

  • Ne Ne
    Ne Ne

    Is neres good as a lw or rw?

  • Lesego Moeletsi
    Lesego Moeletsi

    can we take a moment to appreciate, how zwe has the most entertaining pack openings on youtube 😭😭 that morgan freeman voice, caught me off guard 😭

  • Arnel Poprženović
    Arnel Poprženović

    Did Dzeko as soon as he was out because he is my fav player of all time. 16 goals and 11 assists in 18 fut champs games

  • Kosgi

    What’s the guitar song he uses in the back I’ve been trying to find it for ages

  • Gaming Guy
    Gaming Guy

    For me sancho potm is working good then neres IDK why😂

  • Ben Anderson - ElLoneWanderer
    Ben Anderson - ElLoneWanderer

    Why has someone told Zwe that Tesco is a cheap alternate shop, it’s not! It’s like, mid tier that everyone shops at. Lidl would be the better one to use!

  • p p
    p p

    Edin Džeko is very underrated he took them to semifinal Barcelona and nobody believed in them but Džeko did score 2 or 3 goals plus he won them a penalty and manolas in the last minute goal 💯💯🇧🇦🇧🇦 Not just that he was very good at Manchester city also 👏🇧🇦

  • Brankica Car Humaan
    Brankica Car Humaan

    Can somebody help me whats the name of that ball in gameplay. I would like to buy it. pls

  • GBP Kerem ツ
    GBP Kerem ツ

    which commentary is this

  • Froztie

    Kehrer with a shadow is insane,catches up to everyone.

  • x SamuX
    x SamuX

    Buffon he would have said= dove cazzo è la barba di Andrea?

  • GertJan van Oers
    GertJan van Oers

    Those NepentheZ samples just great

  • Jack9one

    I need to know what song it is at 10:05 cant find it :( Please

  • Pink Skies
    Pink Skies

    Probably 350k coins

  • kuffnation

    I've watched this 3 times. #BlowingBubbles

  • arednadnalb A
    arednadnalb A

    0:46 Buffon che parla calabrese ahah

  • TheOscarwilliams

    I did kehrer, got rid of my varane. Fully regret it, I hope he gets the upgrade

    • i.e.m.

      Y do you regret? Varane is sluggish. Kehrer is miles better.

  • GertJan van Oers
    GertJan van Oers

    Did I hear NepentheZ in this vid with the cheeky Kaylor navas comment!

  • Sean

    Great episodia

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes

    Who to play on 7 chem and who to play on 10 out of him and fb reus?

  • Neploho Neploho
    Neploho Neploho

    I was waiting for your stream bro....😭

  • owen miller
    owen miller

    His skills definitely weren't fifa 5 star skills like, but as far as his dribbling goes it was unreal. I can see why he got the skills. The flair he had in the midfield was nearly unmatched

  • Timewalk

    @ZwebackHD you don't even play Neres's welcome song for Antony? Man, you missed that opportunity bro

  • Martijn Bos
    Martijn Bos

    Antony should have 5 star skills.. He's a bigger skiller then Neres haha!

  • Fabio

    Bayern 3:1 Thank you Zwe for the Conformation😉

  • ZE ZE
    ZE ZE

    Thiago FUT birthday card is better

  • Gunner For life
    Gunner For life

    omg these intros r so sick i love them keep it up bro much love

  • Itz Osten
    Itz Osten

    Idk I felt like he would’ve been better with a Hunter and at cam cause of his passing soon as I saw him I thought of KDB

  • عاشق للكرة العالميه
    عاشق للكرة العالميه

    I'm playing with him tell now he is a legend 😎😎

  • Siemkooo

    Guys can anyone tell me the name of theme song in this episode (10:05 )? :D pleeaaaseeee @ZwebackHD I DEMAND ANSWERS :D

  • Olaf Thedetlef
    Olaf Thedetlef

    We need the other Bosnian Mad Lad.. ZLATAN the real King #comingsoon

  • Kevin Walker
    Kevin Walker

    As a Greek love hearing 100% malakia 😂

  • Furzii1x

    the intros are legendery. love itttttttttt keep it up lad

  • Davide Dalla Libera
    Davide Dalla Libera


  • Tilman Fritz
    Tilman Fritz

    Nice Schall in the Hintergrund FC ❤️❤️

    • noha der real mann
      noha der real mann

      tilman Fritz cool man in the world

    • Tilman Fritz
      Tilman Fritz

      Allez Fc

  • Chiller von Chill hausen
    Chiller von Chill hausen

    What am i seeeeeeeeeing🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay

    :D <3

  • GlansGaming

    Kehrer is the best cb i have used

  • sneaker sunday
    sneaker sunday

    What is the background music