Just a guy that enjoys beverages and FIFA 19 Ultimate team!

  • CaterpieTv

    anyone know when Eridivisie tots comes out?

  • Carlos Marciaga
    Carlos Marciaga

    6:53 nothing makes me happier than djmario shouting for pens and poles. gold...

  • Ahmed Izzaldin
    Ahmed Izzaldin

    I did the La Liga TOTS Guaranteed and threw Fekir and got him again then did the PP and got Oblak who I already have in my team

  • Lewis Coxall
    Lewis Coxall

    Well I did it and got moreno. But then I did an 80+ pick and got suarez

  • Adem Tezeli
    Adem Tezeli

    We love ZWE

  • Aj Abass
    Aj Abass

    What's the song over Carasco's walk out?

  • Maximus

    Zwe, please list the songs you use in your vids my guy!

  • W3BBGaming

    I miss the sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit audio clip

  • Mr. Carry
    Mr. Carry

    I did the 85+ laliga playerpick twice and didnt get a tots a Single time.

  • Rouge Legend
    Rouge Legend

    man what I hate bout you that you talk too much Before u open the mf packs stop that shit bruv

  • A2G

    I did both the pps for 2 days 1st day I got llorente and second ter stegen

  • Pošty mp7
    Pošty mp7

    I got vazquez duplicate so i put him in la liga player pick and got messi

  • Ultimate Talisman
    Ultimate Talisman

    What is the name of the song used in 10:13


    La Lalig is so good he only l in Moreno

  • neonBLACK4 48
    neonBLACK4 48

    Got 3 golds 😤

  • German Chavez
    German Chavez

    Honestly his intro is annoying now

  • シWe1rss

    I got duplicate untreatable de jong😭😭

  • Brendan Mullen
    Brendan Mullen

    Him or normal ronaldo please?

  • Ciscograal Ψ
    Ciscograal Ψ

    My respect for Zwe saying that Maxim is a romanian legend went strait to the skies. I am romanian and i am happy with these moments. U probably know him because he played like since 2010 at stuttgart and mainz.

  • Mr. 7mode
    Mr. 7mode

    I got 95 suarez from rare mega pack(silver challenge)

  • Sebastian Calderon
    Sebastian Calderon

    i got busquets from my 85+ pp smh

  • Michael Tyler Hernandez
    Michael Tyler Hernandez

    The little Shakira samples lmao stop zwe lol

  • Spider Ragc
    Spider Ragc

    Would you rather Flashback Pique or TOTY Ramos

  • Spencer Bird
    Spencer Bird

    What was the carrasco song?

  • Heroin Father
    Heroin Father

    I did the player pick after your last video and got tots Messi.

  • markino pennicooke
    markino pennicooke

    The krasi background is by far the best he’s ever done 😂😂please keep using him !

  • Alan 18
    Alan 18


  • Squidward Plays
    Squidward Plays

    Mad to think he’s 91 rated now

  • MAX

    Got dupe kounde he was my only laliga tots I had already and that was from the 85+ pp

  • Shawn Salazar
    Shawn Salazar

    Back to back alba’s!!!

  • Florent LIMA
    Florent LIMA

    Help Me out by telling me the spanisch Song Name of 92 Carrasco TOTS... thanks

  • nilloc

    Is that voiceover Hank from Barry?😂😂😂

  • Mikel Ortiz Zurita
    Mikel Ortiz Zurita

    zwe veterans crying seeing a shakira and picunt intro again

  • Jaime Urbano
    Jaime Urbano

    Ancara messi 😎

  • Kvonn

    I packed Messiiii watching this video Thank youuuu

  • Shawn Salazar
    Shawn Salazar

    Krasi going in all the time has me weak 😂and the atletico boys B2B 😳

  • jheed0306

    I wonder how Krasi takes this trolling Zwe be doing to him 😂😂

  • jheed0306

    Dude still doing that whack ass intro smh

  • Michael LaGessie
    Michael LaGessie

    What song at 10:11?

    • maxi montenegro
      maxi montenegro

      Same question

  • Jason Ramirez
    Jason Ramirez

    Learn the game bro

  • Jason Ramirez
    Jason Ramirez

    Learn about fultbol first before talking about a game.I know you don’t know about soccer (futbol) like that that’s how i know you don’t play like that

  • Kai Culverhouse : ᗪ
    Kai Culverhouse : ᗪ

    I did pp and this and got my 4th Moreno and 2 navas I have only got those two btw

  • Esteban Barillas
    Esteban Barillas

    He put Maluma music zweback always coming up with new bits😭

  • gi

    Thanks for the intro zwe. I'll do a 85+

  • Kermit ze frog
    Kermit ze frog

    whats the song at 10:10

  • Torben Mathias
    Torben Mathias

    Hes the worst cb ive ever used

  • Jaime Rodriguez
    Jaime Rodriguez

    Boyyyys i sold my club for flashback bale and wanted to rebuild and get non inform Griezmann and non inform Courtois. Can someone buy some consumables from me. I’m on xbox boys. Thanks 🙏🏾 👏🏾

  • RM 22
    RM 22

    I got de jong on a 80+ player pick

  • elias escobar
    elias escobar

    tbh kounde would fit soooo well in my team i want him sooo bad

  • Ricardo Castillo V1
    Ricardo Castillo V1

    Put your F in the comments because I got Carvajal as my best player

  • jaishu123

    Got messi and Suarez this week and I haven't even done the 85+ PP, Guaranteed pack or icon swaps yet.

  • Kevin Tiernan
    Kevin Tiernan

    Got Suarez not a lot of ppl I’ve seen got him tbh

  • Friendly Human
    Friendly Human

    i got benzema in a 80+pp

  • Wayne Rooney
    Wayne Rooney

    Pls dont ever stop krasi voiceover

  • Miguel Avellaneda
    Miguel Avellaneda

    I got Jesus navas R.I.P.

  • Elite_jeregeek

    8:23 i got exactly the same thing and choose Llorente

  • Morgan DAT
    Morgan DAT

    i got de jong lol

  • Josh Johnston
    Josh Johnston

    Look at heem!!!!

  • Alex

    I packed benzema and i haved fekir,moreno,oblak and kounde,thanks for the video,i didnt wanted to pack this but because of this video i did,god bless you

  • Rikke Hatlo
    Rikke Hatlo

    ea have 0 brain cells baily baily

  • Ivar Aasen
    Ivar Aasen

    I hate la liga tots, i have opened three 85+ player picks and three 85x5 and i have not got any tots from la liga

  • Cesar Navarrete
    Cesar Navarrete

    I got de Jong SIUUUUU

  • Gianluca Tortora
    Gianluca Tortora

    Got Varane yesterday and today Suarez. Man! My packs are lucky this year. Also got red Son in my Team.

  • Bersain Cordoba
    Bersain Cordoba

    I pack 84×20 Suarez varane benzema and jordi Alva tots 🙏🙏🙏

  • Patrick Quinn
    Patrick Quinn

    How many people put in Moreno to get him?

  • Jordan Sanchez
    Jordan Sanchez

    Im to scared to do mine cause I already have Navas Carrasco oblak casemiro and Vázquez

  • My & Lucas
    My & Lucas

  • Spider Ragc
    Spider Ragc

    Plsss helppp i packed Suárez and Jordi and i don’t know who to pick



  • RojasOSRS

    Neither of my 85+ player picks gave me a tots. Got Modric and TOTW Rakitic. Pain.

  • Froggo Hood
    Froggo Hood


  • Jonathan Kolk
    Jonathan Kolk

    Song at 10:16?

  • kevin espinosa
    kevin espinosa

    Bro zwe where these sound effects from pls lmaooo

  • obvious troll
    obvious troll

    more krasi pleasee

  • FlockerLP

    Got Navas in the guaranteed but then Benzema in the 85+ pick, sooo yea... I guess it’s a W?

  • roaches23

    Oblak sbc

  • William McOwen
    William McOwen

    I’ve packed carrasco, Suarez, llorente, kounde three times, Moreno twice, Jordi Alba, Fekir, and navas from 40 player picks and packed Moreno twice tradeable and Lucas vasguez once life is good

  • Karim Hadel
    Karim Hadel

    I packed De jong Fekir Oblak Kounde Llorente

  • Matthew Higgins
    Matthew Higgins

    Got fekir in the first 85x5. Then proceeded to get him in the guaranteed duplicate. Put him into the la liga 85+ and got him again i give up